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New World Professions Guide

New World is a very complex game; it can be hard to know where to start. However, if you are looking for a professions guide, then this is the place for you. This article will cover everything you need to know about professions in the New World, including how they affect your character, what influences them, and how best to level them up. 

The New World Profession system has been extended to seven professions, each with its selectable path and active areas where you can practice your craft. Investigate the new profession areas to learn what it takes to become a master of your chosen profession. 

Crafting has been expanded with seven new professions and an all-new enchanting system. Investigate the new profession areas to learn what it takes to become a master of your chosen profession.

The seven crafting professions introduced into New World are the following:

  • Arcana

  • Engineering

  • Cooking

  • Jewelcrafting

  • Furnishing

  • Weaponsmithing

  • Armoring


Weaponsmithing is one of the three gathering professions. As with all gathering professions, the main objective is to gather materials from nodes and use those materials to craft weapons, armor, jewelry, and other items using a workbench. Players can freely create any type of weapon or armor they want.

Weaponsmithing is a profession where you create weapons and armor from scratch. You'll need to be able to craft the three basic weapons--bows, maces, and axes, as well as shields and bracers. You can also learn different crafting recipes for creating magic items such as runes at the armory. 

An armory is a place where you can create magical weapons and armor. The armory is located in all major cities, such as Orgrimmar or Stormwind. You need to be level 25 and have completed the quest "Gathering Skills" before you can access these crafting skills.

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New World Weaponsmithing


Armoring, also called mail play, is a crafting profession that allows characters to create armor and shields. Armors are made with a combination of specific armorsmithing materials and recipes that players can purchase from their trainers. Armor items can be combined at a Forge. These ingredients help create an item's base stats or other subtotals. 

Armors are crafted from the Forge by combining armorsmithing materials with recipes. These materials can be purchased from a vendor or obtained by salvaging unwanted pieces of armor, weapons, and other items. The recipe for an item determines its name, level requirement, stats, effects, and value in gold. 

Armorsmithing is one of two professions that players can learn. It allows them to create Mail armor, which offers additional protection against physical damage. Characters must be level 30 in order to train in this profession. Players can also get recipes for armor from the Auction House, which can be used to create items with specific stats or bonuses. 

Armorsmithing is a valuable profession for people who want to be able to create high-quality armor and shields. There are many kinds of armorsmithing materials, such as non-metal ones like leather or cloth.

New World Armoring


Engineering is widely considered one of the most complex professions in the New World. Yet, it's key to any guild's success, whether you use engineering as a source of power, a tool for adventure, or simply to increase your standing with your clan.

  • Engineers can quickly build anything from simple traps to complex staircases and bridges. They also craft new machinery for use in dungeons, battlegrounds, and raids. While the engineering profession is complex and in-depth, it can also be advantageous. 

  • You'll find many different types of engineers, each with its unique role and place in the game. In addition to the technical skills of engineering, many engineers also have a keen eye for design. 

  • They can use these skills to make all sorts of valuable items, including weapons, armor, and clothing. Engineers are also experts at creating explosives and gunpowder-based devices, which makes them useful in any battle against supernatural foes. 

  • Engineering is a skill that requires a lot of time and patience. Players who want to level engineering should be prepared for long hours of practice, trial-and-error, and experimentation. The best way to level engineering is by making your items - not just when you start out with the skill but also later on in its development.

New World Engineering


Jewelcrafting is one of the six Professions. Jewelcrafters create and combine gems into magical fashion gems that can aid players' characters in battle, enhance the powers of their pets, and more. 

  • The jewelcrafting profession has several advanced functions that require mastery of Jewelcrafting magic, including Gems that increase stats by a percentage, increase critical strike chance by a percentage, or grant specific abilities.

  • The Jewelcrafting profession has several advanced functions that require mastery of Jewelcrafting magic, including Gems that increase stats by a percentage, increase critical strike chance by a percentage, or grant specific abilities. 

  • Gem cuts are the most basic and essential aspect of Jewelcrafting. Players begin by learning to cut Rough Gems, which can then be combined with other Rough Gems to create Cut Gems. These gems can be used in several recipes to create rings, necklaces, amulets, and more.

New World Jewelcrafting


The Arcane specialty is the first step toward becoming a magic wielder. You'll learn how to wield skills, find machines and items related to Spell crafting, and get access to a wide range of books to improve your magic skills. The Arcane profession encourages players to continuously explore new ways of helping their character grow through casters. While you may have some knowledge about medicine and poisons, it's only after long training that you start learning what real doctoring requires!

New World Arcana


Cooking is a veritable art form. From preparing food to serve at your inn to titillating your fellow players, there's never been a better time to be a chef. Unfortunately, while you can purchase most foods from vendors, some are just too hard to find. 

To start cooking, you'll need some essential items. First up is an item called "cooking supplies": they're pretty cheap and can be bought from any food vendor (or any other vendor that sells similar things). You'll also need a few different types of meat: beef, chicken breast, pork belly, you get the idea. 

New World Cooking


Hopefully, all the new players will be able to benefit from this guide and make the right choice in choosing their professions to level up in the New World. 

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