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New World War PvP Mode Guide

In New World, wars make up a sizable portion of the endgame content. The different parts of the battlefield are either on the offensive or defensive during these massive, 50v50 pitched battles.

Despite being proclaimed by only a single Company against the Company that controls the land, these conflicts are fought by two groups. Let's go into the technicalities of declaring war and discuss how the entire process functions for the participants. We cover the various aspects of the PvP Wars in New World.

New World PvP wars

How to begin a War?

You must have finished enough PvP tasks to put the area into a war state before you may declare war.

These PvP tasks take some effort. For instance, one of the objectives in Cutlass Keys calls for you to sprint the whole length of the area and return.

Throughout these missions, PvP flagging is required. Running as a powerful zerg is a smart move. Your influence points are lost and the PvP quest is immediately aborted if you pass away. The players' completion of PvP missions increases the effect of the overall war. A Company may declare war if it strikes every target within enemy territory.

Key Points to remember:

  • The Company that had at least 10% of its members complete the PvP missions submitted will compete to become the "Vanguard," or the group that gets to decide who fights whom.

  • The largest companies frequently control the declaration of war for significant regions, which causes certain problems. These wars might not be accessible to many gamers.

  • Any Company can, however, declare on any region, and they get to decide who fights where.

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How to be a part of a War?

At the war board in the area of battle, you can register to join a war. Although it puts your name on the list to be chosen by the war leader, or Vanguard company, this does not guarantee you a spot in the battle. If you are chosen, a pop-up message will let you know, and you'll be put in a group with other participants.

Strategy to Follow

Offense and defense will be the two aspects of this concise strategy guide. This article will cover the greatest war builds, and 3the finest purchases, as well as general hints, tips, and strategies because the meta has undoubtedly solidified during the initial month of New World.

Offensive War Strategy

New World PvP Offensive War Strategy

For offensive engagements, the meta is continuously evolving. Attacking is difficult. At all times, you'll encounter some terrible chokepoints when you leave the fort if you're not careful. Outside the fort, Ice Gauntlet or Fire Staff users fling down a tonne of AoE, while Muskets ping players from the walls. It may quickly go south.

  • Your whole army will ultimately become a "meat grinder" if you focus all of your efforts on one capture site. Tanks collide, AoE fills the screen, and you can't go further because the game may occasionally collapse.

  • The greatest tactic is good communication as well as a divided offense. A smart technique to test defenses is to launch an assault at each of the three places at the beginning of the conflict.

  • Users of the great axe or hatchet should flank and take out the weak backline. Mage AoE tanks should concentrate just on capture points. To maintain the health of the frontline, healers are essential.

  • It makes sense to take both A but also C initially. The central capture point, B, is basically pinched.

It's critical to be adaptable. Really, you need a good shot-caller or commander. Expect to see skilled businesses use several small units rather than a thoughtless zerg army as the meta develops. Expect many changes over time because wars make up a major portion of the game.

Keep this in Mind!

During this first stage, the battlefield might be affected by siege weaponry. To add further support, cannons as well as repeaters can be positioned over flags. Mines may be used to block off the adversary as well. Along with Haste potions, these should be routinely purchased because they are inexpensive. The armory in your deployment fort is where you may buy them.

Entering the Fort

You'll be inside the fort if your attack is successful. Rotations along the walls should be avoided. You must protect your weak DPS guys. A grind is when you go up against the fort. AoE mayhem reigns at the entrances.

It is important to enter the fort. Whatever you do, do not however crowd through the front door; there are other doors to go through.

Typically, siege weaponry is positioned directly in front of the gateways in an effort to shatter them. Defenders may also pour boiling oil, so be on the lookout for that. The best method of entry is through powder kegs.

The greatest strategy for holding the fort is to split, micro-forces once more. It is a good idea to divide up in order to gain height around the fort.

Defensive War Strategy

New World Defensive War Strategy

Attack defense is significantly simpler and is often thought to be a lot easier than attack defense. Instead of approaching the game with any actual strategy, it's more of an art of reacting to what the opponent is doing. The most crucial element of conducting a good defense.

Builds for a great Defense!

  • Tank: A powerful frontline weapon. Includes weapons like Great Axe, and War Hammer.  Individuals will be pinned on the bottom for literally minutes thanks to Gravity Well as well as CC of the War Hammer.

  • Mage: Ice Gauntlet and Fire Staff. In the current meta of the game, is there actually any other choice?

  • Bow or musket with a weapon like the rapier or hatchet for ranged DPS.  Take a bow or a musket if you prefer. Putting out raw harm is your responsibility.

  • Frontline attack and flanker with the Great Axe/Hatchet. designed to kite opponents and eliminate weak ranged troops and mages. One of the greatest in the game is the Great Axe's Gravity Well ability.

Tips to keep in mind


Don't forget to pack your travel rations in addition to potions for health, mana, and rejuvenation. These restore a specific quantity of health right away and keep restoring a minor amount of health over the course of 20 minutes. The initial effect ceases when you take damage, so they won't save you from dying if the opponent is hammering on you, but if you can line up the opponent player for a few seconds behind a wall or building, it may make a huge difference.

Weapon Animations

Although it may seem apparent, you should become proficient in mobility techniques and grasp the timing of various weapon assaults. Understanding how well a player would attack provides you an advantage over someone who has simply acquired their own talent, in addition to knowing your own techniques.

Go Prone

Your character becomes prone when you press "Z", which is ideal for creeping unnoticed. The fact that only players who are practically on top of you will see your nameplate makes it quite practical.

You may have observed that regardless of the weight of your armor, your character stops moving briefly after dodging. By sheathing the weapon or selecting a different weapon immediately after the dodge motion, you may completely prevent this.


This concludes our New World War PvP Mode Guide. The game of territory control in the MMO relies heavily on the conflicts in New World. PvP seems far more integrated, with an interesting player-led fight happening throughout the planet. The PvE layer is the basic minimum of what you might expect—a checkbox that's been ticked—but PvE is just the minimum necessary of what you'd expect. 

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