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What you need to know to increase your rank in Warzone

Warzone is a battle royale from the developers of Call of Duty, which offers players a free and dynamic project that can be played alone, or in a group of two or three players and all opponents will play with similar compositions.

You will land in dangerous territory, look for weapons and accessories, use various items and vehicles and survive in the game location and kill enemies to receive Call of Duty boosting.


You will warm up and prepare for departure, which is recommended to be done productively - instead of standing stupidly or running chaotically - practice strafing left and right, find a weapon and shoot with it, and so on. You just need to get excited - get a feel for the game and the character, and prepare for future battles.

When the timer reaches zero and all players connect to the server, boarding the plane and the match itself will begin.


Everyone will fly over the game map and independently choose the point over which you will jump on the location.

In order to correctly, or rather safely, land on the game map and go in search of in-game weapons and useful accessories, you need to take into account several points.

1.Do not land at the intended location if you see a mass landing of players. By choosing such zones, you risk turning the start of the match into chaos, where it is never clear who will be able to shoot whom in the end and what weapon will come to hand.

2.Do not land on the edges of the map - this may seem advantageous only at first glance, because if the playing area begins to shrink in the opposite direction, then you will have to get there quickly enough so as not to die at the risk of bumping into enemies in a disadvantageous position. You shouldn’t worry about weapons like in other projects, because Warzone is literally overflowing with different weapons, and it will be surprising if you don’t find them.

3.Avoid large hangars and series of houses - they have a lot of resources and the very first large-scale battles will take place exactly where the most accurate and technical player does not always win, but who was in the right place at the right time.

4.Select areas with a couple of buildings to quickly collect a basic set - weapons, sights, silencers, fire stabilizers, grenades, first aid kits, armor modules and cartridges, and only then move on. Of course, don't forget about the helmet and body armor.

Weapons and other equipment

You need an automatic weapon, preferably an assault weapon, due to its penetrating damage at any distance in Warzone.

You need to find a sight for him, but not too close, because the sniper type will only harm you in battle - if an enemy appears in front of you, and he is dynamic enough, then you will simply lose sight of him and die.

Look for a silencer or flash suppressor, because in such areas it is extremely important to disguise the direction of fire in order to protect you from enemies.

Look for fire stabilizers because they will allow you to improve your accuracy and kill enemies faster, especially once you have mastered the basic secrets of shooting.

Always carry a second weapon with you, which will differ in ammo, so you can switch to it if the main weapon runs out of ammunition.

It is optimal if you have a sniper rifle, because this way you can conduct reconnaissance and destroy enemies at long distances without risking you in closer battles.

You will need grenades - they can be found in most places when boosting Warzone.

The grenade is a universal tool for returning the initiative to your hands in battle. If you skillfully throw it into the enemy’s shelter, then he will either have to come to your fire or die.

If you are caught in a fight, then throwing away grenades - fragmentation or smoke - will allow you to change formation and attack enemies on your own terms, or simply retreat and take more advantageous points.

Look for first aid kits and armor modules - each player has his own supply of armor and weapons, and he will not withstand damage above this value.

Rarely in any battles can you remain intact and undamaged, especially when it comes to armor. You simply change armor plates in battle and continue the battle, maintaining the possibility of a full health reserve.

First phase

The very first stage begins when all players touch their feet to the ground and continues until the first designation of the playing area.

This is the most dynamic format that will eliminate a large number of players due to competition and a small game map.

Boosting in CoD Warzone is quite dynamic due to the large number of weapons and a fairly small game map.

The first narrowing of the playing area indicates the future direction for all players, because it is chosen randomly so that none of the players can predict anything.

Second phase

This is a more significant narrowing of the playing area and many players will already be eliminated in fair and not so fair battles and the best players with optimal and well-thought-out equipment will compete in the battle and wait for the third phase, which will become decisive.

Third phase

This is the final stage, which will determine which player will receive the greatest boost in Warzone 2, where the best players will remain, and the entire playing area will be reduced to a small arena.

Transport and hazardous areas

From time to time, some points on the map will be subject to artillery fire and the release of poisonous gases, and you need to monitor the game map and avoid them.

Look for a vehicle for fast movement, but remember that it is quite mobile, but vulnerable to various types of attacks, and you need to remember this so as not to become a victim of a sniper and miss your boost in Call of Duty.

If you get tired of playing single player mode, then you can find two partners and go to group matches against the same teams, where really important, complex and interesting tactics will be implemented.

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