The time For Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Festival Again, is “Guild Wars 2” worth playing in now?


guild wars 2

Get ready for your yearly dose of voxel-y gaming in Guild Wars 2. The Super Adventure Festival (and Super Adventure Box) returns next week beginning April 6.

It’s no secret that “Guild Wars 2” is an old game. It first released in 2012 and has since received two major expansions and a constant train of story chapters. The game also receives consistent updates that provide bugfixes, new cosmetics and the occasional balance change for PvE and PvP.

Despite this, many players who are looking for a new MMO to play often ask: is “Guild Wars 2” worth playing in now? Many are concerned about the endgame, the player count and the overall state of the game so far. They’ll be happy to know that “Guild Wars 2” is in a good spot in 2021, and it’s gearing up for even more updates and content drops.

Best of all, the entirety of the base game is free-to-play. Players can experience everything that the original “Guild Wars 2” has to offer without spending a dime. The only thing players may find irritating is the inability to access the in-game player market and a slight disadvantage in PvP game modes.“Guild Wars 2” enjoys a very healthy average player count. The game saw an average of 14,105,514 players, according to Active Player, and server populations range between medium to full capacity.

The leveling system is also unique in the sense that the game uses open-world activities called Hearts instead of NPC-given quests. They’re a welcome break from the questing mechanics in other MMOs like “World of Warcraft” or “ESO.”

The combat is fast and responsive, with an emphasis on player skill and build synergy. This is complemented by a versatile class system that lets each class play almost any role. The system works very well in PvE and PvP game modes as well.

Lastly, a new expansion pack is coming to the game that will introduce more class specializations, a new region, more story progression and even more activities. The “End Of Dragons” expansion will bring back the Cantha region, an Asia-inspired land with a long history.

On the flip side, the game does show its age in terms of graphical fidelity, and optimization in some areas is questionable. Game balance on the PvP side of things is also prone to problematic metas.

However, “Guild Wars 2” remains a great option for players looking for a new MMO. I’ve you’re someone who missed out on the Super Adventure Festival before, the good news is that you’ll probably be getting the same experience everyone else has had the last few years — particularly since ArenaNet’s announcement doesn’t elaborate on it much. Of course, if you’ve done SAB before, this also means that the event is going to be old hat, but perhaps a welcome diversion anyway.

So, get ready to rescue Princess Miya again, fight wizards and giant frogs, and, if you’re feeling really daring, try your hand at the Tribulation Mode. But, be prepared to die… a lot. The Super Adventure Festival runs until April 27, so you’ll have plenty of time to torture yourself. BTW, if you need to Buy GW2 gold, please visit our website: we will grow together.