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WoW Dragonflight Season 4 Gearing Guide

The most recent expansion of the game presents players with more gearing strategies. A number of adjustments made to World of Warcraft Dragonflight in season four aid players in obtaining high-quality Gear. While the techniques for obtaining Gear are mostly unchanged, it is now much simpler to identify breakpoints and obtain the greatest Gear available. The new upgrade in World of Warcraft Dragonflight allows players to gradually upgrade purchased gear or gear from raids and dungeons up to the highest mythic raid levels. 

A few of the ways players can advance in the game are via completing weekly missions that award materials and gear, taking on world bosses, and completing normal and epic dungeons. In this guide, we will help you prepare for Season 4 Gearing quickly and effectively. Whether you are a novice or an expert player, you will discover more about the updated gear system and how to get the best equipment pieces now available in the game. The new season offers players a fresh set of obstacles to overcome as well as chances to level up and advance in the game. Let’s Begin!

How to upgrade Gear in the new update

When you point to an object that can be upgraded, a brief written tip will appear. It displays a progression stage and an upgrade level. You must progress through three or four item levels in order to reach the following stage. Engaging with any Item Upgrade NPC will allow you to see a preview of the upgraded item before you finish making it.

Dungeon gear in Dragonflight

One of the many methods for getting the best Gear is to farm dungeons. There are four levels of difficulty for dungeons. Normal, Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+ are among them. Your reward will be greater if the dungeon is of higher difficulty.

Normal Dungeons: it doesn't have any more difficult challenges. For players at level 70, bosses drop low-level gear. 

Heroic Dungeons: It’s a more challenging version of Normal mode. Bosses receive a few new skills, but not enough to make them truly challenging

Mythic Dungeons: They are weekly type i.e., you can only get rewards from these once a week. And boy the trouble begins in these dungeons as they aren’t as easy as normal or heroic ones. The powers of trash hordes and bosses get harder to deal with. To succeed, encounter techniques must be followed. Here, you'll receive high-level Gear as payment for your tackling higher-level enemies. 

Mythic+ Dungeons: It’s a primary source of a lot of players' Gear. Better goodies are found in the weekly chest and at the end of the dungeon. Mythic+ can be repeatedly farmed because it doesn’t have that weekly restriction. 

WoW Dragonflight Season 4 Dungeon Gear

Get the Gear Outdoors

There are multiple outdoor gear sources available to you. First, by completing World Quests that offer gear rewards, you can obtain 454–463, item-level Explorer gear. Upgrading this world quest gear to a 476-item level requires combining Flightstones and new Awakened Crests currency, which are earned by finishing various PvE end-game activities. But keep in mind that in order to access world quests and other endgame content in the Zaralek Cavern and Emerald Dream zones, you must finish the initial chapters of the corresponding campaigns.

Weekly Quest in Valdrakken

A brand-new weekly quest in Season 4 may be found in Valdrakken from Therazal. You can choose from three active quests each week: The Last Hurrah: Dragon Isles, Last Hurrah: Emerald Dream and Last Hurrah:  Zaralek Caverns and Time RiftsYou must complete various world activities in Dragon Isles zones, Zaralek Cavern, or Emerald Dream during the week in order to finish these, Quests. Rewards for completing this quest include Champion Gear items with an item level of at least 493 that can be upgraded to 515.

Crafting the Gear

The crafting mechanics in season four are the same as in prior seasons.  To make the Spark of Awakening, you must obtain two of the new Splintered Spark of Awakening and fuse them together with 250 Flightstones.

Once you obtain the Spark of Awakening, you can either create a work order and have someone else craft the necessary gear for you or if you are a suitable profession, you can craft the gear yourself. The type of Crest you use determines the item level of the crafted gear. You will still need a crafter to create the Enchanted Crest and purchase the other supplies for your particular item once you have obtained the necessary Crests for your particular gear

New additions in season 4

  • In comparison to previous seasons, the item level range in Season 4 Mythic+ Dungeons has increased, going from 496 item level champion gear for finishing Mythic+ 2 dungeon to 509 item level Hero gear for finishing Mythic+ 10 or above dungeon.

  • Flightstones and Awakened Crests, which drop from various keystone levels, can also be used to enhance your mythic+ gear to up to 522 item level, just like any other Dragonflight Season 4 gear.

General tips for Gearing up fast

  • By farming Drake's Awakened Crest, you can level up your Season 4 equipment to 522. 

  • In order to employ Flightstones toward future gear improvements, farm as many of them as you can. The cap for the first week is 2200 pieces. 

  • Complete both the Power Unified quest and the weekly quest to earn a 1500 reputation in order to receive your first Spark of Awakening.

  • Continue doing raids and dungeons. Attempt to collect as many Broken Sparks of Awakening as you can. 

  • Once you obtain certain Gear through raids and dungeons, you can use Flightstones to enhance them. 

  • Watch the Raid Finder closely because it's a reliable resource for regular equipment upgrades.

  • Use Gold as and when required for faster gearing up. If you are falling short of the gold, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Awakened Raids

Awakened Raids, which debuted in Dragonflight Season 4, are updates of earlier raids that have been made harder by giving a boss battle to every raid. Each week, one of three raids - Amirdrassil becomes AwakenedAberrus, and the Vault of the Incarnates - becomes active. Bosses in Awakened raids drop loot with item levels ranging from 480–489 on LFR difficulty to as high as 519–528 on Mythic difficulty. 

WoW Dragonflight Season 4 Aberrus

Antique Bronze Bullions

A distinctive currency called Antique Bronze Bullion is used to buy the greatest item level gear you desire. You can gain items such as rings, weapons, shields etc from the three raids that rotate in season four. You can only get one Antique Bronze Bullion every week and per character by finishing any raid difficulty level of Awakened Boss. Almost everything costs two Antique Bronze Bullions, if not more. Given the value of the money, you should use utmost caution when making purchases.


There are numerous ways to level up in WoW Dragonflight swiftly and effectively in Season 4. Players can level up their items in a variety of ways, from Time Walking events and difficult Mythic dungeons to carefully planning purchases with the new Bullion money. There has never been a more organized and satisfying way to level up, whether you're raiding, running dungeons, or engaging in PvP.

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