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Site newsHoliday notice - 2022 Lunar New Year

By Anna|January 30, 2022|416 Views,0 Comments

To celebrate the 2022 Lunar New Year, we will have a vacation from January 31 to February 7th.

Site news2022 New Year Sales

By Anna|December 27, 2021|627 Views,0 Comments

2021 is not an easy year. Humans once again by the challenges of the virus.The New Year of 2022 is coming and it will bring new life and hope. During your holiday, we hope you can enjoy the pleasant time in games.

Gaming NewsEpisode Five of Guild Wars 2’s The Icebrood Saga is called Power and launches January 19

By kevin|June 18, 2021|273 Views,0 Comments

With a new year comes new content and the second instalment in Chapter 5 of The Icebrood Saga comes to Tyria.

Site newsHappy New Year 2021 !

By kevin|February 10, 2021|483 Views,0 Comments

This year, we're excited to be able to bring more options to your game and are looking forward to company with you another year. The new year marks the start of something new and, trust us, it will never be the same.

Site newsMerry Christmas and Happy New Year!

By kevin|December 22, 2020|443 Views,0 Comments

If you are still unsure about how to get into gaming (or want to do it on the cheap), then check out MMOPIXEL and our page on Christmas deals!

Site newsMMOPIXEL wish you a sparkling New Year!

By kevin|December 23, 2019|963 Views,0 Comments

Are you still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift? MMOPIXEL could be the best place to shop, with lots of games, including WOW Classic Gold, ArcheAge Unchained, The Elder Scrolls Online , EVE ,all these games as part of Christmas sale.

Gaming NewsCanthan New Year(Reprinted)

By kevin|January 15, 2018|165 Views,0 Comments

It\'s time for the annual Canthan New Year Festival! Help honor the celestial animals as they descend from the sky to bestow good luck upon the populace for the coming year—but only if the traditional New Year\'s feast meets their high standards!

Gaming NewsGuild Wars XMAS Promotion Activity

By kevin|December 21, 2017|981 Views,0 Comments

Think back with me to a favorite Christmas memory.What made it so special?Was it the gifts?There is a hungering in all of our hearts for a perfect time of celebration.So the large benefits are waiting for your at our site.

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