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Shadowmoon Market Lost Ark – Island Token Guide

Shadowmoon Market Island is an end-game island where you can acquire Shadowmoon Market Island Token. As you probably know, Island Tokens aren’t worth much alone, but when you have plenty of them, they can be redeemed for attractive rewards. Here, you will find quests, Island Souls, Mokoko Seeds, and a particular Island Token. 

The island is always open and accessible, but there are some time-locked elements we will tell you about. In this Shadowmoon Market Island Token Guide, we’ll cover everything you can find on the island, including its Island Soul, Giant’s Heart, and Mokoko Seeds.

Shadowmoon Market Island Requirements and Rewards

Since Shadowmoon Market Island is an end-game area, you’ll have to meet plenty of requirements for its Island Token quest. 

  • Item Level 802.

  • 5x completed Achievements.

  • 5x Una’s Task: Super Secret Materials for Super Secret Project.

  • Completed Shadowmoon Dance cooperative quest.

Island Rewards

  • Shadowmoon Market Island Token

  • 12th Giant’s Heart

  • Luxurious Wealth Chest

  • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch – x36

  • Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) – x9

  • Legendary - Uncommon Card Pack – x24

  • Epic Rapport Chest – x18

  • Creation Fragment – x30

  • Gold – x300

Shadowmoon Market Island Location

Shadowmoon Market Island location

Shadowmoon Island is located in the North Vern Sea, near the left-center of the world map, between the old continent and Shushire. It’s just below Monte Island and east of one of the Ghost Ships. Simply hug the continent's western side, and you’ll eventually stumble upon it. Look at the map above if you’re having trouble finding it.

Lost Ark Shadowmoon Market Island Token: How to Get

As we said above, you must meet some criteria before taking your hands on the Island Token. You’ll have to complete a series of quests, one cooperative quest, five achievements, and one of Una’s Tasks five times. It’s quite a lot of things to do, but with our guide, you’ll know what to do. 

Disclaimer: You must finish every island quest to obtain the Shadowmoon Market Island Soul and the Giant’s Heart. Island Token requires only a few of these.

Shadowmoon Market Quests

Quest Giver

Quest Name

Peddler Mitchell

“Follow the Footsteps, Follow the Moonlight”

Moon Squirrel

“Those Who Visited Shadowmoon”


“Pleiades Magick Store”


“Shadowmoon Bookstore”

Bookstore Owner Open

“Bookbound Memory”


“Water, Flowing Backwards”


“Shining Memories, Forever”


“Beyond the Moonlight, Far Away”

Semi Who Lost Sleep

“Find The Sleep Thief”

Mysterious Shape

“Got You, Sleep Thief!”

Alchemist Rachel

“Alchemist Lychel’s Sneaking Ambition”


“Rohendel and Vern”


“With a Light Heart”

Lost Ark Shadowmoon Market Island Token is a reward for completing the quest “With a Light Heart.” However, you’ll have to complete several quests before it becomes available. One of those quests is Shadowmoon Dance.

Shadowmoon Dance

Join a party with other players to complete Shadowmoon Dance faster

Shadowmoon Dance is a cooperative quest that respawns every 30 minutes upon completion or failure. The quest requires you to show four emotes to complete it.

  • Cheer – x10

  • Applause – x10

  • Dance – 3x

  • Pray – 3x

If you’re stubborn enough, it’s possible to complete it by yourself, but you have to chain everything perfectly, and even then, you’ll barely finish it in a given time. Thus, I advise taking someone with you so you’ll both complete it without much hassle.

Rest of the Quests

"Thank you, Chipmunk" quest location

Apart from Shadowmoon Dance, there are three other quests you’ll have to complete:

  • “Thank you, Chipmunk”

  • “Click! Lights and Camera”

  • 5x Completed Super-Secret Materials.

In the “Click! Lights and Camera” quest, you’ll have to take 30 pictures of the Golden Spirit and 100 pictures of the Red, Blue, and Green Spirits. Taking pictures will take you quite some time, so you don't have to take them all immediately. This way, you’ll unlock four achievements, and completing the four-part Hidden Story earns you the fifth achievement.

After completing all these quests, you’ll unlock Shadowmoon Market Island Token.

Four Mokoko Seeds Location

Eastern side of the island, near the Shadowmoon Bookstore. Go towards the building entrance and turn left towards the stack of books.

First Mokoko Seed location

Northside of the island, in the abandoned hut. Head to the bottom-right corner, and you’ll see the Mokoko Seed.

Second Mokoko Seed location

In the Food Merchant building. After entering it, go left towards the NPCs playing cards at a table. You’ll find Mokoko Seed hidden behind a pillar near two bottles. 

Third Mokoko Seed location

In the map's southern part, the mandrake spawning location. You’ll find it at the bottom of the location.   

Fourth Mokoko Seed location

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I'm This Area's Pathfinder

➜ Take pictures of 30 Golden Spirits

➜ Title: Photographer (Charisma +2)

Red Candy

➜ Take pictures of 100 red spirits

Blue Candy

➜ Take pictures of 100 blue spirits

Green Candy

➜ Take pictures of 100 green spirits

A Bird Hears The Words of the Day, The Mice Hear The Words of the Night

➜ Complete the 4 part Hidden Story  

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