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New World Iron Ore Locations | Find the Best Spots

To reach your full capability in New World and explore all of the game features, you need iron. It is one of the essential materials, but finding iron ore veins is not that simple. Yet, they are necessary to get iron ingots.

There is no other material as needed for improving defensive and attacking stats as iron. Other items such as linen and fiber are also important, but if you want to go into PvP and PvE battles and defeat strong monsters, you will need to craft many iron stuff to have different weapons and better gear. 

Fortunately, MMOPixels is here to help you, bringing a guide with the best iron ore locations in New World. That way, you will find lots of iron veins and gather a relevant quantity of resources.

Best New World Iron Ore Locations

When you want to find iron ore locations, you must always look for the Highlands “classification.” You can also find it in hills or caves, for instance.

To be sure a place has the Highlands specification, you just need to look in the sidebar when the place is selected on the map. On the list of information, you will find the highland classification will be listed within the resource locations. New World offers plenty of locations and mining spots even in the early game.

Where to Look for Iron Vein

New World Map with Iron Ores locations

Finding loads of resources is not a challenging quest for those who know where to look. In the lands of Aeternum, you will many find iron ore spots in the central and southern parts of the map. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find it in the northern regions as well.


find iron ore veins in Everfall

The first of the places we have to point out is Everfall. The Everfall city is surrounded by good spots and has plenty of Iron Ore. Close to Everfall town, you will find plenty of iron ores in the North, East, and West, making the region perfect for exploration.

When in early levels, you will need to be careful. 

  1. In the north, you will find the Meadow Lake Fishery. The place is full of Lost Mobs, whose level can go to 18. 

  2. In the east, you will find the Midnight Den, with beasts that can get to level 6. 

  3. At the Canary Mine, you will find level 15 corrupted mobs. 

You must know where to look so you don't end up dead after meeting a higher-level creature.

Cutlass Keys Town 

mining iron veins in Cutlass Keys Town

Another of the best locations with several mining spots with resources that will end up as your iron ingots in the smelting station is the Cutlass Keys region. It is in the extreme south of the map and close to other of the best spots on the New World MMO map. 

The best places to look for are in the Northeast and central regions. Those who don’t want to find monsters will find some iron ore spots far from any mob-occupied area near Nyhart’s Anchorage. 

You will find another good place to explore near Graymane Burrow. Just be mindful that you’ll find level 14 monsters there.

 To complete your searches around this region before going to a smelting station, you can look in the south of Monarch’s Bluff. Just be careful, since this area may be inhabited by 24 level monsters.

First Light

First Light: spot of iron ore in new world

Another great place to start the iron ingot creation process is the First Light. For many, it may be the best place for early game mining. In First Light, the best places to explore when looking for New World Iron Ore are in the north, northwest, and west regions.

There is also a great spot in the south part of the region for those who want to level up quickly. Here you will find lots of iron near the start settlement, which is great. The only thing you should be aware of is the Bobcats, as they will be your biggest obstacle while searching for New World Iron. 

The Fae Iron

Besides all the iron, gold, silver ore, and other better materials you will certainly be mining, there is the Fae Iron. It is an extremely rare iron alternative that can drop from regular iron ore but not without the right preparation.

Mining Luck

The principal way to get the fae iron from a normal iron ore spot is to upgrade your mining luck skill. Apart from your mining level, it is extremely important, and without it, there would be no chance of mining the fae iron. 

You will get the mining luck skill while crafting new items. You can find it on your armour as well. Every piece can contain it. To complete, it can also come from a specific crafted item: the pickaxe. It is a far better option for mining, even more so, when compared with the flint mining pick, which is the first pick you can craft in New World.

Fae Iron

Using Food to Improve Mining Luck

Another popular way to get fae iron before going to the smelting stations is to use food to improve your ming luck. Roasted potatoes are a good example of what you can use to get this boost on that specific stat.

Besides the roasted potatoes, you can use other potato-based things to get a bonus for your iron ore mining activities in New World. Some of them are:

  1. Herb-Roasted Potatoes 

  2. Boiled Potatoes

  3. Poultry with Roasted Potatoes

  4. Salted Roasted Vegetables

The best thing about the potatoes is that they are pretty easy to find in New World. For instance, you can get them from farms close to your base settlement. Their bonuses may not be huge initially, but, considering how hard it is to get the fae iron in New World, it will surely help.

Why Is Iron so Necessary?

New World Crafting Station

The main thing is that iron is the only metal you have access to from the very beginning of your journey in the New World MMO. You will use it to craft your armour and all of your weapons, besides tools and other equipment, which will be needed while dealing with town projects and many other things.

That’s why it is so important to know the location and the best spots, so you can take them to the smelter and start to forge whatever you need. Through iron, you will develop your mining and crafting skills, which will allow you to explore other materials like silver and gold, letting you create better materials.


You already know practically everything you need to know about iron in New World, including location, utility, and specifications. You are ready to take the best from this extremely important material from New World.

If you want more New World guides, news, and tips, check the MMOPixels website. We are here to bring you all the details about the best MMO games and their related topics. You can also head and sign in to our platform to check out our services, including the safest in-game New World coins for a great MMO gaming experience.


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