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New World Open Beta this week

Not a while ago, the developer of the next and upcoming MMORPG, New World, has posted how to enter the next beta phase. The beta is entitled "Open," but those who wish to have access to it have to do a couple of steps in order to acquire the client on their Steam account.

First of all, New World's Open Beta is scheduled to begin on September 9 and last until September 12. According to the official New World Open Beta announcement post, players will be able to jump in on Thursday, September 9th at the following times:



10 AM ET


The Open Beta will then come to an end on Sunday, September 12th at the following times:

11:59 PM PT (September 12th)

02:59 AM ET (September 13th)

07:59 AM BST (September 13th)


Players will only be able to access the New World Open Beta via Steam. So, if you want to play, you'll need to download Steam and create a free account.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the steps you need to do to get access to New World's next Open Beta phase.

With this Open Beta, there will be no Steam keys to redeem. Instead, the developer will be using a new feature called Steam Playtest, at which players will be able to request access to the Open Beta beginning on September 8. How to do that?

Open Steam

Go to the New World store page

Scroll down to "Join the New World Open Beta Playtest"

Click "Request Access"

When the Open Beta begins on the 9th of September, players who have done the above-written steps will receive an email confirming they're in. This will provide them with the game client in their Steam repository.


Unfortunately, the developers have revealed that any progress made in this weekend's Open Beta will NOT be carried over to the full release of the game.

Progress will be wiped between the Open Beta and launch.

For more details on the New World Open Beta, check out the official developer FAQ. For details on Steam's Playtest feature, check out the official Steam website. Let us look forward to entering a new game journey. Once the game starts, New World Coins will also be sold on our website to help you experience the fantasy island better.

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