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Throne and Liberty Characters Guide

Throne and Liberty is a highly anticipated MMORPG developed collaboratively by NCSOFT and Amazon Games, set to reshape the gaming landscape with its impending global release. The game has evolved in many aspects and is very promising, whether it is gameplay or gameplay mechanics with outstanding graphics.

And this is what brings light to the characters here as well. In any game, the character that you’re going to play matters the most because the storyline, combats, mechanics, and the whole game revolves around it. The better your character is, the more you enjoy playing and enjoying the game.

Here, in Throne and Liberty, the character creation interface is praised for its beauty and design. There are many ways you can play with your character and customize the way you want it to be which adds another layer of excitement and fun when it comes to the character creation.

Well, character creation comes with lots of experimentation and going deeply through each stat and skill that your character possesses. Also, you’ll see a huge range of customization for your character that will help you to make your character more precise and unique with some added taste of high visuals and beauty.

This guide will cover all the necessary things that you need regarding the characters in Throne and Liberty from the creation of your desired character to the efficient use of it in the battlefield and how you can play with some adjustments to make more efficient use of your character dominating the game. Whether you’re a complete beginner or already acquainted with this topic, this guide is for you.

Character Creation

The game developers have invested considerable effort in the character creation feature, offering a plethora of options for players to customize and enhance the uniqueness and attractiveness of their characters. Character creation stands out as a distinctive feature in Throne and Liberty, providing the opportunity to craft a character tailored to individual preferences with varied skills, stats, and abilities.

A broad spectrum of customization options awaits players, starting with the pivotal choice of a character's race. The selection spans a diverse array of races, each bringing its own set of strengths and weaknesses that influence gameplay dynamics on the battlefield. Once the race selection is made, the next step involves refining the character's appearance, encompassing choices such as hairstyle, body posture, and various other physical features.

To truly set one's character apart from the rest, the key lies in experimentation with different races and appearances before settling on the final configuration. This iterative process ensures that players achieve a distinct and unique look for their characters, contributing to a personalized and immersive gaming experience.

Throne and Liberty Character Creation

Choosing Skills & Abilities

After choosing the race and determining your character's appearance, the next step involves selecting the appropriate skills and abilities. Throne and Liberty offers you a diverse array of options in this regard. The importance of making the right choices in skills and abilities cannot be overstated, as they significantly impact your character's performance and determine your effectiveness on the battlefield. You can choose the skills that fit better with your playstyle and what you’re looking for. You can choose combat skills, crafting skills, or any other skill based on your requirements. You can also level up your skills to make your character more strong.

Choosing Stats & Attributes

After skills and abilities, here comes the role of choosing attributes for your character. These attributes or stats will decide the strengths and weaknesses of your character you are going to finalize for yourself. 

Here, you will get to see four major stats for your character which are Perception, intelligence, Strength, and Dexterity. Perception can be classified as a secondary stat and the remaining stats can fall under the primary stats.

You can increase these stats by spending the points that you receive when you’re leveling up your game. These stats will determine the performance of your character in the game so be careful while choosing stats. Each attribute is different from each other.

  • Strength: It provides you defense and maximum HP boost along with regeneration of your HP.

  • Perception: It increases the overall effectiveness of crowd control on the battlefield while fighting against enemies.

  • Dexterity: It affects your movement and attacking speed revolving around offering critical chance, evasion, and quickness.

  • Intelligence: Intelligence deals with offering a reduction in the cooldown, regenerating MP, and increasing Max MP.

You can use your attributes depending on your weapon type or the type of weapon you are using.

AI Customization

AI customization is the best feature here that lets you create a character that looks similar to you. By importing a picture of yourself, you can create a character that looks similar to you and can change or make adjustments whenever you want. Building a character by using the actual photo of you is something that takes “Thorne and Liberty” to the next level and escapes the monotonous gameplay. AI feature makes the game even more interesting.

Throne and Liberty Character Guide

Early Character Creation

Players who are above 19 years of age will have the accessibility for the pre-creation of a character restricting them to create only one character for each account and there will be no duplicate name for a character in the server. Admins will change the nicknames that violate the rules of the game or have a connection with any abusive language and the nicknames that are deleted by the moderation cannot be recreated. Early character creation will start from November 22, 2023, till December 3, 2023.

Character Window

When you enter in the character window, you can see all the information regarding your character including stats and other valuable details. You can also check the information regarding your weapons and the level of attack and defense mechanism of your character. You can also see, check, and adjust the Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and perception level in the character window.

You can also check the damage, attack speed, and range of the weapon your character is equipping. By looking at all the information regarding your character, weapon, attack, and defense you can plan your next moves and strategies. Each character is different and it totally depends on how you build and customize it.

Some Additional Tips

Your character's efficiency, adaptability, and strength hinge entirely on your strategic planning. The optimal approach involves experimenting with various options until you discover the ideal configuration that aligns with your preferred playstyle, thereby enhancing your overall gameplay. Familiarizing yourself with your unique playstyle is crucial for effectively tailoring your character to maximize customization.


In conclusion, Throne and Liberty not only promises a groundbreaking MMORPG experience but places a significant emphasis on the pivotal aspect of character creation. The inclusion of attributes like Strength, Perception, Dexterity, and Intelligence adds strategic depth, influencing various aspects of gameplay. The innovative AI customization feature allows players to create characters that resemble themselves, elevating the gaming experience to new heights. With the early character creation option opening up, players have a limited timeframe to establish their in-game persona.

The comprehensive character window provides a detailed overview of character stats, weaponry, and other crucial details, empowering players to plan and strategize effectively. In the vast world of Throne and Liberty, success lies not only in mastering combat but also in understanding and optimizing the unique characteristics of your created character. As players embark on this immersive journey, experimenting with different options and staying attuned to personal playstyles will undoubtedly lead to the discovery of the perfect character build for an enhanced gaming experience. Happy Gaming!

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