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Where To Buy Mortal Online 2 Gold Safely? A Complete Guide

The Mortal Online 2 sandbox universe is full of danger around every corner, so explore this open world and make your way carefully.

This massively multiplayer online game developed by Starvault, in which thousands of players battle each other in open-world dungeons, the battle for world bosses, engage in first-person combat and engage in territorial PVP wars.

You can fight monsters in dungeons and castles, raise fortresses and castles, and collect tax to purchase weapons with your guild. Mortal Online allows players to upgrade/renew their weapons, armor, shields, and potions with gold. If you don't spend any money, accumulating Mortal Online Gold will become hard once you reach a high level.

You can easily access in-game currency by purchasing MMOPixelMortal Online 2 Gold. It is better to play the game and have fun rather than constantly farming for coins. With Mortal Online 2 Gold, you can purchase various in-game items.

Mortal Online 2 Currencies

A player can use currency in-game for various things, including trading, buying, and selling with other players. In most cases, using Silver rather than Gold or Cuprum is required for house tax and buying books.

You can exchange gold in Mortal Online 2 for other currencies. People may consider these currencies inferior based on their use case scenarios. As an example, gold can be converted into silver.

The middle-tier currencies in the game are Gold and Silver, which stack on top of one another. It will also be necessary to pay house taxes and trade with librarians. In Mortal Online 2, players usually keep their Silver since most items require Silver instead of gold.

In Mortal Online 2, Cuprum is also an option. It is the lowest-tier currency. It is the least desired currency, but players can own it without going bankrupt. Since Cuprum has little value, players accumulate it and exchange it for Silver since you cannot purchase anything with it.

1.    Gold

The gold currency in the game is the highest level. There are 100 silver coins and 100,000 cup rum coins in gold. A full stack of gold is 10,000 (10k), just like all other items.

2.    Silver

In the game, silver represents the middle level of currency. There are 100 silver tokens in one cuprum token. In addition to stacking like all other items, silver can be stacked in stacks of 10,000 (10k).

Whenever you trade with a librarian or NPC who sells books, you must use silver. You must also pay the house and keep taxes with silver.

3.    Cuprum

In the game, Cuprums are the least valuable currency. Cuprums are the smallest amount of currency you can hold without completely going bankrupt. As with all other items, Cuprum* stacks like every other item. A full-stack equals 10,000 (10k).

4.    Cuprite

Sebastion the Meek is the only place to buy Cuprite. When possessed by Cuprite, it is known as Sebastion the Architect. This vendor will give you one Cuprum for one Cuprite.

For example, in this vendor's Tier 1 Tower, the number "600c" is written, which stands for 600 Cuprite. Sebastion is also well known for using "red gems'' when referring to Cuprite.

5.    Rubar

There is a special currency called the Rubar. During the Risar Dungeon, the Risar Chieftain dropped rubars sold for ten gold each.

Why Do You Need Gold in Mortal Online 2?

In comparison with other MMOs, Mortal Online 2 is unique. Mortal Online allows any player to attack and take everything another owns at any time. Therefore, every confrontation between players is risky and can lead to significant losses.

Your allies' strength or guild's support becomes even more critical. Mortal Online 2 allows players to exchange gold for other types of currency. Each of these currencies has its use case scenarios, so some may consider them inferior.

Gold, for example, can exchange for silver. Gold and Silver are middle-tier currencies in the game, and both can be stacked. To trade with librarians and other NPCs who sell books, players need Silver; they will also need Silver to pay house taxes.

Usually, players keep their Silver in Mortal Online 2 since most things require Silver rather than Gold. Another currency in Mortal Online 2 is Cuprum, the lowest tier.

Players can own it without being bankrupt, but it's the least desired currency. The Cuprum currency has little value, and since players cannot buy anything with it in the game, many of them accumulate it and exchange it for Silver.

Is Buying Mortal Online 2 Gold Safe?

Safety is a concern for their customers, and they understand that. The Mortal Online 2 Gold company has been in business for many years. They have worked with many suppliers over the years. Their goal is to provide customers with the lowest and most competitive prices.

Mortal Online 2 Gold is generally safe as long as it is acquired from a reliable source. Farming it yourself is always the safest method, though. It is, however, incredibly tedious and time-consuming.

With over twenty years of experience, they have built an excellent reputation in this field. The golds they offer are all hand-made by their professional suppliers. They sell MO2 Gold that is earned legally. Do not provide your account information to anyone else for your account's security. Don't interact with bots, either.

What Is the Best Way to Buy Mortal Online 2 Gold?

The ordering process involves only a few steps, and you can sit back and relax as the delivery takes place. You can purchase Mortal Online 2 Gold without creating an MMOPixel account, but you can add items to your favorite list if you do.

Then click on Mortal Online 2 Gold to order for your chosen server. After viewing all the available offers, you can purchase gold by clicking on the "add to cart" button. MMOPixel allows you to check your order history and track it remotely on all your smart devices when you have an account.

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