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WOW Cataclysm Classic Guide to Bastion of Twilight Raid

Welcome to our WOW Cataclysm Classic Guide to Bastion of Twilight Raid. In this article we are going to discuss everything that you must know before you start the raid, how to reach it and complete it and what rewards you can get from it. Make sure you read along the entire article so that you don’t miss a thing. Let’s get started then.

Note: Bastion of Twilight Raid is a level - 85 raid, and is inaccessible before that.

Reaching Bastion of Twilight

The Bastion of Twilight can be located in the Eastern Kingdom in the Twilight Highlands at coordinates 34.0, 78.0. If you are from the Alliance Faction, then you can choose to teleport to the above mentioned location from the Stormwind City, and if you are from the Horde Faction, you can teleport from the Orgrimmar. After teleportation, both factions can reach the entrance using the flying mount.

Walkthrough of Bastion of Twilight

There are 3 levels inside the Bastion of Twilight. There will be boss encounters and level 3rd boss encounter will be final. But to access that, you need to be at Heroic Level. Also, the order of boss encounters is fixed.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker: Bastion of Twilight Boss

The first boss that you will encounter is Halfus. It has a companion in the form of Proto-Behemoth. Proto-Behemoth can’t be targeted and uses AoEs during the raid. In Normal boss encounters Halfus can use 3 dragons to get buffs while in Heroic encounters it can use 5 dragons chained to it. The add/companion needs to be killed first. It will boost the damage dealt to the boss. Let’s discuss the attacks of both Boss and the companion.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker Attacks

  • Malevolent Strikes: Reduces healing received, requiring tank swaps. Reset with immunities or release the Slate Dragon to turn the boss to stone.

  • Frenzied Assault: Increases attack speed. Release the Nether Scion to slow the boss's attacks.

  • Shadow Nova: Raid-wide AoE, can be interrupted. Release the Storm Rider to slow the cast time.

  • Furious Roar: At 50% health, deals heavy damage and stuns, followed by Shadow Nova. Use cooldowns and interrupt quickly.

Proto-Behemoth Attacks

  • Fireball Barrage: Random AoE attacks. Release Time Warden to slow fireballs for easier dodging.

  • Scorching Breath: Heavy raid-wide damage. Use cooldowns and release Orphaned Emerald Whelps to reduce damage by 50%.

If you want to win this battle, try to finish the companions first. Kill them one at a time or in small groups if you can.

Theralion and Valiona: Bastion of Twilight Boss

These are two bosses working together. Both can attack from ground and in air using different abilities. First you will encounter the Valiona boss and it will attack from ground and Theralion will be in the air to attack. Let’s first discuss Valiona's attacks.

Valiona - Ground Attacks

  • Blackout - buff reducing attack that can deal AoE damage. Debuffs can be removed using the Ice Block ability of Mage’s.

  • Devouring Flames - again an AoE damage that targets a random opponent. Try to get as far away as you can from the boss. You can also run behind the boss character to avoid it.

Valiona - Airborne Attacks

  • Twilight Meteorite- AoE damage to a random player. Debuffs can be removed using the Ice Block like ability of Mage’s.

  • Devouring Flames - massive AoE damage. If someone is hit by it, that player will be transported to the Twilight Realm. If hit again that player will die.

Theralion - Ground Attacks

  • Engulfing Magic - It boosts healing and damage by player. But if that player is healed or attacked they would explode each time.

  • Fabulous Flames - AoE damage which can be avoided by standing away from it.

Theralion - Airborne Attacks

  • Twilight Blast- AoE damage to a random player.

  • Dazzling Destruction - massive AoE damage. If someone is hit by it, that player will be transported to the Twilight Realm. If hit again that player will die.

Bastion of Twilight Raid - Valiona and Airborne Boss

Ascendant Council Boss

In this encounter you’ll be pitted against 5 bosses in a 2-2-1 formation. There will be in total 3 phases for this boss fight. In each phase, whenever one of the 2 bosses reaches 25% health, the phase changes. Keep in mind that the final boss will have all the remaining health of the 4 bases encountered in the 2 phases.

Phase 1 :- Feludius & Ignacious

Feludius Attacks

  • Glaciate: Move boss or group to avoid high AoE damage.

  • Hydro Lance: Interruptible single-target attack.

  • Water Bomb: AoE causing Waterlogged debuff; run into fire to remove it.

  • Heart of Ice: DoT increasing damage to Ignacious; apply buff to raid before dispelling.

Ignacious Attacks

  • Flame Torrent: Cleave attack; tanks should turn away from the group.

  • Aegis of Flame: Barrier causing increasing raid-wide damage; destroy quickly.

  • Inferno Rush: Knockback attack creating DoT zone; avoid its path and use it to remove Waterlogged.

Phase 2 :- Arion & Terrastra

Arion Attacks

  • Call Winds: Tornadoes give Swirling Winds buff; avoid Quake.

  • Thundershock: Get Grounded buff from Gravity Well to reduce damage.

  • Lightning Rod + Chain Lightning: Marked players move away from the group.

Terrastra Attacks

  • Gravity Well: Slows and pulls players, giving Grounded buff; reduces Thundershock damage.

  • Harden Skin: Interrupt the barrier.

  • Quake: Avoid with Swirling Winds buff from tornadoes.

  • Eruption: Move out of 4-yard range to avoid knock-up AoE.

Phase 3

Elementium Monstrosity Attacks

  • Electric Instability: Chain Lightning increases over time; use healing and defenses.

