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Gaming NewsElden Ring Mage Build Guide - How to Build a Battlemage (Level 100 Guide) Updated for Patch 1.03
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By Anna|May 21, 2022|1175 Views,0 Comments

Are you looking for a great mage build in Elden Ring? Here is the Battlemage Build for level 100 based on the Intelligence attribute.

Gaming NewsElden Ring Astrologer Class Guide- How to Build a Mage (Beginner guide)
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By Anna|April 13, 2022|964 Views,0 Comments

Elden Ring pushes you to the edge of nerves when fighting with melee weapons. But there is always another way you can do things. Mage is one of the best Elden Ring Astrologer Class Build that makes things relatively easy for beginners because of those destructive spells.

Gaming NewsElden Ring Warrior Class Guide- How to Build a Bloodblade (Beginner Guide)
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By Anna|April 6, 2022|431 Views,0 Comments

Bloodblade is one of the most famous status damage builds. Having those two agile weapons in hands, make the Bleed status build up fast, taking away most of the health. For beginners, this is the best and worth a shot- type of build. Therefore, we compiled this article to help make Bloodblade build with Warrior Class for beginners.