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Gaming NewsSomethings you should to know anout SWTOR's SCORPIO
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By kevin|June 22, 2016|1753 Views,0 Comments

This month we get two chapters, for the casual player this is a good news. Do you know it features SCORPIO and the droid from the Imperial Agent class story?

Gaming NewsFour fantastic SWTOR YouTubers you should follow
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By kevin|May 18, 2016|1001 Views,0 Comments

SWTOR's fifth anniversary is coming, four favorite SWTOR YouTubers give out some guide.

Gaming NewsSWTOR events on May the 4th
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By kevin|May 2, 2016|1715 Views,0 Comments

Star Wars: The Old Republic will bring some nice events to players on May the 4th. This is a big day for all the Star Wars fans, don't miss it!

Gaming NewsSWTOR launches heist chapter Profit and Plunder
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By kevin|April 6, 2016|1312 Views,0 Comments

SWTOR launches heist chapter Profit and Plunder on May 3rd, i think all of the player are playing the new expansion now.

Gaming NewsSWTOR: Upcoming Expansion during SDCC
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By kevin|July 7, 2015|1345 Views,0 Comments

In this coming Saturday (7/11/2015) San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is right around the corner, the team at BioWare will be hosting a special SWTOR Cantina Panel and Meet & Greet for fans during the event.

Gaming NewsSWTOR Update 3-3
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By kevin|June 9, 2015|1551 Views,0 Comments

SWTOR company will make a few changes to Warzones and Ranked Warzone Arenas in update 3.3, such as PvP gear cost by roughly a third, Increased Warzone Rewards, Warzone Commendation Legacy Lockboxes and PVP ranked reward system.

Gaming NewsSWTORs Patch 3-2 Rise of the Emperor
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By kevin|May 5, 2015|1006 Views,0 Comments

SWTOR's Patch 3.2: Rise of the Emperor update a lot of new contents: Outfit designer, PvP Season 5, Random Changes, Class Changes.