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New World Guide to Returning Players

New World has evolved significantly since its initial release. In our New World Returning Player Guide, we've prepared a rundown of the game's modifications and new features during the last year and the best advice to help players catch up with current endgame material. Unlike other emergent gameplay online games (MMOs), New World is an MMORPG. The concept isn't new—the subgenre has been since the mid-1990s—but the implementation is, and it's one of the fascinating things coming out of the gaming industry in a long time. The subgenre has been around since the mid-1990s.

Here's all you need to know regarding getting going, gaining currency, and discovering the vast universe of New World, whether you're a participant in the first New World beta test and want to return to the game or are new to the game.

What Has Modified Since the Release?

New World has gotten nearly monthly updates since its first release. The number of available players is growing, and excitement for the planned Brimstone Sands update is growing by the day. A lot has changed in the last year, including some fundamental adjustments to progressing through stages, building your equipment score, and approaching the final slog. These updates have resulted in new game modes, weaponry, excursions, vacation events, and other quality-of-life advancements.

New World Updates

Changes and Some QoL Enhancements

Improvements in the living conditions of individuals are one of the best developments brought to the New World. Below are among the most significant changes that have occurred since the launch:

Stone shape

Convert your body to stone to become impervious to knockdowns, dazzles, roots, and slows, as well as staggers and knockdowns. Players can move and engage during battle, whereas this ability is active.


You must first load yourself with arcane energy to explode and cause massive damage to others in a large region around you. Afterward, gamers can move and engage the enemy while the skill is active.

Cannon Blast

Bring out a large, portable gun and fire a projectile that deals major harm when it hits the ball with its target.

Ascension into the Darkness

Sprout Corrupted wings soar into the air, hang briefly, and then crash back down to the ground. This stuns and damages all opponents in the area.

Vine Grasping

Punch the ground with your palm to unleash vines that will wrap around, and you can any nearby enemies, holding them down.

Gameplay Modes

The New World designers introduced some new game modes with major QoL features that may turn off new or regular players. Let's get started:

Expeditions with Variations

The 5-man Expedition idea is evolved into the challenging endgame material known as Caused by mutations Expeditions in New World. Engaging in the Mutations, the show's updated iteration of endgame PvE content is among the most enjoyable things to do in New World. Each week, two distinct Mutated Expeditions are available to run.

Because there are so many Mutations, every week is a completely different experience. When you finish a Mutated Expeditions, you will be paid with a new currency known as Like these Shards (more on this later) and a high supply of both Epic and Epic drops!


The New World Arenas option is a three-on-three player vs. Player battle. Players compete in a "best of 5" format to win PVP experience and Azoth Salt, a new PVP currency. Arenas are a brand-new feature in the game. 

This approach works best with a group of three individuals, but you can do it alone if you like. You can begin queuing for Arena after you reach level 20.

Arenas are the next feature of the New World's PVP gameplay, including PVP, Colony Rush, and Wars. New World also teased that the Arenas would soon get a ranked mode.

New World Arenas

The System of Gear Score Progression

This is the most significant change to how the end of New World functions. Previously, the so-called "watermark" technique was not popular among players.  An unknowable number that formed the foundation for your equipment score? It wasn't all that great. Since then, things have improved. Gypsum and Expertise have both seen considerable changes.

Gypsum is a label system that allows you to improve your personal possessions' gear rating by completing numerous tasks. Gypsum can be produced at the new Gypsum kilns found at high-level Forts such as Edengrove, Shattered Peak, and so on.

Topaz Gypsum: If you have the Topaz Attunement Potion bonus, you can get 10 every day by killing monsters level 55 and up.

Obsidian Gypsum: Killing selected foes of level 60 or above.

Diamond Gypsum: A variety of unusual activities may lead you there. We last saw them at the Summer Fair, and we're looking for something new for the holidays.

Ruby Gypsum: has completed two rounds of Outpost Rush.

Emerald Gypsum: Boosting Your Career with Aptitude Testing

Amethyst Gypsum: You can get up to 7 of them per day by completing Corrupted gateways.

Sapphire Gypsum: Victory over the ultimate foe in the Genesis and Lazarus questlines.

Citrine Gypsum: You'll get one every time you complete an Arena.

Expansion of the Brimstone Sands

Brimstone Sands, a new zone in New World, is now playable! The update includes a fully reworked beginning encounter, the Brimstone Sands as a level 60+ zone, a new gun called the Great Sword, and numerous other adjustments and changes to the game.

New World Brimstone Sands

What to Do If You're a Returning Player

If you've been away from a game for an extended period, there's little doubt that a lot has changed, and you will have no idea what's happening. That's OK, and to be honest, it was kind of expected. The most crucial thing you can do is go over your gear and figure out what setup you used.

Is it possible to pass forward with it? If you have enough money, go to the trade hub and acquire some new gear there. You should prioritize gaining the highest possible gear score over other factors, such as perks. At this point, it is time to look through Expeditions. You are advised to participate in the Genesis, Lazarus, Core of the Storm, and Barnacle expeditions.

There is now no longer any requirement for a key to access. These dungeons can be run up to 25 times daily at no charge. Additionally, a group finder may be reached by clicking the Expeditions sign on the map. Perform some chest exercises. Yes, they still exist, albeit some features of the games may have changed since your last participation.

The bosses and creatures in Royal Palace, Siren Pools, Malevolence, and Mangled Heights all have been levelled up, allowing you to progress through those areas.  Beyond the Shattered Mines and Myrkgard, this opens up a new universe of possibilities. If you request to join the group in chat, you may receive a barrage of "+imp" or "+siren" replies.

Join a corporation. Organizations continue to play an essential role in the New World, which is why you must make every effort to join a respected one with many active members.

Examine your living situation and storage choices. You'll see that your house is still intact, and you may have some essential goods stashed somewhere.

Take inventory, then sell whatever you can to obtain more new world coins. You no longer have to pay a charge to transport items from one town's store to another town's storage. If you are still falling short of Gold Coins, you can purchase themeasily for real money.

To aid you, visit our website MMOPixel to purchase New World Gold Coins. We provide various denomination options at cheap rates.

What Exactly Is Knowledge and How Does It Work?

Your Element consisting of a unique gear scoring level will decide your total gear score. Earning Expertise can be done in several methods, including cracking open Gypsum Crates from the Kiln, fighting high-level enemies and collecting a drop, and completing a variety of Chest Runs scattered across the area. But, of course, there will still be chest runs.

The average gear ratings of the things you have had and your current level of skill will be used to calculate your total gear score. All this data is shown inside the game, and you may follow your progress daily.


In conclusion, when playing BDO for the first time, new and returning players can feel overwhelmed and bewildered. The game is highly detailed, with numerous complicated systems to master. In addition, multiple catch-up techniques are developed expressly for new and old players. However, the games need to promote the assistance adequately!

You will be allowed to go and get a special season award after you graduate or when the year concludes. You can choose from any of the incentives if you have yet to claim them. The only criterion for this reward is that your character was level 20 or higher at the end of the season. 

But if you're a new player, creating a season character for each season is worthwhile to obtain all three Capotia accessories. These accessories are equivalent to TET components and will not be updated over an extended period. That will be all for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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