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New World Gold Farming Guide

In the brand-new MMORPG New World, money is difficult to get by unless you know what you're doing. Some players are experiencing difficulties with this, but we are here to provide you with some help with New World Gold farming and other methods for quickly and easily earning money in this game. 

The primary in-game money in New World is gold. Without it, you cannot purchase anything at Trading Posts, including weapons, equipment, potions, food, and more. In addition, you can buy a house where you can customize, hang out, keep extra equipment, and more if you have enough gold. So, gold is crucial in this game, and you must quickly mine it. Purchasing gold from a trustworthy online retailer is the quickest and simplest way to do it.

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Complete Missions!

Completing the primary and side quests available in New World is the simplest and most fundamental way to earn a lot of gold. You receive significant gold for completing one mission, which you can use to fund your next expedition. Additionally, you may put aside that cash and use it in the future to purchase a house or other essential items. Compared to other approaches, this is the fastest way to acquire gold. You may still get a lot of gold from it, whether you buy the ones from the Community Board or those specific to a given Faction. The amount of gold you receive is inversely correlated to the level required. Along with getting money for your upcoming adventure, you may level up your character by accumulating a tonne of character experience. Mission completion is, therefore, crucial.

New World Missions


Players have access to a wide range of resources in the New World, including timber, ore, diamonds, steel, meat from animals and birds, fish, and more. As a result, you can improve your gathering abilities by extracting resources, enabling you to obtain more expensive materials and produce high-quality things.

Additionally, pricey materials can be sold for a profit, and you can cultivate gold coins in the New World by combining your hunting prowess with this technique. Always keep an eye on whatever resources are now in high demand on the server; they might not all be pricey gems. They might just be regular iron ore. In other words, if this is the case, put in the time and effort to locate, mine, and then sell iron ore at the greatest price. Don't pass up the opportunity to sell resources at a higher price while there is demand for them because the market for in-game resource prices, like the stock market or the stock market, is not always stable.

On the other hand, nothing prevents specializing only in collecting rare materials accessible at high levels of gathering skill. Such resources typically have a constant value, so you shouldn't have trouble selling them. In the New World, farming gold is more than just mechanically gathering resources for resale; it's a tactic and a strategy you may use to establish a large gold coin income.

New World Gameplay


Trade Posts

Selling your spare items at the Trading Post is a simple additional way to make gold. However, if you've been keeping up with the trends, you can make more money by purchasing goods from a trader who is selling them at a discount and then exchanging them with another player who may be eager to obtain the aforementioned good. Some people may find a use for the additional weapons, armor, goods, potions, and other stuff they do not desire since they are in a terrible situation. Even if the prices you publish on the Trading Post are very exorbitant, people can easily afford them. The more mature player might think twice before purchasing such products.

Trade with Players

Advertising your goods and waiting for a personal deal with someone is another technique to make additional money. You can make money when you carefully negotiate your way into a deal. For example, if it was equipment or a weapon, you could mention that it had special stats that no other weapon had, or if it was a rare ore, you could describe how difficult it was to obtain such resources. It depends on how well you can explain to your dealer how you obtained the specific rare item he is attempting to purchase.

Craft and Sell

Although this is quite a hassle, if you know what you're doing, you can quickly and easily gain tons of gold from it. Increase the level of your crafting abilities, and collect all the ingredients required to create a specific item currently in demand on the Trading Post. Such as a weapon, piece of equipment, potion, or rare good, craft a lot of it, and then either sell it on the Trading Post or advertise it for private transactions. You might make a sizable profit immediately and possibly advance in skill levels. A win-win situation exists. It's also a good idea to upgrade some of your New World Trade Skills. The best bags, ammunition, jewels, weapons, and armor can be made and sold for a high price. If it doesn't work, selling in-demand crafts supplies is another smart move. Convenience is essential because players with high Trade Skills may desire to reduce or do away with the time spent acquiring resources.

  • Gear: You will gather a lot of riches as you go on your explorations in New World. This may be obtained through quests, or you may find that loot is dropped when you defeat enemies or animals. To sell the stuff you no longer require, you'll eventually want to replace your current equipment with the better loot you find. This won't be very effective when you are at a lower level, but as you rise through the ranks and get better gear, it will become an effective way to earn gold.

  • Tools are in great demand because they make it possible to gather resources quickly. Iron & Steel Tools are a good start before upgrading to Star Metal Tools. Azoth can help boost the equipment's rarity, raising your chances of obtaining perks.

  • Similarly, some bags provide users with more storage, which is useful when you're out collecting items or finishing tasks.

  • For New World gold farming, players almost always need health and mana potions, especially for end-game or difficult content.

  • Food Buffs are necessary for each activity that players engage in. The Harvesting Luck can be improved by choosing cooked corn, which is quite advantageous for those that gather resources for money.

  • You can also make furniture for residences to help the other players furnish their homes. Due to the large number of players who have purchased homes and are seeking furniture, it is also in high demand.

  • Jewelry, including earrings, rings, and amulets, provides protection and survivability and enhances player abilities. Once you reach level 20, the slots become available; however, creating them may take some time due to the rarity of some materials, such as Raw Gems.

New World Guide

Best Suited Locations to farm Gold

In New World, Cutlass Keys, Reekwater, and Great Cleave are the ideal locations for gold farming. Players should be well-prepared to fight or be ready to evacuate as needed because some of these sites have high-level opponents. In addition, a region's adjacent monsters or beasts will be more lethal the more gold is available for mining there.

Cutlass Keys

The rocky, ridged landscape northeast of Cutlass Keys has numerous gold-bearing veins. There are many different types of creatures in the region, but even for beginners, they shouldn't be too dangerous. However, if the Lost Zombies are not eliminated before mining the gold, they could become a nuisance.


There is a sizable cluster of Gold Veins at the very tip of Reekwater's northern boundary. The gold that can be mined in this area extends past Reekwater and into Weaver's Fen's southern boundary. To get the most gold, players need to search the region around them properly, but they should also take care of the hazardous Level-62 Mirepaw that lives nearby.

Great Cleave

The area east of Great Cleave's center, close to the Frostbite Den, would be one of the best spots to produce gold in the New World. A Level-43 Deepit Abomination guards the mining nodes in this region. It would be an excellent idea to construct a campground nearby as a spawning location for people that feel they aren't strong enough to take it on directly.


Everything you need to know about producing money in New World is covered here. Gold farming is crucial, especially if you plan to "reach high" in the endgame. The highly intricate MMORPG game New World is continually updated, and things change constantly. Gold is thus never enough in this sandbox. Instead of concentrating on just one method of making gold, I strongly advise you to experiment with and employ others. Why? You may inquire because I can assure you that whatever strategy you choose will grow monotonous or ineffective over time.

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