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New World Tank Build and Guide

The sacred trio of character archetypes tank, DPS, and healer can be found in New World, as in most MMOs. You're probably aware of the general gameplay requirements for each class, but to succeed in New World, you'll need to understand the specifics of how every archetype performs. This article will examine the tank in more detail to help you choose the ideal tank build for New World.

Before Beginning

Your optimum loadout for a solid tank build starts with the Sword and Shield weapon combination. However, you must first add a Carnelian Gem to your Sword to employ the taunting perk and some of your other Defender skill tree perks. Now that you should withstand much damage, you should upgrade your Dexterity and Constitution. Tanks are designed to be in the thick of the action and handle the majority of the punishment for other party members may administer punishment.

What exactly is a Tank Build?

Tanks are durable. To remain in combat long after other fighters would have given up, they prioritize durability more than damage, relying on just about any combo of damage mitigation, large HP pools, and health regeneration. As a result, they're difficult to kill.

Tanks are generally primarily team players, despite their considerable solo potential. While practically any game allows you to play solo as a tank, your primary responsibility is to take damage for the squad as a whole. In addition, tanks employ specific skills to attract enemy aggro, making them the sole members of the squad being targeted. As a result, they can take a lot of damage while their weaker but more damage-focused colleagues get on with their jobs thanks to their remarkable durability.

New World Tank

What is the best Tank Build in New World?

The greatest tank build for New World requires the Sword and shield, which shouldn't surprise most players. We'll explain why in more detail and provide some advice on making your Sword and shield most effective for tanking.

The Defender Skill Tree

Unsurprisingly, the Defender skill tree will be the main emphasis of this guide. Although the Swordmaster skill tree has uses, we are not quite aiming for that with our build because it is mainly DPS-focused.

We mentioned that the Defender skill tree is our main focus, but which Defender talents do you desire for this build? The quickest response consists of all of them. Starting with the 3 major active skills is the slightly longer but still concise response. After that, it depends, is the lengthy response.

Shield Rush

The very first active skill on the Defender tree is shield rush. It is on the first row of skills, so if you choose, you can buy it with your first skill point. Although all the remaining skills are excellent, a fully upgraded Shield Rush stands out as a tanking skill. You advance 5 meters with the base skill, stagger any enemies in your path, and drive them back. It also grants you Grit, a status effect that lessens stagger, and deals 125% weapon damage. All of this for a cooldown duration of 19.6 seconds!

Shield Bash

The next active skill within the Defender tree is Shield Bash, which is available for purchase in the second row. Shield Bash is mainly just a better variant of Shield Rush to become a full tank.

Shield Bash stuns or staggers opponents for two seconds and does 50% weapon damage. In addition to the Taunt Gem Compatible capability, which we'll discuss later in the Equipment section, it possesses a similar Grit ability to Shield Rush. For a 24.5-second cooldown, all this.

Shield Bash is a great tank move right from the start because a strong stun is a mainstay of any tank's toolkit. Although it has a long cooldown, it can be helpful during a boss battle because it stuns the opposition. And yes, the damage is negligible compared to Shield Rush, but remember that the tank's primary duty is to the tank. Of course, you must deal your fair portion of damage, but let the DPS handle the actual damage.

Defiant Stance

The next active skill inside the Defender skill tree, Defiant Stance, is well worth waiting for. It's your strongest tank talent if stuns weren't so important in boss fights. The normal Grit package, the Taunt Gem Compatible ability, as well as a 30% reduction in damage from attackers are all included in this 8-second skill. A massive 44.2s cooldown is required, but it is a tiny price to pay.

Passive Skills

Sturdy Grip in the initial row and the High Grip within the second row are the two outstanding passive abilities. I advise prioritizing first out of all the wonderful passive skills inside this Defender tree for the build. Each saves 15% of the stamina required to defend against melee and ranged attacks.

New World Tank Skills

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The Swordmaster Skill Tree

First, consider replacing Shield Rush and possibly Shield Bash with better damage-dealing Swordmaster skills if you want to utilize this build mostly in solo play (since each weapon will possess only 3 active abilities at once). We want to emphasize a few passive skills, even for a pure tank with a passing interest in damage.

  • Second-row talent "Freeing Justice" will remove one debuff from you if you land a powerful blow. Debuffs can be unpleasant; therefore, this skill may be useful.


  • A successful block from a third-row skill called Counterattack gives you a 3% powered buff that lasts for 5 seconds and can stack a maximum of five times. Again, you don't worry about damage in this build, but you still have to deal with it. The accidental bonus can be useful because blocking is something you'll be doing anyway.

Other Tips and Tricks

Let's go over a few pointers to assist you in deciding how to customize your tank build in New World now that we've discussed the fundamentals of tanking and how to specify your skill trees.


Sword proficiency mostly depends on Strength and Dexterity. We suggest ignoring Dex and concentrating on Strength and Constitution for the tank build. Swords "of the knight" should be prioritized because they will improve both attributes.


You should obtain the most powerful, heaviest armor for this construct. Increase both your physical and elemental armor ratings. Steel and iron plate armor will be your most excellent option at beginner to intermediate levels. If you can, purchasing armor with "of the knight" in the name is best because it will boost your Strength and Constitution.

Hidden Gems

Recall the earlier mention of the Taunt Gem Compatible talent? In New World, higher quality armor and weaponry feature gem spaces for extra perks that can be equipped. Both Shield Bash and Defiant Stance will result in a taunt if you have a Carnelian gem on your weapon. This taunt has an 8-meter range and lasts for 6 seconds. Your threat level can rise to 300% due to the taunt. You should be aware that adding a Carnelian gem to your armor decreases your threat. That is not what we desire.


Your closest ally when using the Sword and shield tank build is blocking. Shield blocking requires holding down the right mouse button. Of course, blocking prevents you from using your Sword to attack, but it also prevents you from being injured. Instead, your stamina suffers harm. Your block is disrupted, and you receive additional damage if the damage of an attack is more than your stamina at the moment. The mentioned Sturdy Grip and High Grip are helpful in this situation. You'll be blocking all the time, after all.

Focus on Timing

To tank well, you must time the blocks to coincide with enemy strikes to increase the number of strikes you can provide and minimize the damage you absorb. Fighting more than one foe at once should be avoided because your shield can only stop things that are in front of it. You must also learn how to time the Shield Bash to shock bosses at key points during boss battles. Learning specific enemy attack patterns and practicing with them are the only ways to perfect your timing.

New World Tank Weapons

Weapons to use with the Sword and Shield

The Great Axe

An obnoxious frontline is created when the Sword and Shield and Great Axe are combined. When they observe a tank concentrating on more hazardous foes, enemies tend to avoid targeting them. This gear ensures that hostiles can't ignore you because of its durability and the Great Axe's powerful damage.

The Warhammer

Enemies will be irritated by a tank with excellent crowd management during team battles. You can switch to the Warhammer and unleash punishing CC attacks while you're not taking damage to aid your teammates in fighting more effectively.

The Hatchet

You would normally utilize something like this for PvE. However, during an expedition or any piece of content other than PvP, having the role of a tank assigned to you can get tedious because New World isn't your usual MMO. When used in conjunction with the Hatchet, you are guaranteed to be able to harm when not defending your teammates. For those who want to play solo, this is a great arrangement.


You now have it. You now have the right build if you intend to game using only the tank, the tank, and the tank. We wish you luck, and may your team never lose! We hope our guide on the perfect tank build for New World was helpful.

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