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Star Citizen: Top 10 Ships to Buy

Since Star Citizen is a sandbox game with many distinct functions, there isn't a single greatest ship. While some are better suited for delivering cargo or deep space exploration, others are designed solely for combat. A multipurpose ship is typically preferred by players over a specialized one because it is more versatile. 

Various factors can be taken into consideration while choosing a ship. These factors can be the size of the crew you want on your ship or whether you want to play solo or with a time. Shipowners may have to make payments from time to time for insurance and maintenance of the ship. Purchasing a ship is one thing, but maintaining one requires ongoing financial outlays.

When purchasing a ship, the layout should be the first thing you consider. You should also test the ship out before making a final decision. For single players, a ship with a maximum capacity of two or three people is ideal. On the other hand, a ship with greater capacity will be difficult to handle with a smaller crew. In this article, we've listed the best ships available in the game. The List is not in any particular order.


In Space citizen, you can't expect smooth sailing across the space. There will be problems, and the most important one is that you must avoid enemies. The space might not offer you anything substantial to fight and defeat your enemies, but the game has a lot of material to make up for it. A reliable and sturdy spaceship is, therefore, sometimes the best option.

Do you want to travel a long distance into the space? Your best option is Drake Interplanetary Caterpillar. This massive ship is specially designed for long-distance and carrying heavy cargo. This ship can support a fair number of crew members, and it's a good buy as the price is not that high for any beginner-level player.

Star Citizen Caterpillar


It's a great and admirable objective to want to explore space, but it's also terribly risky. As a result, it could be challenging to round up interested participants for your crew, forcing you to embark on your journey alone.

Finding a ship that just one person can maintain becomes a problem, but the Terrapin fixes that. This streamlined pathfinding vehicle was built exclusively for flight with additional shielding and armor. It is equipped with reasonable weapons to support you in defending yourself and has four directional boosters for improved navigation.

Star Citizen Terrapin


Being in a military group means you never know when you'll have to battle, so being prepared in every circumstance is the best approach. As a result, you'll find various ships designed in such a way to support this requirement.

In Star Citizen, several ship types are intended for military usage, and Valkyrie is one of the best ships in her class. Its hangar can accommodate vehicles and soldiers, making it both a dropship and a warship. Going anywhere in space is simple and takes a lot less time, thanks to its strong thrusters.

Star Citizen Valkyrie

Avenger Titan

It offers something for everyone; the Avenger is an all-time favorite ship and will likely stay that way for some time. It is less vulnerable than other starting ships and has a decent amount of cargo space, combat ability, velocity, and mobility. The ideal option while you're just getting started is this multipurpose ship. It has a bed, so you don't need to land on a planet or space station to log out. The Avenger does fairly well with both fights and cargo. To upgrade your ship, you will need UEC Credit. 

These tokens are extremely important for buying and upgrading ships. But getting these credits can be a daunting task. However, there is a much easier way to get Star Citizen Tokens. 

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Star Citizen Avenger Titan


If you're a decent pilot but aim to become the best, the spaceship can significantly impact you. Nothing dares to get in your way when you have a choice of weaponry at your disposal. In Star Citizen, the Buccaneer is a faster, lighter, and more elegant ship that will allow you to demonstrate your piloting prowess. It can easily take on large targets despite being an intergalactic single-person ship.

Star Citizen Buccaneer

Mercury Star Runner

Even though moving products from one location to another is honest employment, it's not the most exciting. You'll need a ship to help you fight off any raiders you may run into if you're seeking adventure.

You will undoubtedly have a chance to fight if you fly the Mercury Star Runner (MSR). This spacecraft's broad wings are designed to accommodate a reasonable quantity of data storage for your discoveries. In addition, it has turrets, charges, and missiles and can accommodate up to three crew members.

Star Citizen Mercury Star Runner


You might find colonies on various planets in the Star Citizen, but most of the space is still free. Keep in mind that this space is without any law. Safety is of utmost importance in this lawless space. Raiders can attack anytime, and if you want to return home safely, you will need a good, powerful ship. The excellent thing is that ships are available for establishing order and fending off threats of this nature. 

One of them is the Aegis Dynamics Vanguard-Sentinel. This beast, which is fully equipped with a range of weapons, requires two individuals to pilot it. To help you battle more effectively, it also includes tools like EMPs.

Star Citizen Vanguard-Sentinel


The RSI Aurora series is the best option for beginners because it is an inexpensive and delicate spacecraft. The only negative aspect is that you eventually have to upgrade it. Many newcomers on a tight budget but yet want a good ship in their armory are drawn to it because of its price. It is a single-crew ship with a six SCU maximum cargo capacity.

Star Citizen Aurora


If you want to explore the uncharted territories of space, you'll need a ship that supports you away from home. This course won't be easy, but with Carrack from Anvil Aerospace, you can get a solid defense. This ship can take a large crew with itself and has all the equipment required for intergalactic monitoring. With up to four turrets, it also offers a strong defense.

Star Citizen Carrack

Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet

The Super Hornet would be the solution to whether it is possible to capture the power and transform it into a physical form. This ship is the closest legal equivalent of a civilian model's military load-out. The ball turret is reattached on the F7C-M Super Hornet, offering nearly mil-spec parts. The Super Hornet is a truly dangerous ship to fight against because of the addition of a second seat to split the logistical and combat duties.

Star Citizen Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet

With this, we would end our list of the 10 best ships of Star Citizen. Stay tuned for more updates.

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