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New World Mutated Expeditions Guide

Expeditions that have undergone mutation have been made harder. This currently only applies to the Level 60 or so Expeditions, which include Dynasty Shipyard, Garden of Genesis, & Lazarus Instrumentality. Every Mutated Expedition shall feature ten challenges, ranging from merely having one mutation set at level one to having three completely updated mutation sets at level ten. In a subsequent part, we'll discuss how they scale as well as solutions for each.

An overview of currently ongoing mutations may be shown by hovering over a Mutated Expedition on the minimap. This will free you from having to physically enter the Expedition entry so that you may properly prepare any equipment required for the current mutators.

How do you start a Mutated Expedition?

You must first finish the fundamental or Vanilla version of said Expedition in order to get a Codex before you can access a Mutated Expedition. You can then begin a Difficulty 1 Mutated Expedition with this codex.

New World Mutated Expedition

Scaling the Mutator

You need to have a Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb to enter a Mutated Expedition, irrespective of the Expedition or difficulty. Stonecutting, which is restricted to once each week, can be used to create these orbs. Additionally, they may only be purchased twice a week from a Faction Vendor at maximum Faction Level.

It's strongly encouraged to join a static group early on in Mutated Expeditions to make the most of the system due to the fairly constrained amount of chances you get each week. A group can try a total of 15 Mutated Expeditions if everyone in the party possesses Level 200 Stonecutting. You still receive at least 10 attempts each week even if nobody has stonecutting.

While there are ten distinct levels of difficulty, they may be roughly broken down into only four: Normal, Intermediate, Hard, & Elite. Your ability to finish the Expedition will be significantly impacted by each of these four phases rather than just by the individual challenges. Each additional difficulty will need you to achieve a Silver Rating before it is unlocked.

What to expect while entering each of the Difficulty Brackets is listed below.


The challenges in the Normal Bracket are those that you can overcome quickly and with little planning. Only the Tier 1 variant of an Elemental Mutation will be presented to you. There are no active Promotion or Curse Mutations at this time. Depending on the Difficulty and Clear rating, you might receive up to 40–60 Umbral Shards as Clear awards.

The materials to make the element-appropriate attunement or conditioning bonuses are available for drops. The Elemental Mutation-themed Blue clothing also has the corresponding Conditioning Perk, and there is a special Expedition-themed item.


The Elemental Mutation is upgraded to Tier 2 and the Promotion Mutations are added in the Intermediate Bracket range, which has two effects on your Mutated Expedition experience. Although the Elemental Mutation has not immediately become more visible, certain of its effects have been strengthened. Gear Scores between 606 and 612 are suggested for this division.

You will receive 50–200 Umbral Shards for clearing rewards at this tier, depending on the difficulty and your performance. Additionally, Purple tier Gloves along with Boots with the right Ward perk to match the Expedition's Enemy Faction will drop from time to time. Additionally, a secondary Expedition-Specific Accessory and a variety of Purple Weapons with the proper Bane bonuses can drop.


As you advance through into Hard Difficulty Bracket, your progression will depend more on your Gear Score and unique benefits. The Recommended Gear Score is 613–620 in this case. Curse Mutations are added by this bracket. Later on, if Promotion Mutations have upgrades, they could upgrade here as well. Curses are the only additions at the moment. Depending on the Difficulty and Clear Rating, you can get 400–2000 Umbral Shards as Clear Rewards.

Legs, a chest, and the majority of weapons are now included in the pool of Purple gear that is accessible for drops, substantially broadening the choices.


The Elite division is the toughest but also the most satisfying. Here, 622 for Difficulty 9 but also 625 for Difficulty 10 are the suggested Gear scores. The secondary impact of the curse adds a debuff that can only be removed by approaching the player who was the target of the initial effect. Depending on the Difficulty or Clear Rating, you can receive between 2000 and 6000 Umbral Shards as Clear prizes. This bracket permits all purple gear must drop in its entirety for drops.

