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Throne and Liberty Longbow Guide

In the vast realm of Throne and Liberty, where heroes clash and empires rise, the Longbow stands as a testament to precision, versatility, and unwavering support. This ranged weapon, crafted with meticulous care, empowers its wielder to command the battlefield as a silent sniper and a benevolent ally.

Dual Playstyles: Sniper and Support

The Longbow caters to two distinct playstyles, each offering a unique approach to dominating the battlefield. As a sniper, players transform into masters of precision, unleashing devastating arrow storms from afar, thinning the enemy ranks and sowing chaos among their unsuspecting foes.

On the other hand, the support playstyle embraces the role of a benevolent ally, empowering comrades with invigorating buffs and enhancing their combat prowess. Support Longbow wielders become the unsung heroes, their contributions often overlooked yet indispensable to the team's success.

The Sniper Playstyle: Unleashing Precision from Afar 

The sniper playstyle epitomizes the Longbow's ability to inflict devastating damage from a safe distance. By meticulously positioning themselves and carefully aiming their shots, sniper-oriented Longbow wielders can wreak havoc upon their unsuspecting foes.

Skill Rotations: A Symphony of Destruction

Sniper Longbow builds revolve around maximizing damage output and maintaining a safe distance from enemies. Key skills to consider include:

  1. Piercing Shot: This powerful attack delivers a concentrated volley of arrows, capable of piercing through multiple enemies.
  2. Aimed Shot: For those seeking the ultimate in precision, Aimed Shot allows for a highly focused attack, dealing immense damage to a single target.
  3. Multi-Shot: When multiple enemies are within range, Multi-Shot unleashes a barrage of arrows, effectively thinning their ranks.
  4. Evasive Roll: To avoid incoming attacks and maintain a favorable position, Evasive Roll provides a swift escape maneuver.

Gear Optimization: Enhancing Precision and Power

Gear plays a crucial role in amplifying the sniper playstyle's effectiveness. Prioritize gear that enhances critical strike chance, critical strike damage, and attack range.

  1. Critical Strike Chance: Increasing critical strike chance enhances the likelihood of dealing significantly higher damage.
  2. Critical Strike Damage: Boosting critical strike damage further amplifies the impact of critical hits, making each shot count.
  3. Attack Range: Extending attack range allows snipers to maintain a safe distance while still effectively engaging their targets.

Positioning for Optimal Damage Output

Positioning is paramount for sniper-oriented Longbow wielders. Elevated positions provide a tactical advantage, allowing for clear sightlines and increased range.

  1. High Ground: Utilize hills, cliffs, or other elevated terrain to gain a height advantage over enemies.
  2. Cover: Strategically position oneself behind obstacles or terrain features to avoid enemy fire while maintaining line of sight.
  3. Flank Positioning: Outflank opponents to catch them off guard and maximize damage output.

Effective PvP and PvE Sniping Strategies

In PvP, snipers can effectively disrupt enemy formations and eliminate high-priority targets.

  1. Target Priority: Prioritize eliminating healers, support classes, and ranged damage dealers to disrupt enemy coordination.
  2. Suppression Fire: Utilize sustained fire to suppress enemy movements and create opportunities for allies to advance.
  3. Counter-Sniping: Engage in duels with opposing snipers, utilizing superior positioning and precision to gain the upper hand.

In PvE, snipers can provide crucial support by taking down powerful enemies from a safe distance.

  1. Boss Encounters: Focus on attacking bosses and elite enemies, whittling down their health while minimizing risk.
  2. Ad Clearing: Utilize AOE skills like Multi-Shot to clear groups of enemies efficiently.
  3. Kite-Sniping: Maintain distance from hard-hitting enemies while continuously dealing damage, kiting them away from vulnerable allies.

Mastering the Sniper Playstyle: A Path to Ranged Dominance

The sniper playstyle demands a high level of skill, patience, and tactical awareness. By mastering the Longbow's precision, positioning, and gear optimization, snipers can transform into formidable forces, capable of dominating the battlefield from afar.

Throne and Liberty Longbow

The Support Playstyle: Embracing the Power of Empowerment

In the realm of Throne and Liberty, the Longbow transcends its role as a mere damage-dealing weapon, transforming into a beacon of support, bolstering the strength and resilience of allies. The support playstyle embraces this empowering aspect, utilizing the Longbow's unique abilities to enhance the team's overall performance.

Skill Arsenal: A Symphony of Buffs and Utility

Support Longbow builds focus on empowering allies and providing battlefield control. Key skills to consider include:

  1. Inspiring Volley: Unleashes a volley of arrows that grants allies increased critical strike chance and critical strike damage.
  2. Rallying Cry: Emitted a powerful shout that restores a portion of allies' health and removes debuffs.

Party Synergy: Unleashing the Power of Unity

Support Longbow wielders become the cornerstone of a cohesive party, their abilities harmonizing with those of their allies to create a synergistic force.

