Some lingering issues after Patch 3.12.3


Patch notes for Path of Exile’s latest patch 3.12.3 are here, and bring about several improvements and fixes for their ongoing Heist League.

A host of improvements are included in this patch from increasing XP from monsters, improved rewards, and more.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of what’s coming with this patch:
Enabled questlines that lead towards The Twins and the Nashta, The Usurper Heist boss encounters.
Significantly increased the likelihood of obtaining Unique Contracts from Smuggler's Caches.
Reduced the maximum length of a Heist in higher-level areas. The number of Reward Rooms remains unchanged.
Reduced the number of Heist Job Doors along the path to the primary objective in Heists.
Moved some of the more valuable main-path chest rewards to Reward Room Chests.
Improved the rewards of Generic, Talisman, Metamorph and Harbinger Reward Room Chests.
Dropped Talismans in level 68+ areas now drop with higher-tier modifiers on average and with a random Anointed Notable.
Many Reward Room Chests can now drop their respective Scarabs.
Updated the minimap icon used for Generic Rewards to more closely reflect the random assortment of possible rewards.
Significantly increased the amount of experience that Heist monsters grant when killed.

The latest pair of hotfixes address a few lingering issues which weren’t quite addressed in their last full patch, Patch 3.12.3. The hotfix for patch 3.12.3 addresses:
Fixed an issue that prevented the "Defeat Heist Bosses Conditionally" challenge from being completed.
Fixed an instance crash that could occur when using the Flesh and Stone Aura.
Fixed an instance crash caused by the Monstrous Treasure prophecy in certain areas.
Fixed an instance crash that could occur when you had the Necromantic Aegis keystone passive allocated.

There was another patch deployed, but this one is considered “restartless” as it was deployed server-side. This patch 3.12.3b is smaller, but still addresses a couple of issues including:
Fixed a common client crash related to audio events.
Fixed a common client crash that could occur in Heist areas

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