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WOW Cataclysm Classic Guide to Al'Akir Raid

Al'Akir the Windlord is one of the two raid bosses located in the WOW Cataclysm Classic Throne of the Four Winds raid zone located in the Uldum zone. This colossal Air spirit was formerly a strategist for the feared Old Gods but has defected to Deathwing after the events of the Cataclysm. To get to Al'Akir, players first have to go through the lieutenants in the Conclave of Wind and defeat the main boss in the middle of the storm.

The Al'Akir is divided into three phases, and the player must be in the right position and use the appropriate strategy for each phase. A clear understanding of the ability and tactics of each stage is the essence of overcoming this strong elemental lord. Before starting with the raid, make sure you have enough stock of the Cataclysm Classic gold to easily get out of tough situations. If you are falling short of the gold, get it for real money. 

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Phase 1 - The Grounded Battle (100% to 80% health)

The first phase occurs on Al'Akir's main platform, where both the boss and raid are firmly planted. This phase serves to introduce players to Al'Akir's core abilities:

Lightning Volley - Al'Akir occasionally focuses on a random player and fires a lightning cone that damages and chain-bounces the allies. To reduce bounces, players have to split into several groups and move around the platform edges.

Wind Burst - An elemental knockback where players are blown off the platform if they are out of range. When this cast begins, the whole raid has to immediately group up in Al'Akir's position to prevent being knocked into the fatal winds.

Ice Storm - Some areas of the platform are covered with moving ice that slows the character's movement significantly and freezes the target upon contact.

Squall Line - Circular windwalls that revolve around the outer perimeter of the platform. Players have to be attentive to such brief windows of opportunity where they have to maneuver in order not to be neutralized.

Static Shock (Heroic) - Everyone in melee range takes area damage and has the casting of their spells interrupted.

If these mechanics are moved and positioned cautiously, then they can be controlled during Phase 1. However, the increasing overlap and randomness mean that Phase 1 does not last long before transitioning to 80% Health.

Cataclysm Classic Al'Akir Fight

Phase 2 - The Stacking Burn (80% to 25% health)

During this middle phase, most of the obstacles or threats are cleared to make it easier for players to huddle together as a single player. The main issue is an exceptionally high need for DPS to output damage before Acid Rain, a raid-wide, stacking damage increase, becomes unsustainable.

Acid Rain - Every 15 seconds, this global debuff with a stacking nature will apply stacks of Acid Rain to all raid members and will cause increased nature damage. The more stacks that were accrued, the more burst damage was required to force phases before healers could be saturated.

Stormlings - At times, there are add spawns that need to be cleared in Stormling add and then cycling them on the tanks. The Stormling has the stacking Feedback effect where, in the death, it will put pressure on Al'Akir by increasing all the taken damage in 20 seconds.By carefully leaving Stormlings with low but alive percentage, deaths can be spread out to keep maximum Feedback time and boost the raid's DPS.

During this burn phase, ranged DPS and healers can stack and turret on Al'Akir while tanks / storming killers properly space add and maintain feedback debuff. You need to push the most damage and activate Heroism/Bloodlust when Feedback stacks are high to bring Al'Akir under 25% before Acid Rain is detrimental.

Phase 3 - The Flight (25% to 0%)

After dropping his health to below 25%, Al'Akir brings down the platform to pieces, making it possible to have full mobility around the room and even being above it. This final phase sees a return of hazards and randomized abilities:

Lightning Clouds - From time to time, a dangerous lightning cloud appears at a random player's vertical position and causes significant amounts of natural damage to any character that enters the cloud's area of effect. The raid needs to move up or downward as one in order to avoid those clouds.

Lightning Rod - A random raid member is selected as a lightning magnet every few moments, causing constant nature damage to the raid after a short two-minute period as an obstacle for straying away from the group.

Wind Burst - The knockback move is back as well and players have to assign a 'down' key to get back to the central hovering position of the raid after being burst.

Eye of the Storm (Heroic) - Al'AKIR will apply a deadly aura that deals a high, constant amount of nature damage to any player inside the aura's range, forcing melee to disengage and reengage frequently to avoid deaths.

By constantly keeping a stacked, mobile formation and swiftly responding to target-marked abilities like Lightning Rod, the players can continue wearing away at Al'Akir's health while enduring the destructive environment. Conquering the Windlord spells the conclusion of the Throne of the Four Winds instance – and the potential acquisition of the South Wind Drake mount reward!

Cataclysm Classic Al'Akir Boss

Role-Specific Tips


  • Focus on cooldown consumptions to control for damage received in the confusing surroundings of Phase 1

  • In Phase 2, having a Stormling tank would work best for additional positioning of add and managing when to use Feedback

  • Phase 3 does not require a tank at all


  • Phase 1 boss spike damage can potentially one-shot players; be mindful of people's GCDs and reactions

  • Rising Acid Rain damage intensifies mana issues, therefore, managing cooldowns is challenging in Phase 2

  • Stack up tightly and keep the raid stacked for effective AOE healing in Phase 2 or 3

Ranged DPS:

  • Utilize passive destructive cleave and spreading of AoE abilities to provide significant damage in the spread positioning of Phase 1.

  • The main focus is burning Al'Akir to prevent it from reaching Phase 2 where getting hit by Acid Rain leads to a hard enrage, using Feedback burst windows

  • In phase three, aerial mobility is imperative to avoid hazardous situations while preserving down-duration degradation.

Melee DPS: 

  • Disadvantages when spreading the required Phase 1 unless using short-hoping cooldown bursts

  • Two elements are important in Phase 2: storming feedback management and burn cooldown pooling.

  • Extremely unforgiving in Phase 3 due to constant environmental damage and movement; play cautiously


In conclusion, the Al'AKir encounter in WoW Cataclysm Classic Throne of the Four Winds challenges players' analytical thinking by constantly shifting positioning and tactics between the three phases of the fight. Phase 1 involves careful positioning of the spreads to avoid environmental danger, and Phase 2 is a powerful burn that demands constant DPS. The last aerial Phase 3 provides full mobility with telegraphed raid-wide abilities to constantly move around

While it is a complicated task that consists of several phases, if the actions of groups are synchronized, the Windlord's mastery of destructive elements can be stopped. Patience equals the best rewards and the opportunity to win a Wind Drake mount, which belongs to Al'Akir, the lord of winds. This shows that no matter how powerful Deathwing's elemental brethren are, it is not impossible to defeat them.

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