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NewsTypeundefinedFinal Fantasy XIV Astrologian Guide
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By Himanshu|October 3, 2022|67 Views,0 Comments

The only healer in the well-known MMO Final Fantasy XIV that starts above level one is the FFXIV Astrologian, making it a special game component.

Gaming NewsFinal Fantasy XIV Gearing Guide
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By Sumant|October 1, 2022|72 Views,0 Comments

If you've ever played an RPG, you know that a sizable selection of equipment and weaponry is available. Each of them is superior to the others. The statistics keep rising, and thousands of damaged units start to appear.

Gaming NewsFinal Fantasy XI Character Creation Guide
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By Himanshu|September 29, 2022|106 Views,0 Comments

Final Fantasy XI has a unique character creation system where players can choose from various races, jobs, and appearances. This guide will help players understand the system better, so they can confidently create their characters.

Gaming NewsFinal Fantasy XIV Squadron Guide
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By Sumant|September 28, 2022|101 Views,0 Comments

In our Final Fantasy XIV Squadron Guide, we will tell what exactly the Squadrons are and how you can unlock them.

Gaming NewsFinal Fantasy XIV Botanist Levelling Guide
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By Himanshu|September 27, 2022|97 Views,0 Comments

Final Fantasy's Botany Class is the most suitable option for anyone looking to relax and do fun activities.

Gaming NewsFinal Fantasy XI Warrior Guide
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By Himanshu|September 25, 2022|79 Views,0 Comments

Final Fantasy XI Warrior Guide is designed to help new Warriors learn the game and become more effective in the most challenging aspects of the game. If you want to be a victorious Warrior, this guide is for you. 

Gaming NewsFinal Fantasy XIV Retainer Guide
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By Sumant|September 24, 2022|69 Views,0 Comments

Retainers are helpful companions that will help you make more money, find and collect items, and get minions to help you.

Gaming NewsFinal Fantasy XI Samurai Guide
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By Mia .|September 22, 2022|125 Views,0 Comments

In Final Fantasy XI, the job of a samurai is a very advanced one, only available to the players who have reached or surpassed level 30 in Final Fantasy XI.

Gaming NewsFinal Fantasy XIV Samurai Guide
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By Himanshu|September 22, 2022|88 Views,0 Comments

Final Fantasy XIV's Samurai role is a melee DPS role. Various melee DPS roles are available in the game, but this one is undoubtedly the most popular among the community members.

Site newsFinal Fantasy XIV Red Mage Guide
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By Himanshu|September 20, 2022|19 Views,0 Comments

Due to its hybridization of a warrior and a sorcerer, this magician is possibly the most powerful job in the game. Because they select a rapier as a weapon, they are an amazing caster job.

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