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Gaming NewsNew World Best Mage Builds
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By Mia .|August 11, 2022|96 Views,0 Comments

A Mage build, combining the Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet, provides powerful crowd-control, damage, and defensive cooldowns.

Gaming NewsNew World Jewelcrafting Levelling Guide
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By Mia .|July 31, 2022|114 Views,0 Comments

Players in New World can construct rings, charms, earrings, and gemstone dust using the Jewelcrafting Trade Skill.

Gaming NewsNew World Weaponsmithing Levelling Guide
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By Mia .|July 28, 2022|123 Views,0 Comments

One of the most played games on Steam is New World, which is debatably the best MMORPG.

Gaming NewsNew World Musket Build - All You Need to Be a True Sniper!
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By Anna|July 27, 2022|231 Views,0 Comments

Skills, improvements build, and combos! Everything you need to know about the New World Musket weapon!

Gaming NewsNew World Dungeons | Learn All You Need to Know
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By Mia .|July 23, 2022|105 Views,0 Comments

Learn everything you need to know to explore the New World Dungeons! Orbs, locations, enemies, and settings for you to prepare with MMOPixel.

Gaming NewsNew World PvP - Perform Your Best in a Player vs Player Battle
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By Anna|July 19, 2022|81 Views,0 Comments

Player vs player is one of the most immersive mechanics in MMOs and New World is not the exception. In this New World PvP guide, you learn everything about it!

Gaming NewsNew World Great Axe Build - Create the Best Two-Handed Weapon
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By Anna|July 15, 2022|255 Views,0 Comments

There are a lot of powerful weapons in New World but none like the Great Axe. Here you'll learn how to create the best New World Great Axe Build and much more!

Gaming NewsNew World Best Weapon Combos – Choose Your Favorite!
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By Anna|July 11, 2022|188 Views,0 Comments

New World has countless possible weapon combinations. We’ve chosen the best meta picks that are also extremely fun to play. Try them all with MMOPIXEL!

Gaming NewsNew World Fast Travel Locations - Explore Aeternum Conveniently!
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By Anna|July 7, 2022|193 Views,0 Comments

Tired of wandering everywhere on foot? Find out how to fast travel in New World with MMOPIXEL!

Gaming NewsSelecting New World Factions - Which One Is Best For You?
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By Anna|July 3, 2022|188 Views,0 Comments

Don’t know which New World Factions to choose? This short guide explains the goals of each Faction so you can opt-in for the one that fits yours.

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