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The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road Achievements Guide: Wine & Warriors, Parataker, Starlight Memories

The Gold Road of The Elder Scrolls Online is an expansion that gives the players remarkable new content to discover and immerse themselves in. In addition to the large and diverse West Weald Zone, the grand Lucent Citadel Trial, and the major update to the Scribing System, there are many exciting and fun achievements to explore.

Three achievements in particular - Wine and Warriors, Old Road Partaker, and Starlight Memories bring out the West Weald's ethnic and cultural dynamism. From having fun in the region's celebrations and customs to discovering the astronomical secrets of the ancient Ayelid civilization, these accomplishments present the magnificent spectrum of imperial life.

Collect unique bonuses when exploring the secret stories and forgotten tales of this new zone filled with adventures set in the newly expanded area. Here, you can go through them and check off these memorable feats.

Wine & Warriors Achievement

This accomplishment emphasizes the fun and indulgence of West Weald's people. To earn it, you'll need to complete the following five objectives scattered around the region:

1. Talk to the Julianos Pilgrims - During your journey, you will have to meet two lost pilgrims, Agmund the Insightful and Isayas, who are on the way to Skingrad. They can be situated anywhere near roads and wayshrines.

2. Engage the Emerging Performer - Find an aspiring performer named Carloman who wants to prepare before traveling to Skingrad. Again, you can be seen him, at different points in towns and intersections.

3. Dance with a Marionette - In the center of the town of Ontus, a marionette puppeteer is putting on a show. Talk to them to get involved in dancing with the puppet.

4. Smash Grapes with a Vintner - There is a small winery area with a gazebo just north of Rihad on the outside of the walls. In it, you will find Vintner Jarborious carrying three tubs of grapes. Take a dip in the tubs to step on the grapes and crush them.

5. The Reachfolk - Discuss with Reachfolk Ambassador Goronwy, located in the northern part of the Reachfolk's village, Vashabar.

All five of these goofy but enjoyable chores will result in the Wine & Warriors achievement.

ESO Wine & Warriors Achievement

Old Road Partaker Achievement

Whereas Wine & Warriors reflects the pleasures of the West Weald, the Old Road Partaker achievement claims the preservation of the region's heritage and customs. It requires you to complete the following four objectives:

1. Miner's coin toss in Sutch - In the center of the town, you'll find a well with a note explaining the miner's coin toss tradition. Take the coin and toss it into the well.

2. Water the Greenspeaking Sapling - Find a luminous, magical sapling tree in Vashabar village. Water and feed the sapling using the water source nearby.

3. Meridia's Shrine Ritual - Locate one of the Meridia shrines in West Weald. There, you will need to rekindle the light at the shrine to fulfill the ritual.

4. Sanguine's Shrine Ritual - Go find the shrine dedicated to the Daedric Prince Sanguine. In this shrine, you should take a draught from the bottle left for those who come to worship.

After finishing all four of these traditional tasks, the Old Road Partaker achievement will be yours.

Starlight Memories Achievement 

The Starlight Memories represent the ultimate option for the lore-seekers and historians, who would be encouraged to solve the mystery of the ancient Ayleid civilization that once inhabited West Weald. Your goal is to find and visit all six of the legendary Ayleid wells scattered across the zone:

  • Niryastare Well

  • Vashabar Well  

  • Eaglerock Well

  • Ostumir Well

  • Lake Olo Well

  • Trader's Luck Well

These wells were dug by the Ayleids as an aspect of their devotion to the realm of water. Each of them would open a sequence of memories and visions that would more convincingly reveal the history of this mysterious culture.

The wells are hidden and low-profile when discovering the West Weald and therefore not easy to overlook. Focus, especially on roads, ruins, or other areas. Sometimes they are out of the way. You may need to get off the beaten path to find them all.

A couple of easily missed wells include the Vashabar Well, hidden behind some rocks near the Reachfolk village, and the Trader's Luck Well, located in the southwest part of the Grey Seal Cove region.

During the game, if the player can communicate with all the Ayleid wells then the Starlight Memories achievement will be achieved, providing rewards and unlocking new insights into the history of the Ayleids and West Weald.

ESO Starlight Memories Achievement 

Earning Completion and Rewards

Finishing the Wine & Warriors and Old Road Partaker achievements will earn you the "Nantharion's Royal Girdle" collectible item. Meanwhile, the Starlight Memories achievement provides no specific reward but does unlock new Ayleid lore entries in your journal.

Of course, the real rewards for these achievements are the many stories, cultural experiences, and exploration moments you'll uncover while travelling through the Kingdom of West Weald. They epitomize the spirit of this new zone - getting drunk and enjoying serfdom, as well as deciphering the secrets of the ancient world existing within this empire. During your journey, there will be many instances when you will be required to spend gold, the in-game currency of the game. So make sure you have enough stock of the same. If you are falling short, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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No matter if you have been playing for years or just started your adventure in, Wine & Warriors, Old Road Partaker, and Starlight Memories, achievements are a great way to plunge deep into the exciting Gold Road expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online.

In this way, through indulgence and partaking in ritual observation of West Weald practices, you'll experience a side of the zone's culture that few other players will see. Exploring the Ayleids' mysteries will reveal an immense reservoir of lost knowledge.

All these milestones are a perfect representation of what sets the Gold Road chapter apart, grand narratives, an appreciation of culture and mythos, and a cross-cultural approach, all wrapped in fun and entertaining gameplay scenes. After completing this trio of achievements, you'll walk away with a profound appreciation for all that West Weald has to offer explorers brave enough to deviate from the standard quest path.

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