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New World 1.7 Update New Weapon Greatsword Guide

The Greatsword is ultimately added to the New World as a distinct weapon type with the "Brimstone Sands" update. This was Amazon's reaction to many community requests. We examined the recognizable blade more closely and demonstrated which build works best with the Greatsword. The stats of the Greatsword are identical in both of its appearances, despite the fact that the weapon has two different variations. In any case, we already have the phrase: Top! Because of how intimidating the blades are, you want to strike everything that moves in front of your feet.

About the Greatsword

The Greatsword is a special weapon that, after activating its abilities or certain of its passives, switches between an Offensive Mode called Onslaught Stance and a Defensive Mode called Defiant Stance. Although these positions are transient, they provide significant advantages while they are in effect.

New World Greatsword


You will take the Onslaught Stance for 10 seconds when you use any skill in the Onslaught tree. For 20 seconds, you will do an additional 20% damage while simultaneously taking an additional 20% in damage. However, heavy attacks cost 10 stamina and charge more quickly.

  • Crosscut: You strike three times quickly. Weapon damage dealt upon impact is as follows: 130% on impact, 160% on impact, and 110% on impact. You adopt the Carnage Stance once the skill expires.

  • Unstoppable Cuts: Crosscut gives you more Courage, giving you unstoppable cuts. You become immune to stun when using Crosscut while in Defiance Stance.

  • Skyward Slash: A furious upward attack in an arc that stuns your enemy, deals 80.0% weapon damage, and adds two stacks of 5.0% Ripped for 10.0 sec is known as a "Skyward Slash". You create one additional layer of Ripped while in the Carnage Stance. You adopt Carnage Stance when this skill expires.

  • Skyfall Sword: When you use the skill again or launch a light attack, a subsequent attack that does 140.0% weapon damage is launched.

  • Relentless Rush: Spin while leaping past foes, dealing 20.0% slow for 4.0 sec. 110.0% weapon damage on first contact. Weapon damage on the second hit is 120.0%. (This assault doesn't lead to ambush assaults.) Take the Carnage Stance once this skill expires.

  • Relentless Power: After a critical strike, you receive 10.0% Empowerment for 10 seconds.

  • Giant Slayer: When striking foes with more than 90% health, base attack damage increases by 20.0%.

  • Heavy Blade: 15.0% of charged heavy attacks penetrate armor.

  • Swift Onslaught: You gain 20.0% haste for 5.0 sec after performing an ability from the Carnage tree.

  • Aggressive Shift: Charge a Heavy Attack and strike an opponent to enter the Carnage Stance.

  • Keen Posture: Your next attack within 5.0 seconds receives a 100.0% increased critical strike probability once you enter Carnage Stance.

  • Critical Comeback: A critical hit will energize you, allowing you to recover health and stamina at a rate of 5.0 and 5.0% base health each second for 5.0 seconds.

  • Crush the Weak: When attacking an enemy with an active debuff, the chance of a critical hit is boosted by 10.0%.

  • Step and Strike: After avoiding, you get 10.0% empowerment for the next 3.0 hits within 10.0 seconds when you step and strike. (This result only happens during the fighting.) Attacks that are strengthened by this effect on hit recover 10.0 stamina.

  • Unrelenting Onslaught: Attacking foes shortens the Greatsword's cooldown by 2.0% for a charged light attack and 10.0% for a charged heavy attack.

  • Path of Onslaught: Take the Carnage Stance for 10.0 sec after performing any Carnage Tree ability in the Path of Onslaught. The following characteristics apply to Carnage Stance: Damage received grew by 15.0%. Damage inflicted rose by 10.0%. Fast Charge: Heavy attacks charge twice as quickly, but each attack costs 10.0 Stamina.

Path of Defiance

For 10 seconds after activating any skill from the Defiance branch, you will adopt the Path of Defiance Stance. As a result, you will not only sustain 20% less damage but also cause 20% less damage. Heavy attacks stop incoming attacks.

So you can see that these two positions, which are divided into offense and defense, are essentially pretty simple. This gives you even more options for the type of build you want.

  • Calamity Counter: Block for two seconds to reduce blocked stamina damage by 90.0%, then launch a counterattack against any foes in a 4-meter circle. - 100% weapon damage if there are no blocks.

  • Jagged Counter: Per power level, the counterattack causes bleeding for 6.0 seconds. 5.0% of weapon damage is dealt by each layer every second. (5.0 maximum stacks.)

  • Steadfast Strike: Stagger your Greatsword forward to impale your opponents, then pull back to rip the blade out with the Steadfast Strike. Each strike returns 20.0 stamina. First strike: Stuns and does 70.0% weapon damage. Second Hit: Pulls the victim 1.5 meters in your direction while doing 120.0% weapon damage. The threat generated by this skill is 150.0%. You adopt a defensive posture when this skill expires.

  • Steadfast Recovery: You are healed for 50.0% of the weapon damage inflicted during the initial assault with Steadfast Strike. The first blow in Defiant Stance also deals 5.0% weapon damage per second for 6.0 seconds while inflicting two stacks of Bleed.

