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New World Music Guide

In New World, many people have sought to level up their Music skill since it has been available for some time in order to access new song bonuses. Music is the answer if you wish to improve your luck and produce when harvesting, get more territory standing benefits, or lessen encumbrance. It may be challenging to understand where to start because it isn't as simple as tapping one or two buttons. Learn how to perform music in the New World by reading on if you're curious to learn more.

New World Music Playing Techniques

By pressing F5, the Music UI will appear. This ought to bring up a display similar to the one seen below.

The song-choosing window will then appear. Press "R" to access it. From this, you may select the song you would like to play, the level of complexity, and the instrument. You must have that instrument available and be proficient in this song's entire score. In the part on sheet music, we shall go into further detail.

New World Music

New World Music Buffs (Rewards)

Whenever the song is over, you can select the buff or reward you wish to get. There are six boosts available for selection:

  • Decidedly Dexterous: For 30 to 90 minutes, gathering speed improves by 75%.

  • Territorial Triumph: For 30 to 90 minutes, the territory standing bonus rises by 10% to 30%.

  • All Together Now: For 30 to 90 minutes, the group character XP pooling bonus rises by 4% to 15%.

  • Song in Your Step: 200–1,000 less player encumbrance is removed for 30–90 minutes.

  • Fortune’s Favor: For 30 to 90 minutes, gathering output improves by 3 to 10%.

  • Luck’s Labor: For 30 to 90 minutes, gathering luck rises by 2% to 5%.

These become available when your tradeskill in music progresses. The following levels unlock each buff:

  • Decidedly Dexterous: Level 2

  • Territorial Triumph: Level 5

  • All Together Now: Level 25

  • Song In Your Step: Level 75

  • Fortune’s Favor: Level 100

  • Luck’s Labor: Level 150

The boost you utilize with the song will persist for an hour when it is finished. There can only be one active music reward at a time per player.


In the New World, there are new things called instruments that are employed to play music. Five categories of musical instruments exist:

  • Drum

  • Upright Bass

  • Mandolin

  • Flute

  • Guitar

Although each instrument comes with its own collection of sheet music, not every instrument is used in every song in the New World. The instruments in the New World have 4 tiers, just like other goods do. The number of bonuses you can obtain on your instrument at every New World tier is listed below:

  • Tier II: 2 perks

  • Tier III: 3 perks

  • Tier IV: 4 perks

  • Tier V: 5 perks

The Furnishing Trade Skill is needed to create instruments in the workshop. An instrument can only currently be obtained through crafting or questing. Instruments have guaranteed quality, unlike other products. Instrument crafting mods don't exist. To create a higher-tier version of an instrument, you need the lower-tier version first. For instance, you need a Musician's Upright Bass before you can create a Composer's Upright Bass. It can be very time consuming to collect the equipment but you need not worry, you can easily use new world gold coins to buy the buffs and equipment to save yourself a lot of effort and time.

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Sheet music

To understand how to play every song in the New World, sheet music is necessary. There are separate sheet music sets for each instrument. By merely salvaging a bit of sheet music, you can learn it. A bit of sheet music that you already know can be sold! It takes several pieces of sheet music to understand some songs. When users hover over any sheet music for a song, a count of the number of pages is displayed. This is sheet 1 of 3 for the guitar sheet music for "Sneaky the Smuggler," as you'll notice below. To perform a song, you must locate all of the sheet music pages.

Where in the New World Can I Find Music Sheets?

All across Aeternum, music sheets could be discovered in chests, mob drops, and quest rewards! These things can be sold as well. You could always visit the Trade post if you can't find the song you're looking for.

New World Music Sheets

How does Music unlock the New World?

In the New World, music is available right away, but first players must acquire an instrument related to the sheet music they have acquired. Although the sort of instrument is irrelevant, players could wish to pick one they enjoy the tone of or one depending on how challenging they anticipate the DDR game to be. There are a complete five instruments available for use in New World, but not every music piece will contain a part for each one. Keep this in mind, especially if you start to excel at a certain song. By finishing the music quest line, which starts within either of those of the Summer Villages, players can acquire all of the instruments at their most basic level. The Medleyfaire Maestro offers the first quest, titled “A Warm Medleyfaire Welcome”.

How to start playing music in the New World

One needs to press F5 to start playing music if they only have one instrument and one piece of written music. Players should be aware that if another player is already playing music in the vicinity, they won't be able to start playing independently. You see, whenever gamers press F5, a circle known as the performance area is created beneath them. To start their vibe fest, players must make sure they are sufficiently apart from each other's performance areas. Players must choose from a few alternatives while they are within the F5 Music menu. Players can select the tune they want to play using R. You should select a favorite song and toggle Only Playable.

While there are three options available here for song difficulty, flutes don't appear to have any options beyond Skilled. Players can choose to invite a performance if they select a song with numerous parts by pressing "L". Each player will then be able to choose a part according to the instruments they own; however, if they are lacking the song's sheet music or any of the instruments, they can only dance.

New World Music

How to advance in New World Music

Let's look at some quick statistics about music experience acquisition before discussing the surest method to level music.

  • There is no effect of song length on XP gain.

  • The more challenging the song is, the more experience points you will get.

  • Your total quantity of obtained XP is slightly increased by the number of excellent and flawless notes you receive inside a song.

  • When playing in a group, the rate of XP gain is somewhat boosted.

  • The size of a group has no bearing on the quantity of XP it gains. The quantity of experience gained will not differ between a group of two and a company of five.

  • Now that we are aware of how music experience is gained.

Top Songs for New World Music Leveling

  • Expert Blacksmith Arm: Bass or Drums

  • Expert Windward Inn: Guitar, Bass, or Drums

These two songs feature numerous parts and are on the shorter side in length. These tunes and instrument sections are the finest ways to level music, whether you're leveling by yourself or with a party of five. You should receive between 270 and 300 XP for each expert song when you get a terrific or amazing score. Using songs that are skilled leveled increases XP by around 33% (roughly 175-200 XP) and so by 66% for a beginner tune (around 75-100XP). This will take you roughly 18,000 fantastic or fantastic scores on an extremely skilled song to reach the maximum level in music. 

The best instrument perks for leveling up music

  • Ensemble (Group Leveling)

  • Second Chance

  • Opening Act

  • Spotlight (Solo Leveling)

  • Fanfare


You must play roughly 7200 songs again at the expert level in order to unlock all bonuses. It will require time and patience; nobody will be able to do this on the first try. Given that farming or New World coins are not required for this training, it is just music playing. The New World Music Guide is now complete!

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