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World of Warcraft: WotLK PvE Blood Death Knight DPS Guide

This is the Blood Death Knight DPS guide for World of Warcraft: Wrath of Lich King. This guide will teach you how to properly play Blood Death Knight in case of a raid and includes Enchantments, Add-ons, Gems, Talents, Gameplay, and Glyphs.

The Death Knight gives you various possibilities to damage your opponents as it comes with three specs and thus makes it a remarkable DPS class. In general, Frost is either dual wield, or 2h; Unholy mostly relies on damage-causing diseases, while Blood comes with hard-hitting 2h along with self-healing. According to preference, a Death Knight DPS can be specced.

A Glance Into DPS-ing

With your racial, you have Death Coil and ability of each type when Death Knight begins. It is not a large variety of abilities, but it is good enough to do the task in Acherus. First, use your diseases and attack with abilities of the same magnitude as the number of diseases used; this is considered a good rotation. A smart way to start would be Plague Strike, Icy Touch; then Blood Strike; with Death coil, you can use your extra Runic Power. Things start to get more fascinating once you get Death Strike, Blood Boil, Obliterate, and Pestilence. 

World of Warcraft: WotLK PvE Blood Death Knight DPS


Blood Presence and Unholy Presence are the only choices in this case. 

  1. When you find your health stat in the lower spectrum most of the time, Blood Presence helps you recover from 2% of the entire damage taken (incremented by Improved Blood Presence).

  2. Unholy Presence comes in handy for those who are now masters in the circulations of Blood and are prepared for a reduction in the time they have to wait for GCD and runes. 

  3. Additionally, along with the Improved Blood Presence talent already mentioned, you will increase the healing too; thus, Unholy Presence is the preferred choice.

  4. Go to your Diseases section, burn the additional runes using Death Strikes and fuel your repeated Heat Strikes using the Death Runes. Death Rune Mastery in the bottom Blood tree is used to obtain more Death Runes. 

  5. Plague Strike: If you want to use Blood Plague. 10 Runic is used 

  6. Icy Touch: If you want to use Frost Fever. 10 Runic is used

  7. Death Strike: Change the additional Death and Forest Runes to death runes to burn them and then use them to recover for an affordable price. 15 Runic is used. 

  8. Heart Strike: It is mostly influenced by Diseases and is considered one of the strongest moves. 10 Runic is used. 

  9. Extra Blood Rune: To obtain maximum survivability or damage output, it is recommended to leave a Blood Rune open a few times while keeping in mind the situation. 

  10. Runic Power: If only you have 3 out of 3 Subversion talents and the tank is producing enough threat, you can use this. Though a little conditional, Rune strikes are mostly DPS. Extra Notes: It is recommended to use Plague Strike/Icy Touch as beginners or if your diseases are over while having more than 20% health because these diseases usually last much longer.


In Frost, there is a fixed purpose for each Presence. Other than that, you should remember the following things to save as much time as possible:

  1. The things found above are already not re-linked, and Runic Power will be shortened for RP.

  2. While DPS-ing in Frost Presence selection is a variable. Blood Presence can be used to recover in the case you lose a lot of Blood rapidly. High-armor items and Frost Presence to increase mitigation using Strength and armor can also be one more way of putting up with this. 

  3. With all of the Haste you will get in Frost, the speed increment will be massive. Hit with a 1.50-second speed. A Tyrannical Beheader if you use Frost Fever,10 RP is required DPS'd H HoR (Scourgelord Tyrannus, Heroic mode Pit of Saron) if you want to use Blood Plague. 10 RP is required. 

  4. On the topic of Haste bonuses, you can choose between 2h or Dual Wield and even hit very quickly and hard with a 2h. 

  5. Being faster and more resilient, the Rotation for Frost is also focused around AoE and CC-ing your opponents. Until and unless you are in Player vs. Player mode, this has no relation to Resilence.

  6. Plague Strike: If you want to use Blood Plague. 10 RP is required. 

  7. Icy Touch: if you want to use Frost Fever. 10 RP is required. 

  8. Obliterate: It offers great damage with a lower cost burst and is much better if it does not engulf diseases.

  9. RP burn: For high damage hit, Frost Damage is the only sensible choice. 


Primary Glyphs:  

  1. Glyph of Disease (Glyph of Dark Death)

  2. Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon (Death Knight ability)

  3. Glyph of Death Strike (Death Knight ability)

Secondary Glyphs:

  1. Glyph of Pestilence (radius of pestilence effect is increased)

  2. Glyph of Raise Dead

  3. Glyph of Blood Tap

World of Warcraft: WotLK Glyphs


They are used to max out your necessary stats.

  1. Yellow: Inscribed Ametrine (Rigid King's Amber if Hit is not capped) 

  2. Red: Bold Cardinal Ruby, Fractured Cardinal Ruby (Etched Ametrine if Hit is not capped) 

  3. Blue: Nightmare Tear (x1) 


  1. Waist – Eternal Belt Buckle

  2. Chest – Enchant Chest - Powerful Stats

  3. Weapon – Rune of the Fallen Crusader

Stat Priority

Death Knights use a combination of both spells and abilities; thus, spell hits and melee hits are important stats. Therefore, 8% hits for melee abilities are recommended for Raids. Though spells normally need 17% of Spell Hit, Misery, or Improved Faerie Fire Talent can decrease the requirement to 11%. It is necessary to cap Hit rating, but it is advised to have 26 Expertise of customary soft cap.

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Hit - Expertise - Armor Penetration - Strength - Critical Strike Rating

The productiveness of each spell and ability is improved for Blood DK; thus, Strength becomes one of the most valuable stats. You can also transfer Strength to pets, making them much stronger, more powerful, and hugely beneficial. Talents which include Ravenous Dead, Veteran of the Third War, and Abomination's Knight, are utilized to their maximum effect by Blood DK.

A secondary stat for Blood DK is the Critical Strike Rating. Multiple talents can increment the Crits: Improved Death Strike, Might of Mograine, Dark Conviction, Subversion, Vicious Strikes. Another talent that can add up to an extra nine percent of damage after executing a critical strike is the Bloody Vengeance.

If you use Glyph, Frost Fever is spread if Howling Blast is shifted away to AoE. Of course, it can be spread by Hungering Cold as well. But in almost all cases, when there is an intense scenario, Hungering is used. 

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