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February 1, 2016
Gaming News

TESO: Thieves Guild DLC Coming

The next major DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online brings the Thieves Guild along with a host of new features and content, including the all-new Heist quest type.
One of the major appeals of The Elder Scrolls franchise has been the fact that the setting is steeped with layers of consequence. As a proper roleplaying experience, your actions can and should matter, and this extends to the company you choose to keep as a virtual inhabitant within the world.
If these things make your socks go up and down as well, the next DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online will be right up your alley. As you can likely surmise from the DLC’s title, the Thieves Guild will be coming to the game, along with a short list of noteworthy gameplay additions.
The main bullet points include:
". A new guild to join: The Thieves Guild
. A New Zone to explore: Hew's Bane
. All-new epic story content revolving around this iconic Elder Scrolls guild
. New repeatable quests that take you across all of Tamriel
. A new passive skill line exclusive to members of the Thieves Guild
. Trespass and steal from homes and warehouses in a new quest-type: Heists
. New 12-player Trial & more!"
As with previous DLC packs, Thieves Guild will be a free download for anyone with an active ESO Plus account, or can otherwise be purchased for 2000 Crowns in the in-game store. Thieves Guild will be hitting PC and Mac first, followed by Xbox One and PS4 a couple of weeks later.
The exact release dates for each platform are:
PC / Mac – March 7
Xbox One – March 22
PS4 – March 23
New items are also being added to the crown store, including the kick-ass Hammerfell Camel shown below.

To learn more about what makes the upcoming Thieves Guild DLC tick, be sure to visit the promo page on the official Elder Scrolls Online website.
Source: tentonhammer
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