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Best Warhammer Build in New World
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By Sumant|September 21, 2022|697 Views,0 Comments

New World players can freely incorporate a hammer into their Mages and Rogues builds. Any character may be a force to be reckoned with while using the DPS while swinging this huge Hammer around.

Gaming News
New World Deluxe vs Normal | Which to Buy?
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By Anna|April 25, 2022|1204 Views,0 Comments

New World Deluxe Edition vs Standard! Discover which is the Best New World Version for you to buy!

Gaming News
New World Beginner Guide - Best Tips and Tricks To Use When You Start
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By Martin|February 15, 2022|946 Views,0 Comments

The best New World tips and tricks for many players just starting out. Enjoy one of the best New World guides with MMOPIXEL!

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Great news for New World players
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By Anna|January 11, 2022|392 Views,0 Comments

The Winter event has now been extended two weeks to January 25, so players have until the end of the month to get those presents. As Amazon reminds players, this isn’t just a general extension, but it’s also a chance for players to grab all the various event-only rewards. “You might not see them again,” the developer warns.

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