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New World Siren Arena Guide

The Spire of Melpomene, a luxurious neighbourhood in the northern region of Reekwater, is where you can find the Siren Arena. Just south of the arena, there exists a Fast Travel location. A party of five people is required to accomplish this end-game arena. You will encounter The Siren Queen, a Lost level 66 named boss, when you first enter this arena. Throughout this New World Siren Arena Guide, we'll go over several topics, including how to vanquish the Siren Queen.

New World ReekwaterSwamp

Obtaining the Siren Tuning Orb

By completing the questline that starts with the quest An Expanding Threat, you can get a Siren Tuning Orb. This mission is available from Kinnao Onizuka inside Reekwater. The Queen is Dead is the next mission in the quest line that you will encounter (Elite). For this Elite mission, a team is required. You will need to slay a few of the Lieutenants of the Siren Queen in order to get the tuning orb. The Siren Tuning Orb will be dropped by one of them.

Additionally, Elite AI foes in MalevolenceForecastle DriftSpires of Melpomene, as well as Eternal Pool have a low chance of dropping arena-tuning orbs. The stonecutter profession may also be used to create the Siren Tuning Orb. You need to be at least level 50 in stonecutting to create the Tuning Orb. A tier 4 or above stonecutting table is also required. A limit of five orbs can be created at once. If you make five orbs at once, you must wait seven days before making more.

  • Corrupted Shard x5

  • Requires Stonecutter level 50

  • Lodestone Brick x50

  • Lodestone Brick x50

  • Fancy Shell x5

  • Energy Core x1

One of the Lost mob types is the Siren Queen. To assist you increase your damage output while battling in this Arena, the following consumables are suggested in combination with Health, Regeneration, and Mana Potions.

  • Lost Combat Trophy

  • Infused Lost Coating 

  • Powerful Honing Stone

If you think you'd benefit from more damage reduction, you can also use Infused Lost Ward Potions. While making Tuning Orbs in New World might take a long time, going on expeditions will pay off for the gamers. To speed up the process, enter corrupted breaches as frequently as you can. By creating large quantities of stone blocks, gamers should also rank up their Stonecutter ability as rapidly as feasible.

Weapons to Carry

Use weapons that deliver nature, ice, or striking damage to increase the output of damage for a Lost monster type. You may increase your DPS against such a sort of enemy by inserting an Amber within your weapon (apart from the life staff). You may also improve your DPS inside this arena by using weapons that come with the Lost Bane Perk.

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Boss Guide-The Siren Queen

New World Siren queen

You will first encounter The Siren Queen as you enter the arena. The spears which the Siren Queen shall hurl into the earth will be the primary weapon used in this battle. If you do not eliminate her quickly enough, these spears will ultimately cover the whole arena and deliver AOE damage.

The spears can be taken out of the arena, though. The shimmering orb that the Siren Queen would shoot at the player will vanish if the player pulls it over a spear. This fight may be fought by having your tank push her toward the left side of the arena, where she can be attacked from below by your DPS. You can better control the AOE spears that seem to be present on the battlefield in this manner.

In conclusion, the tank acquires aggro, the DPS deals damage, as well as the Siren Queen fires a flaming spear. Without any of the spears filling the battlefield, you can easily defeat her if your squad has enough DPS. If they use the orbs to scatter the spears while covering the battlefield. DPS the monster like you normally would, and watch out for her melee strikes.

You can take the following actions against her to increase damage:

  • Use a weapon having lost pain and magical perks, and you might also want to use an amber gem to change your damage to natural.

  • Employ the infused lost coating to increase harm by 15%.

  • Depending on the tier of the stone, using honing stones can improve your damage by four to seven percent.

  • Every trophy you place in a house you own will improve your damage by three to five percent, depending on its tier.

Defeating the boss can prove to be difficult at times depending on the build and the weapons you carry. Keeping in mind this, let us now provide you with some advice that will enable you to easily fight the siren queen:

  • If you are a ranged damage dealer, you may occasionally need to avoid your spears since they will linger on the ground and form a circle that should be avoided if you don't want to get hit.

  • Ranger must stay as far away from the tank as possible, and melee players should direct her to toss the spears where they want them to go in order to save your crew from encountering any further difficulties.

  • Avoid wandering lightning balls; they often occur when the Siren Queen has fewer than 50 HP.

  • In general, you won't encounter any challenges in this field provided you maintain your attention and concentration.


You will receive around 200 gold, 60 assets, and citrine gypsum after beating the boss.


With this, we come to the end of our New World Siren Arena Guide. We have covered everything you know there is about this Arena from the Tuning Orb to the Boss Fight. After going through this guide, this Arena will be the least of your trouble.

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