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Star Citizen - Guide to Buy Ship and Equip Characters

The heart and soul of Star Citizen are its ships, which provide you the flexibility to travel to ports, moons, and planets while pursuing your objectives. These vehicles are essential to complete missions – even the simplest ones. Additional ground vehicles are accessible for situations where a ship would attract too much attention, flying is dangerous due to the terrain, or you want to have some fun racing for fun or profit.

Star Citizen Ships

How to Buy ship?

In Star Citizen, ships can be bought with real money or in-game currency (aUEC). Cash-purchased ships are called “Pledges” and irrevocably linked to your Star Citizen account. These purchases contribute to the funding of Squadron 42 and Star Citizen’s development. 

Pledge ships can be purchased separately, as ship upgrades, or as part of game bundles. The first choice adds a ship to an already-existing RSI account; however, Star Citizen is not made accessible (this makes it most useful for existing backers). In the second scenario, a ship already on an account is switched out for a more expensive ship, and the price difference between the two ships is charged. Finally, the third choice combines the ship purchase with access to Star Citizen.

Star Citizen Ship Buying

Ships’ availability varies for several reasons, as determined by CIG:

  • Always accessible 

  • Rare, time-limited ships are occasionally placed up for sale.

  • Rare, quantity-restricted ships are provided in short-term batches.

  • Only available for purchase through promotional deals

  • Certain extra-terrestrial or military-only ships are not available.

AUEC, which may be obtained from in-game tasks like mining and cargo transport, can also be used to buy ships in-game. All available options for modifying, painting, and destroying these acquired ships. The Crusader Industries Showroom, Astro Armada, and New Deal are just a few in-game ship shops where you can buy or rent a ship. You can also rent a ship for a limited time using an aUEC.

Your personal inventory

A player must equip the items after going shopping or participating in a raiding party to obtain new items for them to be used and provide any advantage. The management screen for personal inventory can be used to accomplish this.

How to Set Up Your Gear?

  1. To access your Personal Inventory management panel, press I (the default key binding).

  2. Search your available equipment to find the item you want to equip.

  3. Drag the item onto your character or the relevant spot in your inventory with your mouse, or use the right mouse button and choose Equip.

You might also find it useful to use the filter options to reduce the list if you have a lot of things, gear, and flair. This will make finding what you need and getting ready for the day in the ’verse much simpler.

Star Citizen Gear Set Up

Gears play an important role in the Star Citizen game. Therefore, you must get them and use them properly. Unfortunately, ships and gears are not available for free, and getting them can be a tedious task. The best way to get the gears is to buy them using Star Citizen Credits (aUEC).

If you need them, you can click on our website MMOPixel to buy Star Citizen credits. We will provide you with the best service.

Problems with Your Gear

Some options are not available 

There aren’t many limitations or prerequisites, but you must be aware of one piece of equipment: the undersuit. Notably, depending on whether you are wearing your undersuit, some options might not work correctly or might not be in the inventory equipment options.

  • Armor and helmets might not be accessible to equip if you are not wearing an undersuit.

  • There might not be any clothing options if you are wearing an undersuit.

  • The Weapons > Utility Item could not be accessible if you are not wearing leg armor.

Place matters

Certain options for storage and item access will vary depending on where your character is physically. Whether or whether you are situated in one of the major cities makes the largest difference. While in a major port or a space station connected to one, you will get access to something called Local Inventory that will allow you to securely store items to prevent losing them if you pass away.

Access to Ship/Vehicle Inventory is also made possible by being on a ship or vehicle with storage space. However, you cannot access the stuff you store in this storage space while other players are on the ship.

Making Characters Equip

When attempting to equip and carry a weapon, you can encounter this indicator if you are in an armistice zone.

You won’t be able to prepare firearms in these zones in compliance with local law. Therefore, you might be limited in what you can wear. If you wish to take something with you for later use, get on a ship and transfer the weaponry to the Ship Inventory so you can switch to a different weapon after you leave the armistice zone. If it fits in a backpack or the storage compartment for your leg/torso armor, you can also freely install it there.

Star Citizen is a game that is under development. There will be new updates with each patch released in the future. And we will be sure to update the article with the latest information. Till then, this will be all from us. Hope you enjoyed the article and found it helpful in your Star Citizen journey.

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