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Torchlight: Infinite Youga Build Guide

Looking to play a different kind of spellcaster build in Torchlight Infinite? Thankfully, our Torchlight: Infinite Youga build guide is available to support you. This build is for you if you want to mess with time and cast spells.


Youga is the name of the spacetime witness in Torchlight Infinite. He can change time through the use of spells. Youga has a distinctive kit and can be played in various ways, although he can be challenging to master. Damage over time, flat damage, and erosion damage are the ideal stats to buff for him, along with energy shield recharge to keep him safe. But with a kit as intricate and nuanced as his, you have to play around to find a build that matches your chosen talents. Timeline Witness Youga is a highly captivating person. He is a spellcaster with temporal dilation tools at his disposal. He has a few different playstyles, including one unveiled in this open beta test. Even though this new construction is fresh, it meets the criteria for the best construction. Also, although this build is new and faces some financial challenges, it is nonetheless more than adequate, even with modest investments.


He is described as "Youga scratches his unruly spiky hair couldn't be more perplexed, You, got the wrong guy buddy" in the official hero description. If I were a chief mage, why then would I put on such a hurried magic display in the middle of the street? He flicks many petals into the sky as immediately as he knows he wouldn't be able to leave this place alone. He is raised off the ground when the warriors charge him with their spears and pierce his chest. Youga's body compresses into a life-sized image of Arminius the Great's portrait without a single second of screaming. Arminius the Great's face is depicted in the artwork only with a massive, clumsy pig nose.

Torchlight Infinite Youga

Best Traits

We now have a new range of Hero Traits due to the introduction of this new build. Twisted Spacetime, our hero power, is a sizable area of the effect time field which deals foes progressively more damage over time. The qualities that you should develop are listed below.

  • Spacetime Diversion at Level 15

  • Spacetime Conversion  at Level 32

  • Spacetime Turbulence at Level 50

  • Spacetime Speedup at Level 62

  • Spacetime Upheaval at Level 80

Twisted Spacetime

Feature of Youga He can slot energy when using mana thanks to Twisted Spacetime. Additionally, this power can be used to activate skills.

Our initial few characteristics are designed to make it easier for us to manipulate Twisted Spacetime. Then, our final three features are designed to support the pace at which our damage-over-time effects start to work and the single target damage we deal with.

Torchlight Infinite Youga Best Trait

Best Talents

Our first talent tree will be the Goddess of Darkness. We'll want to attempt and scale the erosion damage, Wilt chance, and damage that results from persistent damage, sometimes known as damage over time. Collecting up the energy shield nodes and the energy shield recharge will be beneficial defensively because we will be a strong energy shield build. The nodes listed below are those you should be sure to take:

  • Plague (10-point large node) (used for general mapping only)

  • Forbidden Power (20-point large node)

  • Increases Persistent Skill Level by 1 (18-point medium node)

  • Poisoned Relief (20-point large node)

We wish to pick up the persistent skill level +1 node to strengthen our primary skills. The plague offers us persistent damaging duration and a 40% chance that our dots will hit surrounding foes. Forbidden power increases erosion harm by 35%, but since we cannot restore life, we must rely on our energy shields to serve as the maximum life reserves. Poisoned Relief is a great defensive option, and you must switch to it once we get our damage organized.

The Soulbender tree is the one we'll want to enter next. Erosion damage, Wilt chance, and sealed mana decrease are nodes to prioritize here. These are the noteworthy items to pick up.

  • Twisted Belief (36-point large node)

  • Increase in Erosion Damage by 1% for every Wilt stack (24-point medium node)

  • Tainted Blood (18-point large node)

  • Stealth Stab (18-point large node)

  • +2 level of passive skill (24-point medium node)

Inside this tree, we have a lot of points, thus we'll choose two important middle nodes. The first node will provide us with significant damage because we intend to stack Wilt. Getting more levels on them is a wonderful idea because we'll want to have a few key auras and passives present in the ideal world.

