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Star Citizen - Basic Controls and MobiGlas Guide

This is an article for mobiGlas and Control guide of the Star Citizen game. Those just starting the game might get confused with the controls, and some might not even know a few control options. Talking about the mobiGlas app, this app can do more than just keep records of your missions. That's what we will be discussing in this article about mobilGlas and control guide. Let's begin with the controls of the game.

Star Citizen Gameplay

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Star Citizen Controls

Controlling your Character 

Movement and Interaction


Getting out of bed


Moving Forwards, Backwards, Left and Right respectively

W, S, A, D




Left Shift

Lean Left and Lean Right

Q and E

Flying Forward (in zero gravity)


Flying Backward (in zero gravity)


Strafing Left (in zero gravity)


Strafing Right (in zero gravity)


Rolling Left (in zero gravity)


Rolling Right (in zero gravity)


To interact – executing default action to interact with an object


Equip Sidearm


Equip Primary Weapon


Equip Secondary Weapon


Equip Gadget


Equip Melee


Unarmed Combat


Holster Weapon/Utility

R Hold

Equip Grenade


Equip Medpen


Controls for interacting with mobiGlas

To use mobiGlas (a wristband app), you can press F1 and use F11 to see the Contacts.

Star Citizen Basic Controls

Controlling your Ship 

Flight Ready


Throttle Up


Throttle Down


Strafe Left


Strafe Right



Left shift

Space Brake


Roll Left


Roll Right


To turn on/off the power


To turn on/off the engine


To exit the bed/seat


Using Auto-landing option

N + hold

Cruise Control


To turn on/off Flight assist option


To look around


Firing Group 1 weapon / Launch missile(s)

Left mouse button

Firing Group 2 weapon / Cycle missile type

Right mouse button

Cycle gimbal assist


Missile Operator Mode

Middle mouse button (Toggle)

Increase Number of Armed Missiles


Reset Number of Armed Missiles

Left alt

Powering Thrusters


Powering Shields


Powering Weapons


Locking the Target


Unlocking the Target


For ground vehicles, use the usual W, A, S, and D for driving forward, turning left, driving backward, and turning Right. To apply brakes use X. Use Left Shift for Boost and Y to exit the seat.

About the Emotes in Star Citizen

The commands your character uses to express emotion are known as emotes. To open the chat box, press F12. (Press L to open the friend list) The command should be started with a forward slash, or "/." The specified emote can have a number added to it within the allowed range, or it can be executed without a number to perform a random emote.

(This table is from a fandom source about the Star Citizen game)




thumbs up


slamming fist up and down near shoulders and pointing


both hands in air, right fist slamming air


stomping feet and waving arms


standing at attention


right hand makes blah blah blah mouth flapping shape


both hands make blah blah blah mouth flapping shape


arms up then slap sides of thighs and looking around


arms crossed, lean a bit, foot stomp




slight bow, arm waves in a "you first" motion


deep curtsy


deep bow, arm wave in a "you first" motion


really deep hurt your legs curtsy


super exaggerated bow


burp, first hits chest


two arms wave in air with bull horns


both arms wave in air in fists


right arm fist pump


right arm multiple fist pump


left arm fist pumps


right arm fist high in air


right arm fist high in air, many fist pumps


right arm fist high in air, many fist pumps with a slight hop


dismissive arm wave and then makes chicken wings with arms


both hands above head clapping for a fairly long time


both hands above head clapping


slow clap in front of face


slow clap in front of chest


fast clap in front of face


very delicate clap near top of head


heavy clap in front of face


left hand high beckons


right hand aggressive salute point to target then waves target to self


right hand point at target then down at floor, slightly angry


left hand single finger beckons towards


crying, both hands at face, big emotion


little head bobbing, little hand thrusting to sides, slight rocking back and forth on feet


more enthusiastic hand thrusting to the air and sides, rocking back and forth on feet.


head bobbing and swaying back and forth, minimal arm moving


head bobbing and swaying back and forth, minimal arm moving


pumping chicken wings and legs


short jig with a finger in the air


kick sand


right arm flex


both arms flex down and then flex with fists up


both arms flex down and then a pointing flex and then flex with fists up


blow a kiss


right hand to face


right hand to face


both hands to face


both hands to face and dip in legs


both hands to face in shock and step back


hands on side of hips and shoulder shake while looking around


hands on side and look around


thumbs tucked in belt and look around


thumbs tucked in belt and head shake, look around


wave with left hand


big hands low and then left hand high


big exaggerated laugh with hands up and down and on waist


hands up, then down, hands on hip and laugh and groan


big belly laugh and point, lots of bowing and hand motion


left hand point


right hand point


right hand shake and point


left hand shake and point


right hand slides up along chin and out


double flip off


crank middle finger flip off


simple salute


slow salute


sit with arms around knees


lay down and sleep


wave hand around nose


Both hands around nose in shock and big hand wave while covering mouth


stand up


finger across throat


knuckle snap


right hand up to wait


time out sign


right hand wave


right hand 2 finger salute

[source: https://starcitizen.fandom.com/wiki/Emotes]

Star Citizen: mobiGlas Guide

mobiGlas is a small computer device that projects a holographic interface developed by microTech. Players wear mobiGlas on the wrist, and the application contains various information essential for a player. mobiGlas has a variety of uses and is very similar to a smartphone. It contains information about your missions, messages, transactions, etc.

Star Citizen MobiGlas Guide

Star Citizen players know where to look for records of their missions in mobiGlas, but mobiGlas can do much more than that, and we're going to see what it can do.

mobiGlas – Apps  




This app contains details about your profile such as Name, Balance, CrimeStat, etc.


shows channels, friends, and impending party system invitations. Under management, you can personalize each channel's visor chat. Here, you can organize events, invite other players, and send friend requests.

Contracts Manager

Create, view, and accept contracts. Personal contracts may result in tasks that may contravene laws, whereas general contracts are publicly listed.

Vehicle loadout Manager

This app lets you customize the vehicle loadout if your vehicle is placed at a local location. Although you cannot customize rented vehicles or vehicles that are not stored in the local location. Make sure you have the components in local inventory to customize your vehicles.


Don’t worry about your assets as this app will let you locate them no matter where they are stored across the vast ‘verse. Once you select the item, it will show you all the information about it


Skyline lets you select entities and show details about them. With double right click you can zoom into it to select entities easily. To zoom out use Double left click.

Mo. Trader

Lets you send aUEC to a player. Your Party members will be pinned at the top of the list

Vehicle Maintenance Services

Lets you repair, refuel and restock your vehicles


You have to do certain tasks to fill this with entries. It also keeps a record of your criminal activities that you can check here if you’ve committed one.


Keep a record of your reputation. Your reputation increases on successful completion of a mission and decreases when you fail to do so.

mobiGlas has many other features you will understand after spending some time in the game. The game is under-developed so we can expect new features as well. But this will be all for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates. If you are having trouble because of poor ships and equipment, you can purchase Gil, the in-game currency for buying new ships and repairing old ones.

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