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New World Protector Arena Guide

Just to the north of the Expedition Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition to the north of Reekwater is where you'll find the Protector Arena. This arena unlocks during the end game and is designed to be completed by a party of five people. You will encounter Avarice, the level 66 titled boss of Angry Earth, as soon as you enter this arena. You will require a tuning orb to enter the Arena, the same as with the other various PvE arenas within New World. When you enter this Arena, your tuning orb would disappear. For the team to enter, only one member of the group has to possess the orb. Keep on reading this New World Protector Arena Guide for additional information on fighting Avarice.

What are Arenas in New World?

Arenas are enigmatic, ancient buildings that the Ancients used to subvert the rules of Aeternum and imprison some of its most formidable inhabitants. A tuning orb is necessary for a player to enter an arena.

New World Arenas

What are Orbs in New World?

Players can create Tuning Orbs, which act as keys to particular battle venues scattered across Aeternum. There are three battlegrounds. Increasing your Stonecutting skill is a prerequisite for acquiring each Tuning Orb recipe. You may create a wider variety of Tuning Orbs the more skilled you become.

Only one member of your party must give up their Tuning Orb when you engage in an action that calls for one. Since each player needs one Tuning Orb, you may theoretically run a particular arena five times, which is why many LFG posters in chat request that you have a Tuning Orb.

Obtaining the Tuning Orb

After clearing the quests that start with ‘On Flora Fuana’, one can get the Protector Tuning Orb. This quest may be obtained through Madilon Langlais inside Reekwater. Once players start the task known as ‘The Eternal Pool’, continue down the questline (Elite). To finish this Quest, you will require a team. A boss by the name ‘The Pride of Trees’, a sizable level-66 Elite Bear, must be eliminated by your party while playing the quest Eternal Pools. While playing the mission, he would drop the Protector's Tuning Orb.

Additionally, Elite AI foes in, Spires of Melpomene, Malevolence, Forecastle Drift, as well as Eternal Pool have a low chance of dropping arena-tuning orbs. The stonecutter profession may also be used to create the Protector Tuning Orb. Players must be at the 50th level or higher stonecutting in order to create the Tuning Orb. One Tier-IV Stonecutting workstation is also required. A limit of five orbs can be created at once. If you make five orbs at once, you must wait seven days before making more.

New World Tuning Orb

Trophies and Consumables to Equip

Avarice is a form of an angry earth mob. To optimize your damage output while battling inside this Arena, the below consumables are advised.

  • Infused Angry Earth Coating

  • Angry Earth Combat Trophy

  • Powerful Honing Stone

If you think you need more damage reduction, you could also use ‘Infused Angry Earth Ward Potions’.


Use weapons that deal slash damage but also fire damage to increase your ability to do damage to something like an Angry Earth mob type. Players may increase the DPS against such a sort of enemy by putting a Ruby in their weapon (except the fire staff).

You may also improve your DPS in this arena by using a weapon which is equipped with the Angry Earth Bane Perk.

Gear to Carry

  • Consider performing the following to increase your damage:

  • Use a weapon with enchanted benefits and angry earth bane.

  • To turn 50% of your damage into a fire, use a ruby gem.

  • To enhance your damage by 15 percent, utilize infused angry earth coating.

  • Depending on the tier of the stone, honing stones can improve your damage by 4–7%.

  • Place an angry earth-fighting trophy in every home you own. Depending on the trophy's tier, each trophy will enhance your damage by three to five percent.

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Boss Fight - Protector Avarice

You'll meet Avarice right away after entering the arena. Around the edges of this arena, luminous white pylons will start to sprout as soon as the battle starts. Avarice will generate many adverts into the ground once each minute. If the advertisements are not eliminated quickly, Avarice will consume the surviving enemies and build up empowerment stacks, boosting his damage output. Before he consumes the adds, you would really like to make absolutely sure you possess quite enough DPS to eliminate them all. He will start one-shotting the group members if he consumes or absorbs a decent amount of the mobs. Eventually, he will, however, lose all of his bonuses from ingesting the ads if you engage a single of the pylons on the arena's other side. In the event that you are unable to clear the adverts, the pylons serve as a safeguard. Use a pylon to remove the bonus if the boss receives up to three to five stacks of empower.

In order to clump together enemies with the Gravity Well ability and enhance effectiveness against the Angry Earth mob type, it is a wonderful idea for your DPS to use a Great Axe in this arena.

New World Boss Fight - Protector Avarice

Boss Mechanics to keep in mind

Once in a while, he will reach inside the earth, take up a giant spike, and throw it at a player in the range. The motion will be simple to detect, and you may simply avoid the spike.

Additionally, the boss would often clap his hands together to call up an enormous spike from within the earth. You should avoid using this power. Additionally, he will pound his hands onto the ground, rupturing them, and doing AOE damage to any players nearby. As soon as this power is set to be used, a cage will appear around Avarice. Ensure that the melee players move out of the AOE's range and the ranged players remain out of it.

In conclusion, again until the boss summons ads, the tank gathers aggro and the DPS deals damage to up to a particular mark. Prior to the boss eating them, make absolutely sure you eliminate all of the adverts. Use the pylon if the boss accumulates too many stacks. To prevent taking a lot of damage, keep DPSing the monster and be mindful of the other harmful mechanics outlined above.

Here are some strategies to help you get the better of the boss:

  • Make careful to destroy the creatures as soon as they respawn because if you don't the boss will gain an empowered buff, which will greatly boost his damage.

  • Avoid the poison clouds since they do a significant amount of damage and it can be tough for your friends to resurrect you if you pass out in the middle of one.

  • Consider burning powerful incense to improve your poison tolerance by 50% if poison starts to be an issue for you.

  • Keep an eye out for deranged strikes; although his ranged strikes are not particularly harmful, it is still preferable to avoid them to prevent any random fatalities that could prevent you from eliminating the tiny mobs quickly enough.


With this, we come to the end of our New World Protector Arena Guide. It is one of the end-game arenas, that players often have problems completing. But after going through this guide you must have received a great idea of what to expect and what can be done to easily defeat the boss.

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