  • Gravity Crush: Healers keep trapped players alive.

  • Lava Seed: Avoid explosion zones.

  • Cryogenic Aura: Move boss to prevent the icy DoT zone from growing.

Make sure all the bosses are around 25% of their health before the next phase. Remember even if one of them reaches 25% the phase changes, so you can’t just keep attacking one.

Cho’gall Boss

To tackle this boss, one must avoid getting Corruption. The enrage starts at 25% health. Be ready for it. Let’s discuss the attacks of Cho’gall Boss.

Cho’gall Boss Attacks

  • Conversion - 3 players of your team lose control and become worshippers. Interrupt these players to get them in control.

  • Fury of Cho’gall - boosts the Shadow and Physical damage dealt.

  • Flame’s Order - this allows the boss to summon and absorb fire elemental and enter a new stance. In this stance, all the damage dealt is increased. Tank players can help in mitigating the damage.

  • Shadow's Orders - Summons and absorbs a Shadow Lord to begin raid-wide attacks. Use healing and mitigation cooldowns. Priority on Shadow Lord.

  • Summon Corrupted Adherent - A Corrupted Adherent spawns and must be picked up by the Off-Tank.

  • Fester Blood - If a Corrupted Adherent is alive during this cast, it sprays blood in a large AoE, dealing damage and increasing Corruption.

During Enrage

  • Corruption of the Old Gods - AoE damage that can boost Corruption. 

  • Fury of the Cho’gall - works in a similar manner as before.

  • Darkened Creations + Debilitating Beam - deals damage to random players through tethers.

For players on normal difficulty, Bastion of Twilight Raid is over, but for those on Heroic difficulty, you’ve got one more level.

Bastion of Twilight Raid - Cho'gall Boss

Sinestra Boss

The final boss in Bastion of Twilight progresses through 3 phases, with the first and third phases identical. If you thought this would be easy then you were wrong. Due to its wide aggro range, using Hunter skills like Feign Death is crucial to reset the boss for better raid positioning.

Phase 1

Sinestra starts with the Drained debuff and health at 60%. Progress to the next phase by lowering her health to 30%.

Key abilities include:

  • Wrack -  a damaging DoT that jumps to nearby allies when dispelled

  • Flame Breath - a frequent raid-wide AoE attack. 

  • Managing Twilight Slicer and handling Twilight Whelps are also vital.

Phase 2

Focused on managing adds efficiently, players must split into groups and use NPC Caleen's shield to avoid damage. Tasks include handling Whelps, managing Twilight Spitecaller and Twilight Drake, and draining Sinestra's Mana to disable Twilight Carapace on Pulsing Twilight Eggs.

Phase 3

Similar to Phase 1 but with Sinestra at full strength. Utilize Caleen's final buff and powerful cooldowns like Bloodlust for a swift victory.

This will end your Bastion of Twilight Raid if you were at Heroic Difficulty. There will be many instances when you will be required to spend gold, the in-game currency of Cataclysm Classic. So make sure you have enough stock of the same. If you are falling short of the gold, get it for real money fro reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Loot table for Various Boss Encounters

Boss Encounter




Halfus Wyrmbreaker

Normal & Heroic


Malevolence, Essence of the Cyclone, Bracers of Impossible Strength, Pauldrons of the Great Ettin, Legguards of the Emerald Brood, Book of Binding Will, Proto-Handler’s Gauntlets, Helm of the Nether Scion, Storm Rider’s Boots, Bracers of the Bronze Flight, Robes of the Burning Acolyte, Wyrmbreaker’s Amulet


Theralion and Valiona

Normal & Heroic

Vial of Stolen Memories, Theralion’s Mirror, Ring of Rivalry, Daybreaker Helm, Fang of Twilight, Waistguard of Hatred, Blade of the Witching Hour, Dragonheart Piercer, Helm of Eldritch Authority, Drape of the Twins, Valiona’s Medallion, Necklace of Strife


Ascendant Council

Normal & Heroic

Glittering Epidermis, Treads of Liquid Ice, Dispersing Belt, Hydrolance Gloves, Feludius’ Mantle, Arion’s Crown, Scepter of Ice, Glaciated Helm, Terrastra’s Legguards, Heart of Ignacious, Crushing Weight





Normal & Heroic

Mantle of the Forlorn Conqueror, Mantle of the Forlorn Protector, Mantle of the Forlorn Vanquisher, Hands of the Twilight Council, Uhn’agh Fash, the Darkest Betrayal, Treads of Hideous Transformation, Membrane of C’Thun, Coil of Ten-Thousand Screams, Kilt of the Forgotten Battle, Twilight’s Hammer, Battleplate of the Apocalypse, Helm of Maddening Whispers, Shackles of the End of Days, Signet of the Fifth Circle, Fall of Mortality, Shalug’doom, the Axe of Unmaking





Shard of Woe, Dargonax’s Signet, Bracers of the Mat’redor, Bindings of Bleak Betrayal, War-Torn Crushers, Boots of Az’galada, Twilight Scale Leggings, Nightmare Rider’s Boots, Belt of the Fallen Brood, Crown of the Twilight Queen, Bracers of the Dark Mother, Shroud of Endless Grief, Caelestrasz’s Will



This was all you needed to know about the WOW Cataclysm Classic Bastion of Twilight Raid. There are 3 levels and each level has some boss character to deal with. Use the right strategy as mentioned in this guide and clear this raid. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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