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The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Guide to Daily Quests

The “Gold Road” in Elder Scroll online is interesting in the game offering PvP battlegrounds, siege warfare, some engaging strategic importance, and important locations. What makes this area more interesting is the daily quests. Even though this is not something new or unique, the dailies offered in the area make the game more interesting by providing opportunities for the players to earn progress in various ways. Well, to learn about it in depth we need to delve deep into this guide, where we will discuss every aspect of the daily quest. 

Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road Daily Quests

Gold Road, is a route found in the Cyrodiil region. Along with linking some key locations, this route and areas around offer a wide range of daily quests for the players. Some of them are:

  • Elder scroll quests

  • Imperial City daily quests

  • Warfront quests

  • Bounty Quests

  • Scouting quests

How to Find Daily Quests?

Coming to the daily quests, there are a few quests that are repeatable dailies while some are weekly quests.

Daily repeatable quests

Location: West Weald
There are 3 daily quests in the ESO Gold chapter given by three NPCs namely the Legionary Jaida, Commandant Salerius, and Lieutenant Agrance.

Requirements: No particular requirements.
Simply, tap on a poster called “Skingrad Seeks Adventurer”, take a look at the brief provided, and read the introduction.

Warfront quests

Players need to strategize to capture the strategic locations or defend them.

Location: at the base camps in Warfront Mission Boards

How to get this quest: choose the quest> travel down the gold road route > enter the battles going on and fulfill the main objective of the quest to capture or defend > once completed travel back to base camps to warfront mission board and receive the rewards.

Elder scroll quests

The players need to defend the elder scrolls in the game to complete the quests.

Location: these quests are available at elder scroll temples.

How to get this quest: reach the elder scroll temple> have a conversation with the NPC > travel on the gold road route> enter into the battles > defend the elder scroll> on completion travel back to the temples > receive the reward.

Scouting quests

The players are required ti scout the positions of their enemies.

Location: scouting boards, base camps

How to get this quest: get the quest> travel through the gold road> scout the areas around > head back to the main location> after completing the task, collect the rewards.

Bounty quests

The main objective of these quests is to knock out the enemies.

Location: the bounty quests are found at base camps in the bounty boards

How to get this quest: choose the bounty quest > travel the route( gold road) > fight the enemies that come your way > travel back to the main location called Bounty Boards > receive the rewards.

Imperial City Daily Quests

The players must finish all the assigned tasks in the Imperial City to win this quest.

Location: Imperial city, mainly the District Captains

How to get this quest: reach the location in the Imperial City > take the quest > finish the assigned task > fight the enemies > travel back to the quest location > receive the reward.

ESO Gold Road Chapter Daily Quests

Benefits of completing the daily quests in Gold Road ESO?

The daily quests in the Gold Road: ESO are beneficial for the players in many ways, be it enhancing the gameplay, earning rare items, collecting and earning more gold, improving the progression of characters, etc. The main advantage is the rewards, where the player earns alliance points that can be used to buy weapons, gears, Alliance war vendors, make upgrades, and unlock abilities or ranks.

The rewards can help in various such as:

  • Levelling up characters, unlocking new abilities or skill points.

  • Build the playstyles by customization using various earned resources.

  • Enhanced and effective capture and defend strategies.

  • Level up the character's capabilities and combat readiness.

Rewards are offered on completing daily quests in Gold Road ESO

The daily quests serve an objective i.e. to offer exclusive and unique rewards to progress more effectively in the game. Well on completing these West Weald daily quests, the players can earn coffers, gears, style pages, and even style items.

Moreover, while going through the gold road, the player will come across various daily quests and will be offered various rewards. The player can earn the Alliance points, experience points, weapons, repair kits, PvP gears, etc. Moreover, one of the important rewards is gold, the currency used to buy resources and enhance the gameplay.

Steps to redeem the rewards:

1.    Complete the given daily quest.
2.    Reach back to the main location of the quest and talk to the NPC. 
3.    Choose dialogues and finish the quest.
4.    Receive the rewards and thereafter, check in the inventory about the receivables.

ESO Gold Road Chapter Quests Rewards

Tips and tricks for daily quests

Moreover, players, here are some of the tips and tricks you must keep in mind, to make the most of the opportunities that come across in the journey through daily quests.

  • Try maintaining a streak of completing the daily quests.

  • Strategize the gameplay and choose to play in groups rather than alone.

  • Actively participating in the player vs player battles, will enhance the progress and make more chances of earning the rewards.

  • The alliance points earned as rewards must be used to buy items that enhance the gameplay such as gears, weapons etc.

  • When going for the imperial city quests, secure the Tel Var stones by submitting them.

  • It's better to study the map before heading on the journey to have a better understanding of the locations. 

  • Make use of the mounts for a faster journey and keep yourself safe.

  • Keep a check on the inventory and focus on learning the warfare techniques.

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In conclusion, players of Elder Scrolls Online can enjoy a dynamic and fulfilling experience from daily quests along the Gold Road. Players can even advance in Cyrodiil, fortify their characters, and aid in their alliance's triumph by planning their gameplay, engaging in PvP combat, and making wise utilization of their gained rewards.   

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