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New World PvE Build Guide

There are various distinct gameplay aspects to consider when partaking in PvE fights in the New World, notably excursions. Each mobster in New World is a member of a mob family. Each mob family is vulnerable to different sorts of injuries. You may also use consumables to increase your damage output and resistance to specific kinds of enemies. As we approach the end game, we also need to think about the perks we have on our gear to get the best resistance and damage output for each mission. You may also place trophies in your home to increase your damage output versus specific opponent kinds.

You may use the information in this article to successfully accomplish expeditions and expedition mutations in the New World. It will cover all of the PvE build guiding principles that you need to be aware of.

Mob Resistances

Each sort of creature in the game is vulnerable to specific types of damage. You should consider the sort of mobs you will be facing and the weapon you will be using when choosing your New World PvE build. An icon will appear next to the damage value when a mob is damaged. The mob is more susceptible to that damage type if there are little arrows above the icon, which also increases your damage output. In this instance, the game's damage text is yellow. You are causing neutral damage to the adversary if the damage text is white, and a critical hit was made to your target if the damage text is orange.

New World

Gem Option

Selecting the right gem for your weapon can also significantly increase the damage you deal to specific opponents. When planning out your PvE build for the New World, keep this in mind. As seen in the above table, several mob families are vulnerable to and immune to various kinds of magic damage.


An elemental gem is the best gem for DPS weapons if there is a 30% or greater discrepancy between the elemental percentage and the weapon percentage. As a result, you should only add an elemental gem to your weapon if it has a neutral damage % against the mob you are currently battling.

The damage formula is the following:

  • (30% – Bonus%)/2 > = 15%

30% – The maximum % bonus any elemental gem will do.

Bonus% – The bonus damage percentage.

You want to divide by two because elemental gems only hide half of your damage.


Selecting the right Gem Option for the tank is quite easy. Players should be looking to use the Cut Pristine Carnelian Gem Option for both of their weapons. 


For the light staff players coud go for the Cut Pristine Diamond and use the basic DPS guide mentioned above to utilize the back bar tool.

Status Effects

You should consider all of the various status effects and their functions while creating the New World PvE build. The most significant debuff you can place on your opponent in PvE is Rend. Rend will lessen your target's ability to absorb damage. It has a 30% cap. Therefore, you can kill your victim considerably more quickly by stacking max amounts of rend on them.

Essential Consumables

There are a number of consumables you should be using in expedition to increase your effectiveness and damage output. Food, coatings, sharpening stones, balms, dust, and potions are some of these consumables. The honing stones, coatings, and attribute food are the most crucial consumables to use. The remaining supplies are advantageous to have on hand but not necessary. Every item comes in various tiers. 

New World Essential Consumables

Consumables are available but you have to earn and spend coins to get to these levels. In New World almost everything can be bought with the New World Coins, except the coin itself. So, where do you get these coins? There are various ways to obtain New World Coins but all of them are time consuming and one of the best way to get them is through our website MMOPixel.

Visit our website MMOPixel to purchase New World Coins. We offer the best service on the web.


You can get trophies for your houses in addition to all the consumables mentioned above. For each unique sort of mob, trophies are available. Trophies may be minor, basic, or major. Any of the three can be mixed together. You might, for instance, have a minor, a basic, and a major in separate homes. Your damage against each sort of enemy is increased by a different proportion depending on the prize.

  • Minor - 3%

  • Basic - 4%

  • Major - 5%

It should be remembered that farming the necessary resources for significant prizes might be extremely expensive.

Best Gear Perks

Preferably, you should aim for particular perks on your gear while configuring your New World PvE build. Remember that best-in-slot products are frequently arbitrary and situational. To enhance your effectiveness on expeditions, you will want to have a few undeniable advantages.

Your armor's perks should include the following and are rather simple:

  • Ward (per specific mob type) 

  • refreshing / refreshing evasion

  • enhancing skills as necessary (depending on build, ex: sundering shockwave)

  • Freedom, vigour, invigorated, elemental aversion, and physical aversion are some further runners up perks.

You should equip your weapon with the proper bane perk for the type of mob you are facing. This is undeniable. The other two advantages of your weapon, however, are arbitrary. Here are a few excellent choices:

  • Rogue

  • Viscous

  • Keenly empowered

  • Thwarting strikes

  • Keenly jagged

  • Mortal empowerment

  • Lifestealing

Obviously, depending on your position within the expedition, these would change. Action MMORPG New World is experiencing a new lease on life after a rather difficult beginning owing to a number of noteworthy upgrades. PVE lovers will enjoy the game just as much if they enjoy a challenge, even though PVP is still one of its strong points. You can swap between two weapons and make some fascinating tactical choices, but you can only lock in a small number of combat skills at once. We'll discuss the top PVE builds in New World here. So, here are our suggestions for best PvE builds in the New World.

New World Gear Perks

Healer build: Void Gauntlet/Life Staff

It just all depends around what you match well with life staff, the healer's go-to weapon, if users desire to take on such position. The void gauntlet can support and enhance your healing efforts while also adding some potent void damage to the mix.

Ideal PVE DPS builds

Although there are many excellent possibilities, we've just provided three. These cover the most of the bases while adhering to some common fantasy cliches, but it will ultimately come down to your preferred play style:

  • Bow/Spear: The spear/bow combination is effective if you choose to play as a ranger type, which is possible in PVE. When enemies get too closely, you may swap to that same spear to clear a path in front of you while the bow pushes out powerful DPS.

  • Ice Gauntlet/Fire Staff: This combination is pretty unbeatable on the traditional mage DPS path. The ice gauntlet regenerates mana while providing potent defence, while the fire staff provides high damage and effective crowd control.

  • Rapier/Musket: A potentially deadly swashbuckling combination, the rapier and the muzzle loader is really only effective against single targets. While the rapier has a good one-on-one defensive ability, both weapons have the capacity to cause enormous harm. To deal with adds, however, you'll need a steady aim and allies.

Sword and Shield/Greatsword tank setup

Since there are so many intriguing DPS alternatives with potent defensive characteristics, tanking is not particularly necessary in New World. However, due to their best-in-class defensive qualities, a sword and shield are a necessity if you want to play that part. When the threat has passed, switch to your greatsword to deal some gradual but incredible damage.


In this article about the New World PvE build we have discussed the ways you can excel in PvE fights. PvE fights are as exciting as the PvP fights and there are various ways such as Gem option to enhance your skills. We have also discussed the best PvE builds of different classes available in the New World game. Hope this article has helped you. We will be updating this article with more information. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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