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New World Twitch Drops Guide

The latest content Brimstone Sands was added with the new patch, and with new content came Amazon's decision to start dispensing Twitch drops in New World. Knowing that Amazon controls both New World as well as Twitch, this is naturally expected. For instance, you can now claim your Fallen Spirit Apparel Skin through Twitch drops, and we're here to provide you with all the information you would require regarding acquiring similar rewards.

For its promotional partnership with Twitch, New World will provide a weapon skin set called the Vinespun Weapon Skin Set. The set includes fashionable weapons such as a shield, musket, axe, bow, life staff, and axe. Viewers must continue to follow the Twitch channels taking part in the New World Twitch event in order to obtain all of the weapons. Players can advance only one award at a time, so keep that in mind. To find out how to obtain Twitch Drops in New World, keep reading.

What are Twitch Drops?

Twitch Drops are quite a fun way to earn in-game items just for tuning in to your favorite Twitch channels! Logging onto your Twitch account, setting your profile to Online, and achieving the Drop objective is all you need to do to qualify for Drops. Directly access your Twitch & Steam accounts after you have earned and claimed the prizes to obtain them in-game.

What streams to watch and how do you get rewarded?

Every broadcast within the New World category with Drops enabled contributes to your objective. This implies that you may watch a variety of channels that are giving the Drop. When enabled, a Drops status overlay may usually be located near the top of the chat window.

How is a player rewarded?

You may "Claim" the Drop after earning it on Twitch by doing so in the Chat window or your Drops Inventory. To obtain the goodies in-game after claiming, players must connect their Twitch account and New World Steam accounts.

How to link your New World and Twitch accounts?

You may earn your Twitch Drops by linking both New World & Twitch accounts by visiting the Twitch Drops webpage just on New World website and following the instructions there. When asked, log in on this page using both your Twitch and New World usernames and passwords, then choose the option to enable Twitch Drops within New World to link the two accounts.

Some Past Drops

Check your Drops inventory to see if you still have any unused Drops from earlier campaigns. You can click the "Claim Now" button on any drops that are already available to complete the transaction.

  • Golden Rage: Clothing material This gold and sparkling avatar of wrath rises from the molten forges of Great Cleave. was only obtainable during Closed Beta.

  • Verdant Trapper: Skin of clothing. The trapper blends in with their environment when covered inside the furs of the forest. It was only accessible on August 25, 2021's Gamescom broadcast.

  • A useful outfit of fishing clothing with a royal violet accent is called The Royal Fisher- Apparel Skin. from November 18 to November 30, 2021, was accessible.

  • Player set including business crest, coats, cloaks, and weapons inspired by The Wheel of Time. From December 23, 2021, to January 12, 2022, it was accessible.

  • The flame of your passion glows brightly within you, The Indigo Flame, Helmet Skin. was offered from March 9 to March 29, 2022.

  • The armor, weapon skin, and Crimson Plague & Edge Set- This personalized Armor & Weapon Skin Set was created by Shroud with his viewers live and is provided to you via Adobe Creative Cloud. was accessible from March31 through April25, 2022.

  • 14 Various Weapon Skins in the Vinespun Weapon Skin Set. You earn more money the more you watch. Between September 28 through October 11, 2021, this Drop was accessible. Players may fill their armory with the entire set by watching Battle for New World on Twitch for a total of 10 hours: Among the skins are Gaia Disc (Round Shield Skin), Garden Wall (Tower Shield Skin), Vinespin (Bow Skin), Lavender Blosson (Kite Shield Skin), Floral Flourish (Rapier Skin), Hoarfrost Hand (Ice Gauntlet), Gloomshot (Musket Skin), Raven's Revenge (Fire Staff Skin), Pearlescence (Life Staff Skin), Greengrip (Great Axe Skin (War Hammer Skin).

  • Combatant's Supply Chest and the Devs vs. Creators PvP Chest- Azoth Salt Vials, PvP gear, Endurance Potions, Health Pots, Gemstone Dust, Homing Stones, as well as Oakflesh Balms are among the goods in this assortment that might improve your PvP experience. was accessible from May 26 through June 6 of 2022.

  • Apparel skin through Azure Plains- A blue image of the future within gingham borders. It was accessible from June 23 until July 13, 2022.