  1. Tank Support: Empower tanks with Protective Arrow to bolster their survivability and enable them to absorb more damage.
  2. Healer Support: Coordinate with healers to maximize buff uptime, ensuring allies remain at peak performance throughout the encounter.
  3. Damage Dealer Support: Enhance the damage output of DPS classes with Empowering Shot and Inspiring Volley, amplifying their offensive potential.

Strategies for Maximizing Buff Uptime

Effectively managing buff uptime is crucial for maximizing the support playstyle's impact.

  1. Skill Rotation: Prioritize skills with longer durations to maintain consistent buffs throughout the encounter.
  2. Cooldown Awareness: Monitor skill cooldowns and plan accordingly to ensure timely reapplication of buffs.
  3. Situational Awareness: Adapt buff usage based on the current situation, prioritizing protective buffs during critical moments.

Effective Support Play in Various Group Content

The support playstyle shines in various group content, providing invaluable contributions to the team's success.

  1. Dungeons: Utilize buffs to enhance the team's damage output and survivability, ensuring smooth progression through dungeons.
  2. Raids: Coordinate with other support classes to provide consistent buffs and debuffs, optimizing the team's performance against challenging bosses.
  3. PvP: Empower allies with buffs to gain an edge in competitive battles, disrupting enemy formations and securing victory.

Tips for Mastering the Support Playstyle: A Path to Unsung Heroism

The support playstyle demands a deep understanding of class synergy, battle tactics, and situational awareness. By mastering the Longbow's supportive abilities and utilizing them effectively, support Longbow wielders become the unsung heroes of the battlefield, their contributions often overlooked yet indispensable to the team's success.

Throne and Liberty Longbow Guide

Advanced Techniques: Unleashing the Throne and Liberty Longbow's True Potential

Beyond the fundamental sniper and support playstyles, the Longbow offers a wealth of advanced techniques that can elevate players to the pinnacle of mastery. By delving into these intricacies, Longbow wielders can unlock the weapon's true potential, transforming into formidable forces capable of dominating any battlefield.

Combo Skills: A Symphony of Destruction and Empowerment

Combo skills enable Longbow wielders to chain together attacks, creating devastating combinations and unleashing a torrent of damage.

  1. Sniper Combo: Combine Piercing Shot with Aimed Shot to deal immense damage to a single target, disrupting enemy formations and eliminating high-priority foes.
  2. Support Combo: Combine Empowering Shot with Inspiring Volley to grant a potent attack and critical strike buff to allies, amplifying their offensive capabilities.
  3. Utility Combo: Combine Protective Arrow with Rallying Cry to provide both defensive and restorative support, bolstering the team's survivability and resilience.

Animation Cancelling: Maximizing Efficiency and Speed

Animation cancelling is a technique that involves interrupting skill animations to reduce downtime and enhance efficiency.

  1. Skill Cancelling with Dodge: Dodge immediately after initiating a skill to cancel the remaining animation, allowing for faster movement and quicker re-engagement.
  2. Skill Cancelling with Auto-Attacks: Interweave auto-attacks between skill casts to maintain damage output and reduce downtime.
  3. Skill Cancelling with Movement: Utilize movement abilities to cancel skill animations, allowing for fluid movement and increased maneuverability.

Countering Different Enemy Types: Adaptability and Versatility

The Longbow's versatility extends to its ability to effectively counter various enemy types.

  1. Melee Enemies: Maintain distance and utilize Aimed Shot to kite-snipe melee opponents, keeping them at bay and preventing close-quarters combat.
  2. Ranged Enemies: Engage in counter-sniping duels with ranged opponents, utilizing superior positioning and precision to gain the upper hand.
  3. Bosses and Elite Enemies: Focus on consistent damage output, utilizing Piercing Shot and Multi-Shot to whittle down their health while avoiding their powerful attacks.
  4. Mass Mobs: Utilize Multi-Shot and AOE skills to clear groups of enemies efficiently, thinning their ranks and supporting allies in close-quarters combat.

Mastering the Longbow: A Journey of Dedication and Excellence

  1. Class Synergy and Team Coordination: Develop a deep understanding of class synergy and coordinate with allies to maximize the Longbow's supportive capabilities.
  2. Situational Awareness and Adaptability: Remain keenly aware of the battlefield situation, adapting your playstyle and skill usage to overcome unforeseen challenges.
  3. Continuous Learning and Improvement: Never cease to seek knowledge and refine your techniques, embracing the journey of continuous improvement and mastery.

By embracing these advanced techniques and cultivating a mindset of relentless pursuit of excellence, Longbow wielders can ascend to the ranks of top-tier players, their mastery of the weapon becoming a symbol of their unwavering dedication and prowess.


So this was all about the Throne and Liberty Longbow guide we discussed the playstyles and some advanced techniques. The Throne and Liberty Longbow offers players a versatile weapon, capable of adapting to various playstyles and excelling in both solo and group content. Whether embracing the precision and damage output of the sniper playstyle or empowering allies with the support playstyle, the Longbow demands a deep understanding of its mechanics, positioning, and gear optimization

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