New World Scaling the Mutator

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Elemental Mutations

Enemies may receive a range of Elemental benefits through Elemental mutations. There are a few variables that apply to each of them, such as resisting the element they deal a portion of their damage to. In addition to this, every element also has special effects of its own that may be used in various contexts.


The main focus of Eternal is Void Damage, alongside a few empower and healing abilities thrown in.

  • CreepingOblivion

  • Void Resist

  • Abyssal

  • Paranoia


Hellfire focuses mostly on fire damage, with a lot of area damage and damage over time effects.

  • Explosive

  • Fiery

  • Fire Resist

  • Ignited

  • Enflamed

Promotion Mutations

Promotion Mutations are primarily concerned with defensive bonuses, and they also, in certain cases, require you to alter the way you utilize particular weapons.


When Indomitable and Eternal are used together, some incredibly tough opponents may result, depending on how the modifier rolls for each combination.

  • Vampiric

  • Phalanx


Savage may make it very difficult to control prolonged conflicts. Being teamed with Hellfire will frequently need you to change positions.

  • Festering 

  • Slicer

Cursed Mutations

The benefits of having the appropriate conditioning are always available because of curse mutations. They frequently consist of two parts: a debuffing effect and a destructive effect. Despite some variations depending on the particular curse, these Mutations nearly usually have a greater effect.


Every so often, Desiccated will do damage of a certain element while later dealing a unique form of Weaken.

  • Combustible Element

  • Shrivelled Element


Censored serves more as a deterrent against Mages compared to anything else, yet it may still be problematic for melee players.

  • Blowback Void

  • Truncated

Scoring in Mutated Expeditions

The scores shown here do appear to change from tier to tier, thus they might not be entirely accurate. This is offered to help you gain a basic grasp of how scoring works and exactly how to set the greatest possible scores.

New World Mutated Expeditions Guide


Almost anything you accomplish during an Expedition can increase your score. Deaths, clearing opponents quickly, defeating Named Enemies, and other factors can all have an impact. Naturally, on harder levels especially, gaining the most out of the Mutated Expedition might be challenging.

Penalties and Time Bonuses

The arithmetic underpinning this component of scoring is the most intricate. The time bonus appears to be a baseline bonus or penalty plus extra gain or loss based on the amount of time consumed, as far as I can tell from my research. For a clear that is less than the statutory clear time, you receive a flat bonus of 2000 points plus one point for each additional second.

You do not receive a bonus when timings are longer than necessary; instead, you lose 5 points for every additional second. The loss of the 2000-point bonus and the additional multiplier is the largest setback in this situation.

Defeating Opponents

You receive 40 points for each takedown when you defeat non-elite opponents. While it may not seem like much, over the duration of an Expedition, it will add up. You receive 1000 points for every named enemy you take down. Similar to tiny foes, named adversaries are scarce yet rewarding enough to account for a sizable amount of the scoring.

Wipes and Deaths

You lose 200 points for each death and subsequent respawn. By no means is this a severe penalty, but it may mount up. You will also lose 500 more points for similar Team Wipes. This results in a total cost of 1500 points for a complete wipe.

Score Multiplier

Let's speak about the additional multipliers you may get in each expedition now that the scoring has been thoroughly explained. You can never decrease from the initial 1x multiplier. You can have a maximum of 6x Multiplier at the conclusion of an adventure.

You will increase the multiplier for your final score by one point if you complete the Mutated Expedition in less time than necessary. Bonuses for defeating enemies come next. When you beat a specific number of foes throughout the Expedition, both Regular as well as Named adversaries will offer an extra multiplier. Finally, you will forfeit all multipliers at the end if at any time your team wipes out or surpasses a predetermined number of respawns.


You will receive a Bronze Rating for every completed run with a score below 20,000, which grants you fewer Umbral Shards. Your run would be rated as Silver at 20,000–40,000 points, which offers a respectable number of Umbral Shards. Any run with a score of above 40,000 will be classified as Gold, which offers far more Umbral Shards.


This concludes the New World Mutated Expeditions Guide! Anything you need to know about the Mutated Expeditions has been covered in this guide, hence these notoriously tough expeditions will be much easier now.

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