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The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road Guide to Scribing

In the vast universe of Tamriel, ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) is not standing still and is creating new opportunities with the Gold Road Chapter expansion. Released in June 2024, this groundbreaking update introduces a feature fans have long anticipated: Scribing. It enables players to create individual proficiencies that have been unheard of regarding role-playing and battling strategies. Here is a complete guide to scribing in the Gold Road Chapter of ESO.

What is ESO Scribing?

Scribing is one of the most innovative mechanics that allows players to make their skills look exactly as they want. Unlike traditional spell crafting seen in other Elder Scrolls titles, scribing in ESO is far more specialized and rigid. It enables you to change the skills from different skill lines and add new effects, damage types, and even class-specific bonuses.

Scribing is not only a gameplay mechanic in ESO; it is a part of the game's history. Known as the initial stage of the magic associated with Tamriel, Scribing is regarded as the basic form of magic compared to the spell crafting systems presented in other games of the Elder Scrolls series, such as Morrowind and Oblivion. This connection to the series' legacy makes the feature even more than a simple optimization tool.

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Unlocking Scribing

To reach the Scribing system, you must buy and download the Gold Road Chapter, as it is not included in the original game. With the expansion, your advent into the world of Scribing starts in the West Weald region, located in Cyrodiil.

1. Travel to the West Weald Vineyard Wayshrine.

2. Go to Skingrad and look for the Mages Guild.

3. Search for Adept Irnard Rinil, who will give you the quest called "The Second Era of Scribing."

4. Complete this short quest to gain access to the Scholarium, your central hub for all things Scribing.

The first quest gives you the "Wield Soul" Grimoire, but if the player wants to explore Scribing fully, they need to complete more quests. These include "The Wing of the Indrik," which enables the player always to access the Scribing altar, and other quests that allow access to other Grimoires and Scripts.

ESO Scribing

The Components of Scribing

Scribing in ESO revolves around three main components: Grimoires, Scripts, and Luminous Ink.


Scribing is the system in which Grimoires play the center role. One can consider them as basic standard capabilities that can be tailored to address specific requirements. Currently, there are 11 unique Grimoires spread across various skill lines:

1. Elemental Explosion (Destruction Staff)

2. Traveling Knife (Dual Wield)

3. Smash (Two-Handed)

4. Vault (Bow)

5. Shield Throw (One Hand and Shield)

6. Mender's Bond (Restoration Staff)

7. Wield Soul (Soul Magic)

8. Soul Burst (Soul Magic)

9. Ulfsild's Contingency (Mages Guild)

10. Torchbearer (Fighters Guild)

11. Trample (Assault)

All the skill lines contain just one Grimoire that can be modified, except Soul Magic, which has two. Additional skills and Grimoires are expected to be released in future updates, proving that the system can be easily expanded.


Scripts are the magical components that shape your Grimoire's effects. Each Grimoire can be customized with three types of Scripts:

Focus Scripts

  • Determine the main effect (damage type, healing, utility)

  • Examples: Physical, Poison Bleed, Frost, Taunt, and Heal

  • Most crucial choice, as it sets the skill's primary function.

Signature Scripts

  • Add unique buffs and effects

  • Can be class-specific

  • Examples: Damage Over Time, Life Leech, Class Mastery, Resource Restore

Affix Scripts

  • Add standard ESO buffs and debuffs

  • Examples: Major Brutality, Minor Force, Major Cowardice

Class Mastery Scripts

A standout feature of Scribing is the class mastery scripts. These signature scripts are unique to each class, adding a layer of personalization:

  • Arcanist: Creates a Crux

  • Necromancer: Increase stats based on nearby corpses

  • Warden: Create a snaring and charming area

  • Dragonknight: Gain power based on nearby enemies

  • Nightblade: Restore resources or increase the critical chance

  • Sorcerer: Enchant pet or deal Shock Damage

  • Templar: Gain Lightweaver and potential Ultimate

Luminous Ink

Luminous Ink is the currency used in Scribing. You consume this resource each time you create or modify a skill. Obtaining Ink is part of the Scribing questline:

  1. Initial amount from "The Wing of the Indrik" quest

  2. Enemy drops after completing the same quest

  3. Resource node farming after the "Wing of the Netch" quest

  4. Quest rewards (3 Ink per quest, totaling 12)

ESO Luminous Ink

How to Start Scribing in Elder Scrolls Online

Follow these steps:

  • Complete "The Second Era of Scribing" quest in Skingrad.