Tainted Blood will initially give us extra damage for our first big node. The Stealth Stab is what players will seek after we can capture Blur with our equipment and additional talent points later. We get a +3 erosion skill bonus from Twisted Belief, which greatly increases our damage output.

The Warlock tree will be our last one. Persistent damage, reaping, and curse effect nodes are the nodes we will discuss in this section. The notables are listed below.

  • Reap nodes30% more harm is dealt to foes under crowd control (6-point medium node)

  • Verbal Abuse (36-point large node)

  • Affliction (18-point large node)

  • More harm to enemies under the curse (24-point medium node)

Choosing the Reap node greatly helps increase the amount of Reaping damage, which is supposed to be our primary specific single damage source with this build. Our Shadow Shot also has a knockback impact, which activates the crowd control node and deals additional damage. This is additional damage because we'll curse adversaries with such a curse upon a hit.

Our damage is increased by affliction, and we can cast more curses thanks to verbal Abuse. It's unclear whether this will function with a curse-on-hit setup connecting the two curses; however, the damage will increase significantly if it does. If not, one of this group's remaining two substantial nodes might be equally effective.

Torchlight Infinite Youga Build Guide

Best Skills

We have two skills: one that'll be a significant generator of damage and one that will assist it. There are a few supporting skills and auras as well.

Shadow Swamp, a region effect on the ground that deals with injury over time, is our primary source of damage. Shadow Shot relocates our Swamp and slightly improves it. Corruption and Entangling Pain are our curses, and they increase our harm. Our primary movement technique is expected to be Spiral Strike. We shall utilize this attack because it calls for a dagger, sword, or claw and has no cooldowns, which is excellent. In addition, we can cast faster thanks to Secret Origin Unleash; thus we can place extra marks on our targets.

Best Gear

We're searching for a couple of pieces of gear for this construction. We want to ensure that all of our resistance is used up, that our gear has an energy shield, and that we have some life. Erosion damage and illness damage are often going to be excellent for us in terms of damage.

Regarding our weapon options, we can choose a few different types based on our budget. This gives us even more base damage because escalating the effectiveness of the skills is much simpler and has a greater ceiling. Then, a portion of the enhanced damage should be available for reaping. With enough of the Reap effect, bosses should be defeated (at least with weapons, gloves, and abilities).

The 'Memory sacrificial blades' will be our final-round damage choice. These have a weapon skill damaging to Wilt of up to 150% and a Wilt explosion damage of up to 200%. So you'll be prepared for the endgame if you have two of these daggers, which will significantly increase your damage. If you choose to take this path, be sure to have an increased Reap effect through your skills as well as on the gloves.

King's Boon boots provide us Reap while hitting with a DoT and the Additional with Less Passive node, among other options for Legendary gear. For this hero, a belt called Twisted Branches helps increase our damage. We receive a +1 erosion level of skill from Manella's Mist in addition to extra stats and damage. The 'Twilight Vestment,' which grants you +1 Persistent skill level, many energy shield defensive boosts, and more reaping time, is the main defensive endgame gear we want. However, it is also a somewhat pricey chest piece.

Torchlight Infinite Youga Build

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The play style is highly fast-paced, as is the mapping. Drop our Shadow Swamp first, then keep your Shadow shot held down while scurrying about with Spiral Strike. When you hit items with Shadow Shot, the Swamp and our Twisted Spacetime must migrate to the next pack, and everything should blow out.

When there aren't any adds to set off explosives on a boss, we'll spam Shadow Shot and throw out DoTs on target. As a result, the boss will receive extra stacks of Wilt from the marsh. Additionally, our Reap should tick, and the more Wilt stacks the boss has, the more painful the Reap ticks should be. Aim on cooldown and Secret Origin Unleashed should be used in this situation.


That concludes the manual! One of the most enjoyable builds in the game, it excels at mapping on low-medium budgets and, when upgraded, can handle almost all of the game's challenges. It's a monster of a construct, but you'll still need to play carefully.

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