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New World Town Projects Guide

New World is an open-world MMO developed by Amazon Game Studios. Since being an MMO, there are various aspects of guilds and territory management. New World does this by utilizing a feature called Town Projects.

Town Projects are part of a set of quests that focus on upgrading sections of a settlement. These quests help develop the settlement and its characteristics. We will talk about it in detail in our guide.

Introduction – What is a settlement?

As mentioned, Town Projects help make the quality of your settlement better. 

First of all, what is a settlement? As defined by the game, a settlement is where players of the same faction can live, trade, and support one another, equivalent to a real-life civilization. If a player dies in one of their adventures, this settlement will act as a safe respawn point for them.

You can start a settlement using one of two ways. The first method is simply finding unclaimed land and claiming it as your own by paying a small fee. The other method is a more violent one, which involves starting a war with the current settlers of the settlement. Irrespective of the method, starting a settlement makes you the governor of said settlement. This is a very arduous task, so you can appoint Consuls who aid you in running a settlement.

Why are town Projects important?

Town projects are crucial in maintaining and developing the living standards of the players residing in said settlement. Therefore, you can perform three main upgrades: Fort, settlement, and lifestyle. Each upgrade improves a particular aspect of the settlement, and treating these upgrades equally is recommended as all are important. 

Town projects grant XP and coins and require you to perform a quest. This quest can be selected from the Town Project Board, and completion contributes to the town project. These quests are very similar to real-life development, where you usually acquire materials for the settlement. Some example quests are – forging and delivering armor, potions, rations, etc.

If you think the materials the game demands from you in Town Project quests are quite hard to come by, it's usually recommended to wait for the Town Board quests to refresh and hopefully get something easy to get by.

New World Town Projects

Settlement Upgrades

Town Projects can only be signed off by a governor or one of his appointed consuls. Completing these quests grants XP and Gold and helps upgrade the town. There are three main upgrades, and they are as follows 

Upgrade Settlement: This settlement upgrade focuses on strengthening the crafting stations, which helps upgrade your gear. Some of the crafting stations that will be upgraded are – Arcane Repository, Smelter, Tannery, Woodshop, etc. Doing this settlement upgrade will also change the tier of your settlement, which starts at Tier 1 (Hamlet) and goes all the way to Tier 5 (Capitol).

Upgrade Fort: This settlement upgrade focuses on upgrading the weaponry of your settlement, making it well-equipped for wartime. Upgrading this section helps in the overall defense and safety of your residents. This is done by upgrading your 'fort,' your main source of attack and defense in war. With enough upgrades, the governor can deploy more emplacements too. Emplacements are weapons you can place on the battlefield. Some town projects in this domain include – Ballista, Explosive, Gates, Emplacement Points, etc. The highest tier for this weaponry is 3. This upgrade also changes the tier of your settlement, starting at Tier 1 (Fort) and progressing to Tier 5 (Citadel).

Upgrade Lifestyle: This settlement upgrade is unique, as it is time-gated, i.e., not permanent. However, every resident will receive benefits if this upgrade. There are 12 such buffs, and each caters to a different crowd. The buffs are as follows – 

Crafting buff: Increasing your item quality, you can now craft higher-tier items. The buffs are – Armorer's Inspiration (Armoring Gear Score), Arcanist's Wisdom (Arcanist Gear Score), Chef's Passion (Additional Meals), and Weaponsmith's Temperament (Weapon smithing Gear score), and engineer's patience (Engineer gear score).

Combat Buff: Increasing your base stats about combat helps you in adventuring. The buffs are – Arcane Blessing (Increased Corrupted damage absorption), Hale and Hearty (Increased HP), and Stalwart (Increased defense recovery). These buffs are quite powerful and are recommended when you go adventuring.

Gathering Buffs: You can get more resources from select tasks with these buffs. The buffs are – Farmer's Harvest (Increased Harvesting yield), Hunter's Bounty (Increased Skinning yield), Lumberjack's Spirit (Increased logging yield), and Miner's Resolve (Increased Mining Yield). When grinding for new items, this buff is especially powerful.

These buffs only last for 72 hours, so utilize them wisely. When grinding for something harder to acquire, it's recommended that you activate this buff to make your gameplay and time more efficient. It is also important to note that this settlement upgrade only helps those who have a property in that particular settlement, so if you find that you aren't receiving the buff, that is probably why!

This is an MMORPG, which means that players help one another. For example, if you belong to a settlement, you can help one another and ask for items that you require. They will set up a sales order on the trading post, which you can use and buy items from them. This is great if you don't have time to grind for items and just want to craft your required items.

However, you do need New World coins to buy from them. It sure would be annoying if you wanted to buy items and simply didn't have the coins. Fortunately, an easy fix for this is acquiring New World coins in exchange for real-life money!

If you need them, you can click on our website MMOPixel to buy New World Coins. We provide the best service.

New World Town Projects Gameplay

Town Projects, great for levelling up?

If you are an avid gamer and want to level up as fast as possible, with all your skills at high levels. Town Projects might be one option to consider. You can get huge amounts of XP and gold simultaneously to complete Town Project quests.

One important note is that the town board missions are linked to your refining levels. Therefore, upgrading your refining skills to 50 or 100 can enable you to get higher XP rewards. For example, reaching level 150 in weaving while having a mission to deliver silk is practically free XP for you.

Many players also keep doing town boards to level up armor and weapon smithing while also providing them with storage. This method is quite cheap too.


Town Projects are a fine addition to this game, simulating a real-life civilization with aspects of war, people, and resource management. It's quite fun, too, and as you watch your small settlement grow larger and larger with your questing, you feel a sense of gratification that your efforts have paid off. This guide has taught you all about Town Projects, and we hope to see you next to the town board, deciding which quest to tackle!

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