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New World How to Buy a House Guide

New World MMORPG offers innovative gameplay that makes the most of your time and skills. Not only that, but it also provides significant interaction between players, guilds, families, and corporations. 

The game is based on a medieval fantasy world, where players can enjoy various activities and quests. There are also plenty of ways to express your creativity in this world, whether through crafting, building, or fighting for your faction. 

The game is in a fantasy world divided into three continents: North, South, and West. Each continent has its unique culture, climate, flora, and fauna. The players will have the opportunity to explore different cities, visit the most important places on their journey, fight with the inhabitants of this world and establish trade relations with them. 

Importance of Buying your House in the New World

Storage space is the primary pro for buying a house in New World. Players who tend to spend most of their time crafting, mining, chopping wood, and collecting different varieties of ingredients are more likely to discover themselves filled with loot—unless they have somewhere to put it!

Players with a House can also add various specialized chests to their house, providing access to extra storage space. The amount the chest may contain is dependent on which type of chest it was made from—a chest for items gathered through Fishing would have more space than one used for crafting armor.

Another advantage of owning a house, often missed by beginner players, is that you can put trophies in your home. These decorations provide a worldwide buff that affects everything from crafting and mining to combat and travel.

Homes give players another fast-traveling point, which is free to use every two-four hour (based on the cost and size of your home).

New World House

How can one Buy any House in the New World?

First, you must understand that the game has a housing system. It isn't just a feature; it's part of the gameplay. You can buy Houses and then decorate them with furniture and decorations. The game will allow you to make changes to your house daily. If you don't like something, you can change it immediately or wait two days before making any changes.

Second, you should consider what kind of house you want. There are three types: tiny Houses that cost 1 million gold coins; medium-sized homes that cost 2 million gold coins; and large Houses that cost 3 million gold coins. Of course, you don't have to pay anything upfront. Still, if you want access to larger Houses and other amenities such as swimming pools and gardens, it will cost some real money to get everything at once instead of purchasing things one at a time over time!

The best thing about gold is that it can be obtained in many ways, such as through farming or killing monsters. You can also buy gold off the market.

If you need coins, visit our website MMOPixel to buy New World Gold Coins. We strive to provide you with the top service. 

Thirdly, if possible, try not to buy too many Houses at once. This can get expensive quickly if your character doesn't have enough cash reserves in their account balance!

Next, decide where you want to live. This will affect how much money you'll need for the house and the space it needs. For example, if you live near the ocean, your house may need more rooms than if it were on an island near mountains or deserts.

Look around at different Houses until one catch your eye! Be sure not to rush into anything permanent, though, because it could cost too much money or be too small for what you want!

And finally, don't forget about pets! They can help keep monsters and other players who might try to steal them from you while they're sleeping!

Reaching Level 15

Levelling to level 15 can be considered pretty straightforward. 

Sufficient standing territory should be attained

Depending on which region, you are needed to reach a certain level of territory Standing before you even think of purchasing a House there.

You can tell whether you need to have a certain territory Standing rank to take over a House by the number of coins listed as its cost and weekly tax rate. It will be crossed out if your standing is not high enough for this property.

New World Map

Buying House

Different Houses have different prices, so you should look to save more of your Coins based on the benefits and the size of the house you are looking for in the market.

The easiest way to earn more Coins is by trying to sell unnecessary crafting resources at the well-known Trading Stall and completing various Main Quests along with Side Stories.

When is the right time for you to buy a House?

The appropriate time to purchase a New World home usually depends on the player. In collaboration with their characters' personalities, bank accounts, and buffs, it is the decision of gamers to decide when the need for storage space is essential or if the gamers can afford taxes.

One must know that there are a few drawbacks when you buy a House, but gamers cannot just snag any old place and expect it to sit there while they are busy spending days exploring other things.

For this reason, players who own Houses in New World need to pay taxes weekly—which can be done anytime at a bank or marketplace.

Due to this, players should not purchase a home until it is clear that they are now ready to pay the associated taxes. Players who are willing and able to can look to make use of the discount given to first-time buyers of homes just by purchasing a bigger home.

House Recall

Owning a wonderful home is an excellent way to save time. You can also fast travel back to your house from anywhere in the world, so you won't have to spend hours walking or riding vast distances just because you want something specific from another town!

To Use fast travel, pressing M would bring up a map now, navigate to your settlement where the house is located, and look for an icon that resembles a House.

Your house has a cooldown timer ranging between four and six hours. Also, it can be refreshed when you spend Azoth. So, you can make your house the most easy-to-use fast travel location compared to anywhere else in the world.

New World Cooldown Reset


The great thing about having a House is that it allows you to store items. This means you can keep your most important items safe from enemies and other dangers, which is particularly useful if you're playing in hardcore mode or under challenging settings where death is permanent!

Consider making your house a home if you're not interested in fast traveling. Then you can decorate it with trophies and other items you find throughout your adventures.

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