  • Access the Scribing Altar in the Scholarium beneath Eyevea.

  • Select a Grimoire and apply your chosen Scripts.

  • Use Luminous Ink to craft the skill.

  • Equip the new skill on your hotbar.

Remember, you can modify skills as much as you want, limited only by your Luminous Ink supply.

Acquiring More Grimoires and Scripts


Purchase from Chronicler Firandil in the Scholarium

Cost: 50,000 Gold each

Requirement: Complete "The Wing of the Indrik" quest


Focus Scripts:

Complete the "Wing of the Gryphon" quest

Find in Delves, Mages Guild, and Rewards of the Worthy coffers

Signature Scripts:

Complete "Wing of the Dragon" quest

Explore specific Mages Guild locations

Find in Delves, Mages Guild, and Cyrodiil coffers

Affix Scripts:

Complete the "Wing of the Netch" quest

Find in Undaunted and Imperial City coffers

The Impact on ESO's Meta

Scribing is introduced as the game's next game changer for ESO. The game is designed with 11 base Grimoires, and the number of script combinations is practically infinite. This flexibility allows for:

1. Tailored Playstyles: Craft skills that perfectly align with your character's role and preferences.

2. Class Identity: Class Mastery Scripts ensure each class feels unique, even with shared Grimoires.

3. Meta Shifts: New skill combinations could redefine top-tier builds across PvE and PvP.

4. Build Diversity: More viable options reduce the dominance of "cookie-cutter" builds.

Skill Styling: A Visual Treat

In addition to Scribing, the Gold Road Chapter also presents the attribute of skill styling. This feature concerns effects and colors put on popular skills such as Wall of Elements and Trap Beast. Though at the moment it only applies to weapons skills, this system offers a layer of visual flare to accompany the mechanical layer of Scribing.

Scribing in ESO Lore

When it comes to the lore of the Elder Scrolls, Scribing is a unique one that has a special position. This is considered the primitive form of the intricate Spellcrafting mechanics that the players have met in games like Morrowind and Oblivion. This link connects ESO with its single-player counterparts, giving players a glimpse into the development of magic in Tamriel.

Ulfsild is one of those enigmatic characters that you will meet on your way as a Scribe. Ulfsild employs several quests to teach you how to make new spells and Scripts available. In addition to explaining game mechanics, this kind of narrative also makes Scribing an integral part of the history of the world, which would make this ability feel like the discovery of a long-lost art rather than a simple gameplay element.

ESO Scribing Guide

The Future of Scribing

Due to the fact that Scribing is divided into Grimoires and Scripts, one can expect ZeniMax Online Studios to have extensive plans regarding this feature. We can reasonably expect:

1. More Skill Lines: Additional weapon, guild, and world skills getting the Scribing treatment.

2. Expanded Script Library: New Focus, Signature, and Affix options to further diversify builds.

3. Class-Specific Grimoires: Skills that are exclusive to each class, amplifying unique identities.

4. Integration with New Content: Future DLCs and Chapters adding region-specific or faction-specific Scripts.

5. Scribing in PvP: Special PvP-focused Scripts to shake up Cyrodiil and Battleground strategies.


Gold Road Chapter's Scribing system is not just a new addition but a new way in which ESO has revolutionized the character creation aspect. In this MMORPG, ZeniMax Online Studios has enriched the role-playing element by allowing the players to build the skills that best fit their style of gameplay.

Scribing is more creative, especially when it challenges people to come up with unique ideas. All sorts of players, from min-maxing DPS-seekers to RP-focused immersion enthusiasts, should be able to find value in this system. This is especially true for its integration with ESO's lore, which makes it seem like a logical extension of Tamriel's mystical heritage.

As we venture into this new age of customization, one thing is clear: Scribing in The Elder Scrolls Online's Gold Road Chapter isn't just transforming the gameplay experience but also the way the players perceive the role of their characters in the mystical world of Tamriel. You hold the quill—what epics will you write?

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