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October 30, 2021
Gaming News

What is Amazon's MMORPG - Everything You Need to Know?

Amazon has released a popular Massively multiplayer online role-playing game named New World. With such an extensive world, varied environments, and multiple game modes, New World is quite a popular release of 2021.

To fully grasp different elements of the New World, you'll need to play it. In New World, the plot revolves around the fictional island of Aeternum.

As an explorer, your main goal is to colonize Aeternum, but you discover that the island contains a substance called Azoth. Aeternum is not only infested with Azoth but also hostile fauna and flora due to their presence.

If you remained on the island, it would try to kill you. But you will fight back using Azoth's power. Further, in this article, you will know more about the New World game.


The world of New World will feature both exploration and resource management, as well as player-versus-player combat. The game begins with you as a level one player, and as you gain experience, you can boost your character's abilities.

The 50v50 war mode in New World will also allow for epic battles. There will be no restriction on the number of players participating in a world simultaneously since Amazon believes that their servers can support over 1000 players at once.

You can participate in PvP battles against other players by joining one of three factions. You can level up your character and gain experience by doing so. Alternatively, you may suffer penalties like reduced weapon durability if you lose.

What Makes the New World So Important for Amazon?

It was announced in 2014 that Amazon Games would stop making mobile games and instead would develop other titles to compete with Square Enix. The company announced three new titles in 2016, including Breakaway, Crucible, and New World.

In 2018, Breakaway, an esports game that combined the Rocket League and League of Legends, was canceled. After only seven months, Amazon shut down Crucible's servers after being critically criticized following its release last March.

New World will therefore be important for Amazon Games at this time. The launch of New World was originally slated for May 2020, then started back to August 2021, and then again in November 2021.

Enemies In Amazon's New World

After reaching level 10, players can choose to join one of three factions. These three factions include the mysterious Syndicate, Militaristic Marauders, and the Fanatical Covenant.

As faction members, players can participate in events, participate in wars, and join companies, but you cannot go back once you choose a faction.

As the player traverses the New World, four types of enemies will come into play. These enemies include angry earth, ancients, corrupted, and lost. While heavily influenced by wild animals, the angry earth has evolved into an advanced and altered form due to their exposure to Azoth energy.

Invading corruption and adventurers can be fought more easily by them. While creating the artwork, the art team kept the creature's true forms and paid attention to Azoth's original forms.

Many of the Ancients' ruins and temples have been guarded by skeleton warriors with various armor and weapons. The art team was inspired to design ancient creatures with abundant artifacts produced by ancient cultures like Egyptian.

Despite being soulless and undead, the Lost creatures are continuously tormented by pain and suffering. A major goal of this faction's art team was to show how they died. Each creature concept appears with the aid of narratives and stories.

Farming Gold in New World

You can feel free and confident with an adequate supply of gold in your pocket; therefore, one of your main responsibilities is to provide yourself with gold. No magic formula can provide you with an endless supply of game currency, nor is there the mildest way to farm gold in the New World.

Buying gold coins at a lower price and selling them at a higher price are the two ways of earning gold coins. It is important to always look for extra possibilities to acquire gold.

In the New World, you can make your wallet thicker in various ways, but the choice is solely yours regarding which is best in balancing time and effort with earnings. You can also try websites like MMOPIXEL that can help you purchase a lot of gold in the New World in no time.

Why Should You Choose MMOPIXEL?

It is MMOPIXEL's ultimate goal to satisfy customers' needs and maintain their satisfaction. MMOPixel has built a reputation for being a highly reputable and best gold provider.

Furthermore, this website opposes the unethical use of bots to generate in-game gold. Besides, if you have any issues with the MMOPIXEL service, you can contact the live chat and get help. The Live Chat will consult you and solve your issue.

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