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WOW Cataclysm Classic Guide to Darkmoon Cards

Darkmoon Cards have ever been a coveted item in WOW, not only due to their effective actions but because they also elevate the status of players. In WOWCataclysm Classic, this trend continues with new Darkmoon Cards sets that can be acquired by gamers and be utilized as materials for creating powerful Darkmoon trinkets. This guide will take you through everything about the Darkmoon Cards in Cataclysm Classic from how to get them and the advantages it brings

What are Darkmoon Cards?

They are a bunch of collectibles that amalgamate to form potent trinkets. Each expansion in WOW has seen new set of dark moon cards introduced, which is still true for Cataclysm Classic. These cards have always had good stat boosts and unique effects that make them valuable for both PvE and PvP content alike.

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Overview of Darkmoon Cards in Cataclysm Classic

Cataclysm classic has four different elemental themed sets of dark moon cards: Earth, Fire, Water and Air respectively. Every deck consists eight cards from Ace to Eight. If all these eight cards in each set are collected then they can be merged to create what is called Darkmoon Deck which later on can be exchanged into a strong trinket at dark moon faire.

The set is made up of:

  • Darkmoon Card of Destruction (Fire)

  • Darkmoon Card of Tsunami (Water)

  • Darkmoon Card of the Volcano (Earth)

  • Darkmoon Card of the Hurricane (Air)

All four Darkmoon Cards image

Getting Darkmoon Cards

In Cataclysm Classic, there are different ways to get Darkmoon Cards and inscription is a profession which mainly deals with them.


Using any other language, scribes, players who have chosen Inscription as their primary trade can manufacture Darkmoon Cards through the following process:

  • Research: It is necessary for scribes to research so as to know how to create Cataclysm Darkmoon Cards by themselves. They involve creating various scrolls and glyphs.

  • Crafting: When research has been completed, Scribes can create individual cards like “Inscription: Darkmoon Card of Destruction”. Some of the materials required for this include Ink of the Sea and other inks that are specific to Cataclysm such as herbs.    

  • Randomness: Partly because a scribe can make any card from within these four sets randomly. The element of randomness in their formation makes it very hard and time consuming to collect an entire set.

Auction House

Those without Inscription or who don’t want to craft themselves can purchase Darkmoon Cards at the Auction House. Depending on demand and rarity though, individual cards may be priced very differently with some costing quite high because they may be rare ones like scars.

Darkmoon Faire

When all of a set’s eight cards have been gathered by a player, they can merge them together into the form of a Darkmoon Deck. These decks may then be turned in for powerful dark moon trinkets at the Darkmoon Faire. The Darkmoon Faire happens once every month and it is during this period that players can take back their decks.

Darkmoon Trinkets

The ultimate aim of collecting Darkmoon Cards is to produce a Darkmoon Deck that can be traded for a Darkmoon Trinket. Each one of the four collections of cards corresponds to a different trinket which has its own unique effects and stats dedicated especially to different roles and play styles.

Darkmoon Card of Destruction (Fire)

  • Trinket: Darkmoon Card: Destruction

  • Effect: A significant increase in spell power with possible additional fire damage to enemies.

  • Use: It is good for spell casters like Mages, Warlocks, Elemental Shamans who want more spells and higher damage capacity.

Darkmoon Card of Tsunami (Water)

  • Trinket: Darkmoon Card: Tsunami

  • Effect: It greatly boosts intellect while having chances of restoring mana every now and then.

  • Use: Designed for healers such as Priests, Druids, Paladins who favour increased mana regen and replenished mana bar.

Darkmoon Card of the Volcano (Earth)

  • Trinket: Earthquake Darkmoon Card

  • Effect: Gives a great deal of an agility boost and can make multiple enemies experience earthquake effect damage.

  • Use: Best for melee DPS classes such as Rogue, Hunter, Enhancement Shaman who gain from increase in agility and area damage effects.

Darkmoon Card of the Hurricane (Air)

  • Trinket: Hurricane Darkmoon Card

  • Effect: Enhances agility and has a chance to cause hurricane effect that deals nature damage to foes.    

  • Use: Loved by rogue and hunter’s like classes functioning on agility, it adds up to stats and gives an extra source of attack.

Darkmoon Card WOW Cataclysm classic poster

Strategies for Collecting Darkmoon Cards

Considering the process of creating dark moon cards is random it may be difficult to assemble a complete set. Below are some tips for helping you get there:

Maximize Inscription Output

  • Craft Frequently – It involves producing dark moon cards frequently consistently so as to increase the probability of assembling a complete set.

  • Use Cooldowns - Leverage inscriptions cooldowns plus special crafting techniques in order to maximize output. 

Trade or Buy

  • Trade with Other Players– Engage with other players in your community where you can exchange duplicate cards for ones needed.

  • Monitor Auction House – Regularly view auction house for missing cards and buy them when they come up.

Be a part of the Darkmoon Faire

  • Hand in Decks: Ensure you come to the Darkmoon Faire and turn in finished decks for trinkets.

  • Win Tickets: Play many other activities at the Darkmoon Faire so that you can earn tickets, which are used to purchase items or rewards.

Benefits of Darkmoon Cards

Darkmoon cards come with several important advantages. These include:

  • Great Stat Boosts: The trinkets give large boosts on primary stats such as agility, intellect and spell power.

  • Unique abilities: Each trinket has unique effects that can greatly improve a player’s performance when engaging in both PvE and PvP content.

  • Prestige: Owning and using Darkmoon trinkets is a mark of prestige, showing dedication and effort put into collecting whole sets.

Problems and Downsides

However great they seem, there are also problems and disadvantages associated with these Darkmoon Cards:

  • Randomness: Crafting cards randomly may lead to difficulties in getting all pieces because it is time-consuming too.

  • Expensive: Getting single cards from Auction Houses could be costly especially if they are rare ones.

  • Competition: Intense rivalry between players for some cards or trinkets tends to inflate prices.


The Darkmoon cards in WOW Cataclysm Classic serve as a valuable and important object that grants you powerful trinkets to enhance your performance. While it may be difficult to get a full set of cards because of how randomness works and their cost, the rewards are worth it. Once a player becomes conversant with mechanics of card crafting, adopts strategies to maximize output as well as engages with the trading for them then he will always end up with Darkmoon Cards and achieve desired trinkets. Regardless if you’re DPS, healing or tanking, Cataclysm Classic has a Darkmoon trinket which can prove to be very useful.

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