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WOW Cataclysm Classic Guide to Atramedes Raid

Welcome to the guide for fighting Atramedes in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic! If you're ready to take on the Blackwing Descent raid, get ready for an exciting battle with Atramedes, a dragon who is blind and uses sound to see you. This unique fight will need you and your teammates to be extra careful and quick on your feet.

This guide will explain everything about the Atramedes fight. You'll learn the crucial aspects of the fight, how to tackle each phase, and some helpful tips to make sure you and your team can beat Atramedes. Let's jump in and get ready to defeat this tricky dragon! First of all, make sure that you have enough stock of the gold, the in-game currency of the game to make easy progress by defeating Atramedes. If you are falling short of the gold, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Raid Composition

A balanced raid composition is crucial for this encounter. Your group should include:

  • 2 tanks: One for the boss and one for emergencies.

  • 5-6 healers: Preferably a mix of AoE and single-target healers.

  • 17-18 DPS: A mix of ranged and melee, though ranged will have an easier time dealing with some mechanics.

Key Mechanics

Atramedes, the blind dragon in Blackwing Descent, presents a unique challenge with mechanics centred around sound. Here's a detailed breakdown of each key mechanic:


  • Mechanic: Sound is crucial in this fight, directly impacting survival. Each player has a sound bar, and various actions increase sound levels.

  • Danger: If a player's sound reaches 100, Atramedes' Searing Flame will instantly kill them. Managing sound is vital to staying alive.

  • Management: Avoid actions that increase sound unnecessarily and use the gongs strategically to reset sound levels.

Sonic Breath:

  • Mechanic: Atramedes targets a random player with a line attack that increases their sound.

  • Avoidance: Players must quickly move out of the way to avoid being hit by the Sonic Breath.

  • Responsibility: Players targeted by Sonic Breath should communicate their status to avoid overlapping with others.

Searing Flame:

  • Mechanic: This is a raid-wide AoE ability that deals increasing damage based on each player's sound level.

  • Interrupt: Interrupting this ability with the gongs is crucial to prevent massive damage to the raid.

  • Priority: Using the gongs to interrupt Searing Flame should be a top priority for the raid.


  • Utility: These are strategically placed around the room and are used to stun Atramedes and reset his sound level.

  • Strategic Use: Gongs should be used strategically to reset sound levels and interrupt Searing Flame at critical moments.

  • Limited: Gongs are limited in number, so they should be used wisely and at the most opportune times.

Understanding and effectively managing these key mechanics is essential for your raid's success against Atramedes. Communication, quick reactions, and strategic use of resources will be key to defeating this challenging encounter.

Cataclysm Classic Atramedes Raid

Phase 1: Ground Phase

During the ground phase, Atramedes remains stationary, and the raid must manage his abilities:


  • Tanks should position Atramedes in the center of the room.

  • Melee DPS should stay behind the boss, while ranged DPS and healers spread out around the room.


  • Modulation: Atramedes will periodically cast this ability, which increases everyone's sound by 7 and deals moderate damage. This is unavoidable.

  • Sonic Breath: Atramedes targets a random player with a line of fire. This player must move to avoid the breath, which will follow them for a few seconds.

  • Sonic Bomb: Small circles appear on the ground and explode after a few seconds. Players need to move out of these circles.

Phase 2: Air Phase

In the air phase, Atramedes takes to the skies and gains new abilities:


  • Players should spread out around the room to minimize the damage from his abilities.


  • Roaring Flame Breath: Atramedes targets a player with a flame breath that follows them, leaving a trail of fire. The targeted player should run around the edge of the room to avoid spreading fire through the raid.

  • Sonar Pulse: Atramedes sends out waves of sound that increase players' sound levels. These are small circles that move outward from him and must be avoided.

  • Searing Flame: After a set time in the air, Atramedes will cast Searing Flame, which will quickly wipe the raid if not interrupted by a gong.

Strategy and Execution

Ground Phase Strategy

  • Tanks: Maintain threat and keep Atramedes in the centre. Use defensive cooldowns during Modulation.

  • DPS: Focus on dealing consistent damage. Melee should stay behind the boss, and ranged should spread out. Avoid Sonic Bombs and move out of Sonic Breath.

  • Healers: Spread out and manage the raid's health. Be prepared for heavy AoE damage from Modulation.

Air Phase Strategy

  • DPS: Continue dealing damage. Ranged DPS will have an easier time here.

  • Healers: Spread out and focus on keeping everyone topped up. Avoid Sonar Pulses and be ready for heavy damage from Roaring Flame Breath.

  • Designated Gong User: One player should be assigned to use the gongs during this phase. This player must be alert and ready to interrupt Searing Flame.

Cataclysm Classic Atramedes Raid Guide

Handling Sound

Sound management is crucial for this fight. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid unnecessary sound increases: Players should avoid standing in Sonic Bombs and be ready to move out of Sonic Breath.

  • Use gongs wisely: Gongs are limited and should be used strategically. The designated gong user should communicate with the raid and use gongs only when necessary to interrupt Searing Flame or reset sound levels.

  • Communicate: Clear communication is essential. Players should call out if they are targeted by Sonic Breath or Roaring Flame Breath.

Specific Roles and Tips


  • Keep Atramedes in the center of the room.

  • Use defensive cooldowns during Modulation and Searing Flame.

  • Be ready to taunt if the other tank's sound level gets too high.

Melee DPS

  • Stay behind Atramedes at all times.

  • Move quickly out of Sonic Bombs and avoid Sonic Breath.

  • Focus on dealing consistent damage and staying alive.

Ranged DPS

  • Spread out around the room.

  • Avoid Sonic Bombs and Sonic Breath.

  • During the air phase, keep moving to avoid Sonar Pulses and Roaring Flame Breath.


  • Spread out to minimize AoE damage.

  • Keep the raid topped up during Modulation.

  • Be prepared for heavy damage during Searing Flame and Roaring Flame Breath.

  • Communicate with the raid and prioritize healing players with high sound levels.


Defeating Atramedes in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic is a fun and challenging task. By working together, staying alert, and managing the unique sound mechanics, your team can take down this blind dragon. Remember to use the gongs at the right time, avoid Atramedes' attacks, and help each other out. With teamwork and practice, you'll beat Atramedes and enjoy the victory. Good luck, and have fun!

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