Season 6 of ArcheAge Unchained’s ArchePass arrives on November 12


Gamigo is excited to announce the upcoming release of the newest update Rise of Nehliya for ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained on November 12. Daring adventurers can look forward to new quests in the previously unexplored area Mysthrane Gorge, a brand-new farmhand system and many additional new features and enhancements.

Mysthrane Gorge is located close to the western Hiram Mountains and can be explored by all players. There they can also participate in the exhilarating Risopoda Hunt to collect precious rewards and delve into a new PvE siege afterwards to prove their might against a menacing new boss - Nehliya.

To lighten the load, eager potato planters and farmers of all kinds will be able to use the novel farmhand system to assign a pet as their helper to manage their fields. Players might want to make use of their newfound spare time and spend it away from their farm to explore the vast continents of Erenor and their diverse inhabitants.

Here’s what you need to know:

As part of this ArchePass, the weekly mission limit has been increased to now include 20 missions. The post claims that this will provide you more time to complete the pass within the pass time period. Keep in mind, this pass is available until January 14 next year.

It also looks like the distribution of Diligence Coins and Bound Labor Rechargers has changed. The basic path now holds 350 Diligence Coins compared to 150 previously. Additionally, it will hold 25 Bound Labor Rechargers compared to 20 previously. The premium path, meanwhile, will hold 150 Diligence Coins and 25 Bound Labor Rechargers, respectively.

Rewards are plentiful and include the following for the first 10 levels. Keep in mind, there are the 20 levels before you upgrade your pass to premium. If you decide to upgrade, there will be additional rewards available:

Level 1: Gilda Star x30Level 2: Bound Hereafter Stone x50Level 3: Honorable Potion Crate Rank 4 x1Level 4: Solar Temper x10Level 5: Honorable Potion Crate Rank 4 x1Level 6: Diligence Coin x100Level 7: Honorable Potion Crate Rank 4 x1Level 8: Bound Labor Recharger x10Level 9: Radiant Infusion Supply Kit x30Level 10: Gilda Star x50.