  • Summer Special Stash and Reward Chest. A selection of memorabilia honoring the Summer Medleyfaire, comprising musical instruments, a fishing pole, and tokens for outdoor activities. was accessible from July 15 through August 8 of 2022.

  • Scoundrel's fancy Apparel, clothing skin- It could be accessed from August 9 until September 5, 2022.

  • Armor Skin from Death's Beckoning- Players could access it between September 22 through October 13, 2022.

You could always use real money to get some New World Gold if you want to perform some in-game transactions and get the specific resources, weapons, or armor more quickly.

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The Return to Aeturnum event

A number of content producers and communities are competing against one another for prizes, skins, and other great items that will be available during the event. There is more to Return to Aeternum than merely a speedrun. Challenges include everything from PvP activities to boss kills in PvE quests. Each team will now have 8 objectives to achieve and must complete any 6 of them in order to level up. Everyone will essentially start on new start servers that they'll have set up for such events on November 2nd. This friendly tournament will go on until either all teams achieve level 5 or the allotted amount of time expires.

They will advance to the following set of tasks and unlock the following twitch drop once they have finished the eight objectives.

New World Twitch Drops Guide

Twitch Drop Race

Four teams of streamers are required to fulfill specific objectives during their streams. The newest Twitch Drops level won't be accessible until the teams have finished a mission. You cannot dust it as a viewer before that. The streamer squads in New World will be tasked with the responsibilities listed below, among others:

  • 20,000 Starmetal Veins must be mined.

  • Takedown 25,000 mature trees.

  • 100 Town Projects must be finished.

  • 10,000 player vs player fatalities.

  • Achieved 3,000 Level-10 Weapon Masteries.

  • Catch 5,000 fillets of tender fish.

  • 325,000 achievements in territory exploration.

  • 500 times completion of Starstone Barrows.

The Desert Traveler's Set is the initial twitch drop that everyone will begin with. As they try to accomplish those goals, you would be able to see and earn that set. After completing those eight objectives, they will move on to the Studded Warrior Apparel Set, repeat the process of completing the objectives there, and then they will advance to the Baalphazu's Hideaway Camp Set. They will then complete those eight tasks, exactly like the others, to advance to the fourth set—the Lone Gladiator Apparel Set—which is the final set. Fresh Start debuted on November 2 and was available until November 18.

Desert Traveler’s Set

  • 1 Crate

  • 4 Weapons of Mars

  • Musket

  • Round shield

  • Ice gloves

  • Rapier

Studded Warrior Apparel Set

  • Studded Warrior Apparel Skin

  • 4 Weapons of Mars

  • Spear

  • Blunderbuss

  • Sword

  • Void Gloves

Baalphazu’s Hideaway Camp Set

  • Baalphazu’s Hideaway Skin

  • 5 Weapons of Mars

  • Axe

  • Warhammer

  • Bow

  • Fire Staff

  • Dragon Shield

Lone Gladiator Apparel Set

  • Lone Gladiator Skin

  • 4 Weapons of Mars

  • Great Axe

  • Staff of Life

  • Tower Shield

  • Greatsword

Wheel of Time Player Set

You will be able to obtain several themed skins as well as accessories through Twitch Drops during the crossover event involving New World as well as Wheel of Time, which runs from December 23 to January 12, 2022.

Wheel of Time, a recently released fantasy TV series created by Amazon Studios, was almost destined to crossover with Amazon's original fantasy MMO. For usage with your New World avatar, you can acquire the given Wheel of Time-themed goods during the event:

  • Tam's Blade (weapon skin)

  • Egwene's Cloak (torso armor skin)

  • Children of the Light Cloak (torso armor skin)

  • Ouroboros Crest (decal)

  • Nynaeve's Coat (torso armor skin)

  • Shadowspawn Blade (weapon skin)

  • Red Aja Cloak (torso armor skin)


So as you can see, there is a lot that streamers need to do before they can access all of the Twitch drops in New World. The actions listed above, by the way, only count toward the second phase of the dropping campaign. The first stage has already been finished, and there will be a total of three more after the second. This concludes the New World Twitch Drops Guide and it covers almost everything you need to know about the latest introduction to the New World Universe.

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