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Understanding the Draft in NBA 2K23 Franchise Mode

Everyone has seen the excitement of an NBA game. The thrill and adrenaline that rushes through our bodies when the game starts is unreal. We all have been seeing and living these matches and games for years. But what if we can go back in time, relive those moments and emotions, and of all rewrite history itself? Well, that is what you get in NBA 2K23. The franchise mode in NBA2K23 also known as MyNBA Eras has been made to fulfill those same desires. 

This is the only game mode where you can do whatever you want in the history of the NBA. You can travel to any history points in 2002, 1991, or even 1983 and rewrite history and change events. When you visit any of the eras, you will find everything that reminds you of the time back then. That means the different rosters, courts, logos, and even the unique presentations of that time. Ofcourse, you also have the option to start with the new season which is currently going on and can shape the present as well. This is a mode that uses simulation to help you make your own past and create your own legacy.

NBA 2K23 Drafts

This new mode is a major upgrade and change if compared to the previous versions which were just called MyNBA. You can customize basically anything in terms of your teams and even the full league. But for that, we need to learn about the draft mode in this game. For making customizations, you have to spend MT Coins, the in-game currency of the game to make in-game purchases. If you are falling short of these coins, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller like MMOPixel.

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Draft in NBA 2K23

The draft mode is available in many different gameplays and forms in the NBA 2K23 such as Myleague or MyTeam. The objective is the same, build a team by drafting players from different sets or pools. And after that, you can use the team you created to play against different players across the world online. You can do some amazing things here and create your dream team or reshape your favorite NBA team. You can literally create you own moments or recreate something in the history of the franchise team, for example, drafting your favorite player as the number one pick. But for doing that you need to know how can you actually use this draft mode in NBA2K23. So here are some things you would want to keep in mind while in this mode:

The first thing you need to do is to enjoy and have fun. Usually, this is the last thing you see but it is the most important one. What is the point of stressing yourself out when you have come here to enjoy and relax. Let your imagination run wild. Do experiments and make unimaginable teams no one would have thought of. How fun would it be on seeing how they gel together and interact together. So play with it.

Knowledge/wisdom/awareness! All of these words mean the same in this context. It is a no-brainer that you cannot win a war without knowing the circumstances and weapons up your arsenal. You need this to make the right choice and decisions. The same thing you do unconsciously while playing the game and watching the game over the years. So the second thing is ‘Research’. I think you saw that coming! Now research can be done on many things or aspects of the game. You need to know about the stats of the current players and previous generations. Also the other attributes of them as well as the players you are not interested in. That is because you might face them also in your matches against players who have chosen them. This will help you create the best combinations. 

NBA 2K23 MyNBA Eras

Now coming to the third part which is related to you using all of the brain power you have generated after analyzing and gathering the requisite data and understanding to dive into this mode. You need to create your teams now based on all that intel but there are a lot of things you need to be careful about as they can determine the result of your matches. The teams you create can greatly impact the level of your matchups and teams with other players. If you need to achieve victory you need to focus on the overall balance of the team because relying just on specific players will not be as impactful. The reason being that each player can only win you 3-4 matches with their performances but an overall great team can only take you all the way. So the aim should be to go for balance rather than a great set of 2-3 players as if losing them due to injury or other circumstances will create a lot of problems for you and your team.

The fourth thing related to the second one as well. You need to understand your goals. Are they long-term or short-term goals. Do you want veteran players who have short careers or want to groom the young generation to have a longer stretch on the game? Are you building the team around one person or do you want 3-4 core players? These decisions can prove vital for the team. Sometimes you might find a formidable combination that your opponent has no idea about.

Now trading part comes after you have already decided which era you want to go with. Preparation of a draft can be stressful but there is a useful tip which is called trading up and down. Now the concept of trading up means you are willing to sacrifice some of your players or picks that you might want in the future in exchange for something greater or an awesome draft pick. But here you need to be careful as it might change the balance of your team. Now the concept of trading down is the exact opposite of trading up which means you sacrifice your top pick to get more of the other players or the picks you want in the future. So here you might want to ask: Do I need a special player that you help my team up or do I need a team that can help the player up?

NBA 2K23 Gameplay


In the end, You must be wondering whether this draft mode is worth spending time and money on or not. I would absolutely yes! It is basically a mode for enthusiasts who like total control of the game in their hands and want to make it as per their wishes. Also, everything is done by you which makes it unique to your distinctive vision and style which you can improve by learning and keep playing. For that, you need to create goals by gathering intel based on your research and making decisions to create a balanced team, and more importantly, don’t forget always enjoy and have fun in the draft in franchise mode in NBA 2K23.

Also, in-game currency plays a major role in your game. Don’t forget to get more MT coins to help you advance faster. If you are falling short, the best way is to get them from reputed seller MMOPixel for real money. This will definitely give you an edge over other players in the game.

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