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New World Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition Guide

Barnacles and Black Powder is an expedition towards the end of the game in New World. The first thing you'll notice while embarking on the New World Barnacles and Black Powder excursion is the stunning visual. The artwork and level design are two things that New World consistently does really well. There are several florae included in the expedition's real building, and also water-driven paths, and seemingly infinite waterfalls. We will next learn everything there is to know about Barnacles and Black Powder in New World.

Expedition Overview

With the advent of Admiral Blackpowder along with his nefarious crew, a dark tide begins to rise in Aeternum! As you complete the latest Barnacles & Black Powder expedition's quests, NPCs in the Cutlass Keys town as well as the new docks on the territory's east shore would be hoping to reward you with riches and fame.

There are rumors that the Admiral may be holding even more authority. This expedition can be found at the southernmost point of Cutlass Keys.

New World Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition


The majority of the opponents you'll run with during the adventure are Lost mobs. Ice Strike, ice, as well as natural damage are the vulnerabilities of the Lost. With the exception of the tank, most players should utilize amber gems inside their weapons.


Every expedition or mutation must include Great Axe/War Hammer builds in order to group and CC big groups of enemies. To guarantee effectiveness, be careful to synchronize Maelstroms with Gravwells. The Oblivion will be used to impair all foes and stack Empowerment for the party, while the Spear and Warhammers would be in charge of maintaining maximum Rend stacks.

In light of this, your group should consist of the weapons listed below.

  • War Hammer/Sword and Shield (Carnelian/Carnelian).

  • Great Axe/War Hammer (Amber/Amber) 

  • (Amber/Amber) Hatchet/Spear.

  • Void Gauntlet/Life Staff (Diamond/Amber).

Quests that are repeatable

Just before you arrive at the adventure entrance, chat with Quiggley Quorus to receive a repeating task. Rewards for completing this task include treasure caches, money, and gypsum orbs. You may also collect the faction quest for the trip by visiting your faction merchant in Cutlass Keys. The adventure Barnacles & Black Powder has a special mechanism. Cursed chests are found on the ground as you move through the trip. You will slow down and acquire a DOT if you grab the cursed prize. Don't touch them, especially when engaged in a fight. The use of Cursed Chest is particularly prevalent during mutations.

Before beginning with the expedition we advise you to purchase some New World gold to make in-game purchases like weapons, armor, or anything you need to make the walkthrough easier.

To aid you, visit our website MMOPixel to purchase New World Gold Coins. We offer the best service on the web.

How to start the expedition?

Like other New World Expeditions, Barnacles and Black Powder requires that a member of your party be present at the gate in order to enter. You are only permitted to lead a certain amount of excursions.

  • Each player gets 15 regular expedition runs daily, or 105 each week.

  • There are 25 Mutated Expeditions per week.

You can look through player-created listings or submit a request to connect with other users on the server. You can use this tool to identify your ideal team position, such as healer, tank, or DPS. On the basis of such positions, you can hire. Inspecting members to find out their gear rating, the number of weapons, or mastery levels is another option. You may also set recruitment conditions like the minimum level and gear score.

New World Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition Guide


Once inside the expedition, defeat the opponents inside before speaking with Antonio the NPC. Once you've spoken with him, a switch beside the gate up ahead will begin to light. To open the gate, a ranged assault must be used to hit the switch. This is a description of a mechanic who will appear frequently during the journey.

Gunner Jett and Third Officer Gibbs

Up until you see Third Officer Gibbs, the mini-boss, you must battle through the opponents along the "Old Salt Footpath." Once you've won, another gate will be in front of you. It will need a ranged strike to activate the switch on this gate, which is within the corridor after this one. The following mini-boss, Gunner Jett, may be defeated by entering the "Black Flag Grove." The box in the hall towards the right will be unlocked as a result.

Chomper with Master of Arms

Enter the "Dry Rum Passageway" along with the the cavern after passing through the gate. To your right, you will find black powder kegs which you will be needing later on in the mission. The mobs inside this room should be avoided. defeat them, then ascend into "The Crows Nest." Here, you'll run into more enemies that you need to take down. Head off the edge into "The Broken Bones" after ascending the steps to reach the next boss battle.

This three-wave encounter has alligators and Lost mobs. The initial pull should be grouped, then AOEed down. To clear the wave, be careful to synchronize the grouping as well as CC abilities. Then Chompers and more enemies will spawn. Whereas the remaining party takes off the additional adds and AOEs them, the tank is likely to pull Chompers.

The third wave and Master of Arms will appear once the second wave has been defeated. The tank must next initiate aggro with Master of Arms and the adds. After that, the party should AOE all mobs and complete the battle. After taking out the explosive creatures that rush the chamber, take the chest as treasure. Defeat Fire Agent Jones, the mini-boss, by going north. Once you've defeated her, take the item out of the tool-box and return to the "Dry Rum Passage." You'll encounter another gang of thugs on your journey.

