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Star Citizen Cave Mission Guide

Star Citizen has an unlimited amount of missions that you can compete in, but there is one specific mission that players are having trouble with. Here, we compiled this Star Citizen Cave Mission Guide to help you out.

Cave Missions in Star Citizen 3.18

In Star Citizen 3.18, you can pretty much take the path you like and play the game only with that specific path in mind. It could be bounty hunting, salvaging, delivery, mercenary, or a businessman who trades things around. 

In these categories, there are also cave missions that you can take the path of. There is one of Daymar, around Crusader. Well, it doesn’t sound that much good when we are talking about aUEC Earning through these missions, but it is something versatile.

Most players can do this alone, without needing the help of friends or family members. But still, when you want to have a Multi-Crew possibility or friends, you can easily include them as well. 

In Cave Missions you just pick the task, find the entrance to the Cave using your Ship and then kill the enemies inside. Get the loot and get out of the Cave. This is all to the Cave Missions. 

Keep in mind that the Cave Missions are totally unique in their own way and you might be on a mission for quite a lot of things there. Therefore we compiled this Guide to Cave Missions in Star Citizen to help you out.

When were Cave Missions added in Star Citizen?

If you haven’t heard of Cave Missions before, then you might be at fault here because these Missions were added way back in the early development of the game. It is considered one of the easiest missions, assuming that you have an arsenal full of combat skills.

Star Citizen Cave Mission Guide

Now that you know what Cave Missions are about, let’s just go to the Guide section where we tell you about initiating these missions, their preparations, travel/location, enemies, and how to gain maximum profit from your trip to the Cave.

Starting Cave Mission in Star Citizen

As we already mentioned in our Star Citizen Cave Mission Guide these missions are around the Daymer area, which is a Moon of Crusader. Therefore, when you need to Star the Cave Missions in Star Citizen, you will need to be in the vicinity of these areas. 

Requirements for Cave Mission

  • In case you are spawning in the area of ArcCorp, microTech, or even Hurston, you need to use Quantum Travel to unlock these missions 

  • You must be higher or equal to Level 2 in the Category of Bounty Hunting. You can do those through Missions of Freelancer Assessment. 

Location of Cave Mission

There are various locations in which you can find the Cave Missions, but there are some particular locations that are easier to do and famous amongst the players. One of these locations in the Outlaw Station - Grim Hex, which is also a Trading Hub. You can find it in the Asteroid Belt - Yela. 

Grix Hex is honestly the best Cave Mission Location in Star Citizen because here you can just Initiate the Mission through your Contract Manager. Location is honestly the most important thing to worry about when going for Star Citizen Cave Missions. 

In the Grim Hex, you can effortlessly just fly from there and you can also quickly land, without any gravitational pulls, enemies, turrets, or other issues.

Besides this, there is also a Cave Mission on Hurston. You can get it from the Contract Manager, provided you are in Lorville. Just go to the city and hang around there. Important Note: There are further Objectives that you need to do in these Cave Missions of Hurston.

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Preparation of Cave Missions in Star Citizen

Now comes the time to Prepare for the Cave Mission in Star Citizen before you run off and get yourself destroyed. 

  • First thing is that you will need a Ship to move around. Don’t worry, there is no need for a fighting or cargo ship, nor any other kind. Just a ship to move around.

  • The main fighting is in the Cave itself, therefore, you will need something decent like SMGs, C54s, and a ton of ammo as well. 

  • Furthermore, don’t go with the light armor, rather stick with the Heavy armor which is recommended by us in the Star Citizen Cave Mission Guide. The minimum here is Medium Armor and you can’t go below that. You will survive longer and can utilize the Medical Stim to get back into play.

  • A large Backpack is also recommended because it comes in handy a lot. In the Cave Missions, you will find a lot of loot and to increase your profit, and make the best out of the Cave Mission, you will need a larger Backpack. 

Traveling to the Location of Cave Mission

You will need a ship to travel toward the Cave Mission location. Well, we already mentioned you don’t have to worry about the type of ship you will be using, it just should be flying. 

After you traveled to the location to confirm the mission acceptance, you will see a target in HUD. F2 to open the Starlink map and it shows you the clear path. Find the objective from there and Set the Route which is on the screen’s top. 

The path will be highlighted itself and you need to follow it on your Ship. Simple as that! Just don’t lose focus on the opening because caves are hard to find and when you miss the Opening the first time, you will have to look around a lot. 

One more thing to mention is that park your Ship near the exit of the Cave because you will be getting out of the Cave and at that movement, going back to the entrance is quite a tough task. In case you can’t park there, make sure there is a Ground Vehicle as well with you. 

Enemies in Star Citizen Cave Mission

Now that you are near the Opening of the Cave, just take some steps onwards and you will soon be inside the Cave. Here, you will have to kill around fifteen enemies. On the screen’s top, you will see a counter that counts your kills and helps you with progression. There is no need to physically count the kills, it is all being recorded. 

Remember when we mentioned the Weapons and a ton of Ammo for Cave Missions? Well, this is where you will be needing those. A few enemies will empty out your magazine, therefore ammo is essential here. 

In case you are out of Ammo at that point, you can simply kill the enemies and pick up their Guns in exchange. In this way, you can finish the Cave Mission in John Wick Style. 

Your simple job is to Clear the Area by killing Enemies and Looting the Cave. After you finish the location, the Cave Mission is automatically completed and you can leave the location. 

Go to the exit of Cave and get in your trusty Ship. You can take on other missions you like or just stick with the Cave Mission, solving them one by one. If you want to increase the odds, you can simply go to the Grim Hex. 

Maximizing the Profits of Cave Mission

When you complete the Cave Mission, the profit will be around 25k aUEC, which is quite a lot considering you just fought 15 enemies only. But like everything else in Star Citizen, this is on average and you can do some stuff to Maximize the Profits. We will be mentioning those things here in our Star Citizen Cave Mission Guide. 

A large Backpack and heavy Armor are essential because you can survive longer and pack a ton of things from here. There will be no issues with your Storage, as you can easily loot the items. Afterward, you can sell those for a good price and Profit. 

There are different items in Cave Missions of Star Citizen, but you need to look out for the Dolivine and Hadanite. They are found in dead bodies. Just hold the F key and you will start looking at the inventory of enemies. Check their Body Armor and Legs, these items are most likely there.

After you have the items with you, you can go back to the Grim Hex and afterward sell them to maximize the Profit. The outcome can be a maximum of around 250k aUEC from just this simple Cave Mission.

Final Verdict

Honestly, Cave Missions are one of the best things you can do in the whole game. You can easily do these without any objections or tasks. There is combat involved in this, which we all look forward to always, as mentioned in our Star Citizen Cave Mission Guide. 

The rewards depend on your loot and you can earn a lot of aUEC from a simple mission like this. There are no time constraints as well. You just have to prepare yourself beforehand, getting Heavy Armor, a ton of Ammo, and a large Backpack. Simple as that!

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