  • Roaring Rupture: Stab the ground to deliver 120.0% weapon damage and a shockwave with a radius of 4.0 meters. Every opponent hit gives you an 8.0% boost for 5.0 seconds. 3.0 maximum stacks This talent produces 200% threat and bestows Courage. You choose Defiance when this ability expires.

  • Purifying Roar: Using Roaring Rift, Purifying Roar eliminates 2.0 debuffs.

  • Perfect Vigilance: When attacked at full health, Perfect Vigilance reduces damage taken by 20.0% and grants you a 20.0% boost for 3.0 seconds.

  • Cleansing Chain: If you successfully land the Greatsword's final strike, the duration of whatever debuffs you are under is shortened by 10%.

  • Blade Honing: Your base damage increases by 3.0% for each greatsword bonus. (Maximum bonuses of 4.0.)

  • Wary Posture: The next attack you receive in the following 5.0 sec will be decreased by 25.0% after you assume Defiance Stance.

  • Guarded Shift: If you block for 2.0 seconds while in a guarded shift, you adopt the Defiance Stance.

  • Unflinching Blade: Charged heavy attacks deliver 5.0% weapon damage per second and grant Courage while causing Bleed for 6.0 sec. (5.0 maximum stacks.) Arrow Deflection: You can use a greatsword to block ranged strikes, although doing so increases stamina damage by 10.0%.

  • Arrow Deflection: You can use a greatsword to block ranged strikes, although doing so increases stamina damage by 10.0%.

  • Faultless Defender: When you block attacks immediately after entering a defensive stance or have a point of protection, stamina damage is reduced by 50.0%. During 10 seconds, it deals melee attackers a 5.0% Ripped status.

  • Undying Defense: You will be healed for 5.0% of attack damage thanks to Undying Defiance. Instead, attacks within 3.0 seconds of blocking heal you for 15.0% of the damage taken.

  • Path of Defiance: Take the Path of Defiance for 10.0 sec after utilizing any ability from the Defiance tree. Defiance has several characteristics: - Damage received is decreased by -15.0%. Damage inflicted decreased by -15.0%. Guard Point: Deflect oncoming blows when big blows are charging.

New World Greatsword Weapon Guide

Greatsword Builds

The Greatsword has a wide range of build options due to its high versatility. Depending on your aims, you may wish to concentrate on one position or switch between them. Below, we'll highlight a couple of choices with strong offerings.

Pure Onslaught Build

As the name suggests, this build's focus is Onslaught Stance's unbridled raw attacking power. Our skill combinations will be Crosscut, Relentless Rush, and Skyward Slash.

Pure Defiance Build

In contrast to the Pure Onslaught construct mentioned above, this build emphasizes the Greatsword's defensive strength rather than its offensive ability. As a result, Calamity Counter, Roaring Rupture, and Steadfast Strike are used in the Pure Defiance Tank Build.

Hybrid PvP Build

This dual stance construct balances the advantages of both stances. It offers great offense, strong defense, and many tools to make you successful in most PvP situations. We'll use the active talents Calamity Counter, Crosscut, and Relentless Rush to accomplish this.

New World Greatsword Weapon Gameplay

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Weapons to Pair the Greatsword with

  • The Greataxe makes sense with the larger Bruiser composition, for which the Greatsword offers a tonne of support. It also provides a more reliable and practical blocking ability. It can help with both pinning down and pursuing attackers.

  • A reliable alternative for ranged damage is the bow. The Greatsword excels in small-scale PvP or single-play due to its enhanced mobility, range, and ability to deal with DoTs. Because of its passive and more extended range, it can be a potent closer or opener.

  • With the ability of the weapons to deliver significant damage, the Spear proves itself a fantastic melee combo. The Spear also offers considerable mobility and a good deal of solid crowd control even though utility debuffing may be provided, which allows you another way to deliver Rend.

  • Due to the Shield's and Sword's improved durability, the Greatsword can act as a highly aggressive off-tank weapon. As a result, both handle most of the tanking; meanwhile, the Greatsword deals the damage.

Additional Tips

Gems to equip

Consider attempting a Jasper Gem in place of the standard Opal used in many other weapon builds, Baggins advised, because the Greatsword has such good stamina management and regeneration passives. You could find it simpler to meet the conditions of just taking damage (Jasper) than to maintain a high stamina bar (Opal).


"Energizing Calamity Counter or Leeching Crosscut are good perks to gain as they will significantly increase your survivability, giving you a significant boost to your health or stamina, respectively," explained Baggins. While more PvE-oriented players may find Leeching Crosscut an excellent alternative to maintaining their health while battling, more PvP-oriented players will likely find Calamity Counter more useful.


Except for the initial heavy blow, which has a smaller hitbox, every Greatsword light or serious attack deals enormous area of effect cutting damage, Baggins claimed. We advise beginning your attack chain combo with a weak strike, followed by two powerful attacks, for this reason. Then, when facing numerous foes, repeat.


We have now covered all there is to know about the Greatsword. You are now fully aware of utilizing this weapon and its many perks, talents, combos, and ability rotations.

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