New World Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition Guide

First Officer Well and Second Officer Bartham

Set the wall on fire using the fuse, then go through the tunnel to "Black Flag Cove." From this point on, descend the stairs while battling your way through a few enemies. When you get to the deck, 2nd Officer Bartham, the following mini-boss, will be your opponent. Once knocked down, head east to find a treasure to plunder. A ranged party member would need to activate another switch on the deck in order to advance.

The bridge would then descend towards the ship once the switch is activated. First Officer Wells is the opponent here, and you'll also finish a mechanic that you'll need to master for the forthcoming boss battle. Find the cannon balls in the ship's stateroom first. The black powder keg stack on the cliff towards the south has to be attacked with a cannon at that point. Another switch will be exposed as a result, and it will have to be struck with a ranged assault. This drops the bridge towards the opposite side, enabling you to engage Admiral Blackpowder for the expedition's first boss battle.

Admiral Blackpowder

You must master a number of mechanics to fight Admiral Blackpowder, a Leve-66 Lost Elite Boss.

Phase 1

As soon as you enter the arena and cross the line, Admiral Blackpowder will challenge you to a duel! He will jump from the deck above & launch an assault right away. The tank must be wary of Slash & Cannon Bash once they have aggro. DPS should target the barrel after Blackpowder performs Barrel Toss to prevent other barrels from amassing on the floor. Admiral Blackpowder would then withdraw to the top deck and start phase 2 at about 75% health.

Phase 2

This Phase will start with Spawn Lookouts. AOE them quickly, then be ready for a bomb barrage. Players in Bomb Barrage must dodge through the red regions as the bombs descend in order to avoid the explosions. You may easily defeat this by remaining in the red region as soon as it is available and then dodging in the direction of the just-blasted area.

Players must be aware of the Loaded Cannons mechanism during the phase. Players must load the guns and shoot them at Admiral Blackpowder while evading Bomb Barrage. He will hop back below to the arena & repeat stages 1 and 2 after receiving enough hits from players.

Phase 3

Everything remains the same once Admiral Blackpowder descends from the second phase 2, with the exception of the fact that he won't fire Fiery Mortar. The simplest approach to prevent this is to make players slowly and with adequate space spin in a round motion. Additionally, a tiny fire AOE left by Fiery Mortar must be avoided.

Bomb Barrages will arrive from two directions that cross during this phase. In order to prevent receiving damage, players must effectively monitor their stamina. When the Loaded Canon mechanism is finished, Admiral Blackpowder will return to the ground. He will keep using all of the phase-3 mechanics till you defeat him.

New World Admiral Blackpowder

Sergeant Morris

Don't hesitate to loot Morris as well as the expedition chest south of the boss's room before departing. After passing through this section, you will enter the "Cavern of Forbidden Plunder." Make your way toward the subsequent chamber while avoiding the cursed riches. Numerous geists are fighting her, hence the tank must be careful to move them toward the center of the chamber and away from the loot. Keep these creatures CC'd whenever you can because they possess knockback abilities. After avoiding the hanging axes, proceed into the tunnel and enter the "Dead Man's Retreat."

The Gate Puzzle

You must speak with the NPC Tye once the area has been cleaned. This will initiate a puzzle where participants must move Nereid's Offering from one statue to the next. 

The statue inside the water to Tye's right must first be touched by one team member. This will cause a lightning storm to break out in the area leading to the second statue and provide the player with a slowing and damage-dealing debuff. While the player moves to the next statue, the healer must keep the player under the curse healed. Players should move each offering toward the opposite statue each one at a time. However, if the healer can sustain many people, then more is OK. To unlock the gate up ahead, your team needs to repeat this action three times. "Sunken Depths" is what lies beyond this gate. You'll find several tendrils and even more geists here. Conquer them to pass through the zone. This will bring you face-to-face with Nereid, the last boss.

Nereid Boss Fight

The Nereid battle is one of wear and tear. Preventing Whirlwind, Lightning Rods, but also Hurricane is key to the fight. All of these mechanisms inflict a lot of damage, therefore DPS as well as healers should stay away from them. Lunge should be known to The Tank as well. It will be difficult to dodge these mechanics because lunge will throw the tank as well as other party members to the ground. To avoid Water Wave and Lunge from striking the group and make it difficult for them to evade the other mechanics, the tank should direct Nereids' attacks away from the entire group.


Nereid has access to several more difficult mechanics after her health reaches 50%. Nereid will first summon two Hurricanes that are always active and move over the map. Nereid will then continue casting Water Wave as she attacks with her Whirlwind spell. She also summons numerous Hurricanes at once during the anger phase.

With so much AOE on the ground, it might be challenging to revive allies throughout this fight. This increases the significance of avoiding the mechanics when Nereid is enraged. When possible, DPS should launch attacks to gradually eliminate Nereid.

Loot Drops

The Barnacles & Black Powder offers some of the greatest treasures in the game because it is intended for endgame gamers. All of them use the High Water Mark system, which allows for drops up to a Gear Score 600. However, unless you have previously brought the High Water Mark close to the cap, this prize will not drop until you reach level 600.


That completes our New World Barnacles and Black Powder Expedition Guide. You are guaranteed success after going through this guide as we have covered all the topics you need to be aware of while playing this Expedition!

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