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Throne and Liberty Morphs Guide

The in-game activities and features of Throne & Liberty take the gameplay to the next level. There are many activities in Throne & Liberty that you can indulge yourself in to get a fun gaming experience. There are so many challenges and hardships that you will face along throughout the journey of your game. The best way to deal with them is by constantly improving your character and strategically moving ahead with exploring and achieving new skills and abilities.

Morphs is a feature that lets you transform yourself into another form. The morph ability lets you travel faster which you can use as an advantage to proceed through your gameplay and tackle the difficulties and challenges.

Morph skill is specialized in travelling faster. You can use this skill in places where you think speed is a requirement. In Throne and Liberty, the versatile and strategic morphing system goes beyond mere cosmetic changes offering unique abilities, and movement options. There are many types of morphs and each one is blessed with unique skills, abilities, and strengths that can add a layer to your character’s strength and give buffs during the battlefield.

This guide will be covering everything in detail about the morphs in Throne and Liberty and how they impact your gameplay. Also, you’ll see some tips, tricks, and strategies along with how you can use these morphs efficiently in your gameplay. This guide is for you whether you’re completely new to the morphing system or already know a little bit about it. By the end of this guide, you will be well acquainted with the morphing system in Throne and Liberty.

Purpose of Morphs

The purpose of Morphs in Throne and Liberty serve you with faster speed that can benefit you in many ways during your gameplay and tackling enemies. You can activate the morphs by accessing the morph system from the main menu. From that option, you can select the type of morph and the specific form you are looking to transform into.

Throne and Liberty Morphs

Types of Morphs

In Throne and Liberty, there are three types of morphs and each type serves its purpose differently. The selection depends on the needs and requirements. There are three types of morphs: Dash Morph, Glide Morph, and Aquatic Morph. There are various types of morphs in each category which are discussed below that you can use according to what suits you the best.

Dash Morphs

This particular form helps you move fast on the ground zone. It will morph you into a ground animal and you will be able to move faster on the ground level. There are various types of dash morphs and you can select the one that suits you best or you’re more comfortable in playing with. Dash morphs are:

  • Wild Skoll

  • Shadow Skoll

  • Saber Tyger

  • Shadow Purpuma

  • Ghost Skoll

  • Iron Skoll

  • Fenrian Skoll

  • Fierce Tyger

  • Ancient Tyger

  • Mystic Purpuma

  • Ruffle Diatrima

  • Beak Diatrima

  • Proud Tyger

  • Rosette Purpuma

  • Talon Diatrima

  • Arkhan Diatrima

  • Winter Almiraz

Glide Morphs

This particular morph helps you move fast in the air. It will turn you into a flying creature and you will be able to fly faster above the ground level in the sky. There are various types of glide morphs and you can select the one that suits you best or you’re more comfortable in playing with. Glide morphs are:

  • Bald Eagle

  • Common Raven

  • Velvet Raven

  • Monarch Raven

  • Morrigan Raven

  • Noble Eagle

  • Raging Eagle

  • Emperor Eagle

  • White Cygnus

  • Snow Cygnus

  • Hazel Ferthur

  • Amarian Fethur

  • Sable Cygnus

Aquatic Morphs

This particular morph helps you move fast under the water. It will turn you into a swimming creature and you will be able to underwater morph for increased speed. There are various types of aquatic morphs and you can select the one that suits you best or you’re more comfortable in playing with. Aquatic morphs are:

  • Roving Lutrang

  • Russet Lutrang

  • White Lutrang

  • Frost Lutrang

  • Opal Dracoryft Turtle

  • Geode Dracoryft Turtle

  • Stone Dracoryft Turtle

Throne and Liberty Morphs

Morph Description

In Throne and Liberty, you will get to see the description of a morph when you are going to select a morph for yourself. Each morph is special and unique. You can read the description to get more information about a particular morph before selecting it in your gameplay. Each morph has a story.

Morph Progression System

In Throne and Liberty, each morph has a progression system as well that lets you progress through your morph to make it much better and more efficient in your gameplay. Focus on leveling up each morph type to unlock various bonuses. The morph progression system offers unique advantages for each type, providing acceleration boosts, movement speed bonuses, and stamina efficiency improvements.

How To Level Up Your Morph?

You can very easily level up your morph with the help of growth points. You can unlock and progress each morph type to earn bonuses by accumulating growth points. So, if you want to level up your morph for maximum advantages, try collecting growth points as much as you can. You can also check the currently active effects for your morph as well to get a better idea of what you need to take more care of.

Keep Your Eyes On The Stamina

Be mindful of the stamina usage when you’re using any morph. Especially during the acceleration, be mindful of the stamina usage because faster movements with acceleration cost stamina. If you run out of stamina, you’ll become vulnerable and left exhausted. Be extra mindful while using the Dash or Glide Morphs.

How To Manage Stamina Efficiently?

To manage your stamina efficiently, you can use stamina-conserving techniques like canceling the morph when not needed or adjusting your movements to minimize unnecessary acceleration.

Strategic Selection Of Morph

Just knowing about the morphs and their abilities isn’t enough. You must be able to decide which morph you need at the moment and that’s why strategic selection of the morph becomes very important in Throne and Liberty.

Choose your morph wisely based on the situation. Dash for ground travel, Glide for aerial exploration, and Aquatic for underwater navigation. Assess the terrain and your goals before selecting a morph. The right selection can help you in many ways in handling challenges.


In summary, Throne & Liberty's Morphs feature adds depth to the gameplay, offering strategic advantages. This guide explores the purpose and types of morphs, stressing the importance of the progression system and stamina management. It emphasizes the need for strategic morph selection based on the situation, providing players with the insights to enhance their gaming experience. So, choose wisely, level up efficiently, and conquer the challenges in the dynamic world of Throne & Liberty. Now you can embark on your steps toward the morph system. Happy Gaming!

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