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Gaming NewsSWTOR - New Character Creator and Second Combat Style

By Yvette|June 17, 2022|228 Views,0 Comments

The Old Republic puts a lot of focus on how you assemble your character's appearance. New outfits and gear are available for you to update your look, and you can decorate your Strongholds and Ships too.

Gaming NewsIs SWTOR Worth Playing Before the Expansion Pack in 2021/2022?

By Yvette|June 15, 2022|149 Views,0 Comments

There is something for everyone in this game, whether it's free-to-play or a subscription, whether you play alone, in a team, or whether you enjoy Star Wars. You can learn from this article why SWTOR is worth playing before the expansion pack in 2021/2022.

Gaming NewsYou should know the SWTOR news for PTS and Cosplay Kits

By kevin|October 24, 2021|599 Views,0 Comments

You should know the SWTOR news for PTS and Cosplay Kits to let you have more fun in the game.

Gaming NewsSomethings you should to know anout SWTOR's SCORPIO

By kevin|June 22, 2016|1645 Views,0 Comments

This month we get two chapters, for the casual player this is a good news. Do you know it features SCORPIO and the droid from the Imperial Agent class story?

Gaming NewsFour fantastic SWTOR YouTubers you should follow

By kevin|May 18, 2016|932 Views,0 Comments

SWTOR's fifth anniversary is coming, four favorite SWTOR YouTubers give out some guide.

Gaming NewsSWTOR events on May the 4th

By kevin|May 2, 2016|1528 Views,0 Comments

Star Wars: The Old Republic will bring some nice events to players on May the 4th. This is a big day for all the Star Wars fans, don't miss it!

Gaming NewsSWTOR launches heist chapter Profit and Plunder

By kevin|April 6, 2016|1181 Views,0 Comments

SWTOR launches heist chapter Profit and Plunder on May 3rd, i think all of the player are playing the new expansion now.

Gaming NewsSWTOR: Upcoming Expansion during SDCC

By kevin|July 7, 2015|1163 Views,0 Comments

In this coming Saturday (7/11/2015) San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is right around the corner, the team at BioWare will be hosting a special SWTOR Cantina Panel and Meet & Greet for fans during the event.

Gaming NewsSWTOR Update 3-3

By kevin|June 9, 2015|1467 Views,0 Comments

SWTOR company will make a few changes to Warzones and Ranked Warzone Arenas in update 3.3, such as PvP gear cost by roughly a third, Increased Warzone Rewards, Warzone Commendation Legacy Lockboxes and PVP ranked reward system.

Gaming NewsSWTORs Patch 3-2 Rise of the Emperor

By kevin|May 5, 2015|932 Views,0 Comments

SWTOR's Patch 3.2: Rise of the Emperor update a lot of new contents: Outfit designer, PvP Season 5, Random Changes, Class Changes.